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Did and online survey yesterday and you said I got a couple gifts I could pick from because we were good customers and Walgreens so I ordered the cream for 795 then I got a call from the fraud department and wondered if it was me placing this order and it was for two of them plus another dollar charge so then I talk to a person at Walgreens and I told them my situation and she told me it was a site that I ordered from that is very hard to get out of and after my 14-day clinical trial they're going to Bill me $102.97 a month I don't want the product I couldn't get the charge taken off my account so I close my bank account I called this morning for this product and they told me it was already in processing and they could not do anything about it well when you go ahead and send me the product I'm not sending it back for $15 and you will not be able to charge my account $102.97 because I closed it I am very disappointed in Walgreens the way they tell you you're getting a free gift for taking the survey of being a good customer and then down the line you find out that you're hooked onto a yearly or monthly product line it might be there in small print but I sure didn't see it and I think that's very deceivable and I'm not very happy with you so I hope this product does not come cuz if it does I'm keeping it and you will not be able to charge my charge, again because I closed it it was the only way anybody would handle it and then when I called today to the company that I ordered it from my bank man told me to do that I was hung up on twice my name is Janet lingle my phone number is 815-962 4 3 2 5 I just find it hard to believe taking a survey from Walgreens would be such a scam

Sep 30, 2019

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