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Walmart Supercenter 9500 Clifford Street, Fort Worth, Tx 76108saprina garcia

People Google this Walmart at 9500 Clifford Road in Fort Worth Texas and you will find they have MANY complaints about Appalling customer service. I have never seen a Walmart with store employees who will say anything, humiliate anyone, just because they feel like it.

I went into this Walmart the other day and after shopping decided I needed to make a quick call and walked over to the customer service desk. I asked the customer service manager if I could use the courtesy phone and she said yes and then walked off. When I was using the phone the lone agent behind the counter started loudly grumbling about my having used the phone. When I was still on the phone (the call was only 3 minutes long) she then loudly said "it IS a business phone you know" interrupting my conversation.

I told her the manager had given me permission to use the phone. A white guy walked up right behind me and used the phone and she said NOTHING. She too herself was white. Not saying its racial but we were treated very different.

After I got off the phone I asked to speak to a manager. They called up Saprina Garcia the assistant store manager. She came up and I started to tell her I was unhappy about how rude the agent acted with me and she was dismissive of my complaint from the start and acted like she didn't care. I then asked for the number to the market team manager which every Walmart has one. She told me they didn't have one. I asked for a number to a higher up and she stated I was to call 1-800-Walmart which is a very general number and I have never been able to reach anyone on that number as I have called it regarding online purchases several times.

Ms. Garcia had grown frustrated during our exchange and I asked if I could speak with another manager at which point she stated she didn't like my tone and if I didn't watch my tone of voice she would "throw me out the store", her words exactly. This stopped me in my tracks because my tone was fine and there was no reason for her to take that stance with me.

I then asked for my money back. I didn't want to purchase the items from their store and had not left the store and was still holding my receipt. Walmart STORE POLICY which is WRITTEN and is therefore until they change it a LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT (stores are sued all the time for not following their WRITTEN policies) states that merchandise can be returned if the customer still has the receipt and in the case of food purchases had "NOT LEFT THE STORE". Ms. Saprina Garcia didn't care about this and basically said "no, we won't help you".

She then stated for me to call the 1-800 number and I mentioned in an offhand way I didn't want to call that damn number" and I said this LOW not loud and that I wanted a real number at which point she totally began to freak out and started yelling for security to throw me out the store. Security came up and when I was explaining to security I wanted my money back while he was still talking she suddenly started screaming "CALL THE COPS!!!", "CALL THE COPS!!". She was loud and drawing attention at this point.

The security guard walked me to the doors and when we were outside I asked for the market team managers name and he said "Oh yeah.. that would be Matt" and I told him she had said there was no market team manager and the security guard couldn't understand why she would say this. He just looked at me and shook his head.

Saprina Garcia had LIED.

I then went to my car and I was so frustrated at what had just occurred I left my purse in the basket. I was almost home when I realized my purse was in the basket. All of my credit cards, money, ID, Social Security cards were in that purse so I called up to the store and asked customer service if they could send someone out to check the basket. I didn't live far away and it could still be possible for my purse to be there. The customer service agent stated "That's not our problem YOU left YOUR purse in that basket and we won't be sending out anyone to check the basket". WOWOWOWWOW... OMG PEOPLE!!

I was so shocked by that response I jumped on the expressway and flew back to the store. Fortunately someone had turned in my purse to customer service. I was afraid to even walk back in that store but I had no choice.

When I made it home I called another Walmart and asked for the market team manager for their store and hoped he could give me the market team manager for the store I had just left. They gave the information without hesitation. The man I spoke to stated he was a manager and stated they were suppose to give this number if a customer requests it. Saprina Garcia REFUSED to give it.

I then called back to the Walmart and spoke to "Barbara" who was far more reasonable. She stated she was a manager and she was also in the store and I told her I had requested a different manager and when I did I was immediately ejected from the store. Saprina Garcia refused to allow me the chance to speak with anyone else. I then asked why was I told there was no market team manager when clearly there was and she stated she was not sure why Saprina Garcia refused to give that information. She stated all managers knew there was a market team manager. I asked her for the number and she gave me the number to Matt who she stated was their market team manager.

I then asked her why I didn't have my money returned and she asked had I left the store and I said No. She asked did I have my receipt and I said yes I was holding it with my change. She said it was their policy to return the merchandise then and she apologized for Saprina Garcia.

I am still trying to reach the store manager. He has not been in in days but I was able to speak to the "shift manager" who stated he was over the assistant managers and he apologized too and said my money should have been returned and that Saprina Garcia knew that they had a market team manager and he was baffled why she wouldn't provide this info and kept referring me to the general 1-800- Walmart number. He admitted she could have handled the situation so much better.

This woman, Saprina Garcia, can't handle authority and power. She got a kick out of humiliating me in front of others. I use to work at Walmart and an offhand, low remark saying "Damn" should not have caused all of that. Her ejecting me from the store immediately and even pushing security to call the cops. She drew a lot of attention to us and forced other customers to turn around and look and this was all because not the damn word but because I asked to speak to a different manager. She used that word to do what she wanted to do anyway when I pressed her on the market team managers name and number and she was upset I no longer wanted to speak with her and had requested a different manager.

She should be ashamed. I'll never shop at their store again. They were RUDE. They have NUMEROUS complaints from other customers under their Google reviews stating the same thing too.

The Market Team managers name is Matt. His phone numbers are [protected] and [protected]

saprina garcia
saprina garcia
saprina garcia

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    Idocare Jul 30, 2013

    Not to be rude but do you have any photos of you during this hissy fit?

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  • gesserfan Aug 27, 2013

    I'm sorry, but have you looked back, and thought about what led to all this? If their phone is for business purposes, don't you think they have the right to ask you to hurry up? It is not a charity, it is a business!

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