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Reviews and Complaints

Resolved pharmacy awful service

I am writing to you because I've never experience such a bad service before!!
Today was an awful service. I came to the Walgreen's' pharmacy to order medicine, stuff took the order around 2:30pm and said that it will be ready around 3:30, I came at 3:30 and lady (another one) said that "you order scheduled at 4:00pm (oh, reaaaly?!), then she took my insurance card, check it and said"It is not valid, go and call your insurance" (interesting, every time I use it in different W's it was valid) . So, I already twice waited in the line, around 9-10 people line. I went to my office, call insurance and they said that EVERYTHING IS VALID! I went back at 4:15, STAY IN THE LINE AGAIN and they said "IT IS NOT READY, sit we will call your name", I said "I will be back" and came around 5:15, again waited in the line and they said "IT IS NOT READY", so it was awful and seems that workers are not in the process of doing their work! I said that I do not have anymore time to wait, I have to take child from the daycare and take my pill TODAY. One person was not polite, during that time another customer was very upset and loudly saying that his medicine is delayed for two and a half HOUR!!! After my arguing with worker they said that it will be ready in 15 min and I said that I don't have 15 min, they said "OK, 5 min" BUT IS WAS NOT ready in 5 min!!! VERY BAD SERVICE, STUFF DIDN'T HAVE BADGES, not pleasant to talk with, long lines...everything was so bad.
I NEVER and EVER WILL ORDER in THIS STORE - customer service AWFUL, especially one worker w/o badge!! I will file/write complaint everywhere where I can possibly find to place that complaint.

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    Rosie Luna Oct 15, 2010
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    Verified customer

    On Oct 8, 2010 I took my Rx to Walgreens - 7813 Highway 72, Madison, AL. After waiting 20 minutes for the Rx to be filled, my name was called. I went to the counter - Candice told me that the Rx was written for the Rx and 4 - 30 day refills and that my drug plan called for 90 day Rx, it would be Monday before the Dr. could be contacted to rewrite the new Rx. At that time (and after my dealings w/Walgreens in the past), Candice said that either Walgreens or I could contact the Dr. to call Walgreens to "redo" the Rx. I opted to call my Dr. on Monday @ 8am on Monday. This way I would know that it WAS DONE.
    I failed to mention that this Rx is for Cymbalta. This is a medication that I NEED EVERYDAY!! I am labeled as a "SEVERE CHRONIC DEPRESSIVE". So, when I asked Candice for 4 pills to get me through to when everything gets straightened out, she told me that she could not do this... My heart sank. On Monday Walgreens would have every bit of this Rx, which came out to be $80.00. I was only asking to have 4 out of the 90 pills that I would soon be getting.
    Because of my Insurance/Drug Program, I am stuck with Walgreens and their uncompationate employees - not pharmacists, just wannabees! These people behind the counter don't know what they can/can't do. I should have gone farther and spoken to the real pharmacist who should have given me the 4 pills to make it through the weekend. Instead I didn't and I sunk into a deep, deep depression and didn't have the strength to get up and go to get the Rx until Oct 14. I had just stayed in bed the entire time during those 6 days. Depression isn't anything to mess with. I hope that Mr. Rogers at Walgreens - 7813 Highway 72 in Madison, AL will see this complaint and will retrain their pharmacy counter help with more compassion, thoughtfulness, and helpfulness.
    Mr. Rogers - From your Walgreens customer that is very unhappy with your pharmacy service, compassion, etc.
    I will be looking on line for Canadian Pharmacys that can beat your price w/o having to use my drug ins. so that I wont have to deal with your store and what I have had to deal with this past week.

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