Resolved Walgreens Pharmacyno brains in that pharmacy dept.

After a long bout of oral surgery I went to fill pick up my prescriptions which had been called in by my doctor's office. The doctor requested I hand them the prescriptions to confirm the correct items were filled. The prescriptions had my name, address, and DOB written on them.

- First asks me my name (after looking at the prescriptions!)
- Gets confused and takes a long time back and forth, presumably because I handed the written prescriptions over, even though they had been called in.
- Finally, insists on me telling them my address. I said it is on the prescription, and this started more discussions and delay. They came back to me and said they had to have me provide verbal confirmation of my address before they could give me the Rx. Now, I had minutes ago handed them this information, written down on the Rx, and they had been attending to me during the entire intervening few minutes. So I rather painfully vocalized my address, to get my prescriptions, but not after first saying "hurts" and pointing at my mouth, after which the lady again said she couldn't release my prescription without verbal confirmation of my address (which as I said was written down on the Rx I just gave to her).

I was in enough pain that I dared a little more so I could get the means to make the pain less. But It sure left me unhappy, and incredulous that such lunacy and pure brainlessness actually exists.


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    SkyWlf77 Mar 10, 2010

    Actually, they do NOT need verbal confirmation - only confirmation via any legal state- or federally-issued ID. This means that, after having been notified of your painful condition, the Walgreens Representative should have requested your Driver's License, State ID or another form of identification of this type. State or Federal ID is actually the preferred method of confirmation since it is easy to verbally lie, but not nearly as easy to fake such ID. As soon as you are able, you should make another trip to that Walgreens and demand to speak to the Store Manager and inform him/her of the employee's actions and insist on an apology (if you know who the employee was and if he/she is still working there). If they hesitate, make sure you let them know that you know the information now about necessary and proper ID...Don't allow yourself to be treated this way as it is highly unprofessional and inexcusable.

    On a side note, I've been through painful oral dentistry and I hope you get to feeling better very soon!

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    KimPharmacyTech Dec 01, 2010

    Wow, what a shame @skywlf77, It is required when anyone pickes up we verify the the correct name, and address and if not the same to update it, and being if you were picking up pain meds it is very crutial do to the high volume of " FAKE RX activity that goes on, but in your case I would have asked for your ID, or handed you a pen and paper, becasue if we sell the wrong RX to you I the tech can get fired and u the pt may take the wrong medication and become very sick ... but I am so surprised it taken them that long to help you in your situation what a shame .

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