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Resolved unethical service

I went to the pharmacist at walgreens on sunday march 7, 2010 to fill my prescription for vyvance and deprocoat, which I take on a regular basis. I told the pharmacist that I still had some deprocoat so at that time I only wanted to fill the vyvance. She told me she could not fill only that. I explained to her that I always get one at a time filled because of the cost and she said she could not. By this time it was after 6;00p and all the other pharmacies were closed and I was completely out of my vyvance. She started scribbling on my script and handed it back to me. I was really angry because I could not fill my script until the following day. On monday, march 8, 2010 my psychiatrist called and said the pharmacist had called his office and stated that I had been there and was very angry. What right does she have to call my doctor when she didn't even fill the script and not tell him the exact truth! She didn't tell him that she wouldn't fill it or that she referred to my med as a controlled substance several times like I didn't know that. I am 18 years old and have a depression problem and see a therapist on a regular basis. I intend to call the board and hopefully had her totally barred from any drug store chain. She is there to fill prescriptions not be judge and jury!!!

  • Jo
    Jon48 Mar 17, 2010

    I agree as a former member of the Walgreens Manangement team I have had to step in on many situations just like this. The RX personnel are there to provide a service not to judge or make a judgement on what med's to fill. If you have a script from you doctor then it gets filled. The only time it may be a problem is if there's an interaction issue

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  • Ph
    pharmacytech85 May 04, 2010

    Jon48, as management, I can ENSURE you don't know much about the pharmacy. There are laws about controlled substances, etc., and Walgreens own policies that management never know or care about. You step back there 5 minutes a month and think you know everything. That's what a wonderful company Walgreens is. ha. "If you have a script from you doctor then it gets filled. The only time it may be a problem is if there's an interaction issue" - You're an idiot. It doesn't work that way. Haven't you heard of doctor shopping, etc?!

    As for the original poster, I don't know what the pharmacist's problem was, but there may be more to the story. But it sounds like you should have been able to get it filled.

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  • Ma
    MaydayParade Jan 11, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I DO work as a pharmacy technician for Walgreens and I will tell you the most likely reason why the prescription was not filled; if the pharmacist had filled that prescription she would have been in a HEAP of trouble.

    Vyvanse is a schedule II drug and there are all kinds of laws and regulations when it comes to filling these kinds of drugs one of them being that the prescription CANNOT BE FILLED UNTIL THE DATE ON THE RX, it doesnt matter if it is only 1 day early, if that pharmacist would have filled that rx early she could have lost her job.

    My advice is that if this is a recurring problem, (running out and not being able to have it filled) then talk to your doctor and ask them to adjust the dates, or EVEN double count your pills when you get them to make sure that the pharmacy didn't slip up and count them wrong. It is the pharmacy's job to make sure the right amount is in the bottle but honestly once in a while a rx does slip through the cracks.

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  • En
    Engineerswife07 Apr 04, 2011

    I would be upset to if some stranger decided to step in and call my doctor. And as far as assuming that the person was not supposed to be out of the meds already, you don't even know that to be true. And to the manager the other poster is right, I have seen pharmacies refuse to fill people's prescriptions especially for pain meds because they were getting them so often. And good for them on that point, people do go from doctor to doctor getting these things, they should be refused.

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