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poor customer service!

Von's Supermarket-agita for life. Agita, a perfect word in Italian to describe my feelings for my local...

poor cusotmer service!

I have been shopping at the Von's Northridge Store (Reseda and Nordhoff) for 24 years. I am a regular...

terrible hr practices!

I am 57 years old and am seeking work. I saw an add on retirement jobs.com for various positions for the Von's stores so I sent in a resume and was called for an interview. When I went in for the interview well dressed I was treated coldly by a Gal by the name of Elizabeth and I could tell because of my age she was not interested and said she was not really hiring right now but just trying to get a feel for the kind of people looking for jobs. I was furious when I left since that is false advertising on many websites and I wasted my gas and time for a job I thought I would have liked. They say they are an EOE but this gal surely did not play by the rules and I am considering legal actions since this was blatant discrimination because of my age. This Von's is in Camarillo, Ca on Mission Oaks Blvd.

  • Ci
    Cindy Zendejsd Sep 25, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On the 9/18/2019 I bought chicken tenders and potatoe wedges as soon as I finish my food my stomach started to feel upset on my way home I throw up and I been throwing up with the runs ever since I miss work cause your food made me get food poisoning. You need to check your food for bacteria it can make people real sick

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  • Sh
    SHLee Oct 16, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to this store today around 2 am.
    I lost my phone by mistake but the staff helped me to find my phone and they found.
    So I would like to say thanks to the staff again for trying hard to find my phone at the time. You guys saved my life.
    Thank you so much !!!

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  • Ry
    Ryanfashiz Nov 23, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I asked for my Atlantic salmon to be deboned with pliers. Butcher said this was not a service they provided. I would suggest this be added to your regular butcher service. It is a very common request and this is the first I have been denied.

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bad business practices

I am writing you about the most unpleasant and disappointing experienced I have ever had at a grocery store. On October 13th I received two $25 Vons/Safeway gift cards for my birthday. On October 14th, at approximately 11:15 P.M., I bought $32.35 worth of groceries and used one of the two gift cards. I took another one out, whereupon the checker took the card to speed up the process. I cannot honestly say if he swiped it or not but, one thing is certain, he took the card from my hands, told me no funds were on the card and kept it. Thinking he had the card I previously swiped, I slide the card in hand which, through sleight of hand, was the card I slid before.

These are the facts, which, can be confirmed by checking not only the surveillance video from store #2257, I had two gift cards worth $25 each. I swiped one and the checker took one and told me no funds were on it. I swiped the same card again two more times, which can be concerned in the Vons system. Upon leaving the store I felt as though I had been short changed but decided that perhaps my father had given me an extra gift card with no balance on accident. I called my father the following day and he confirmed that both gift cards did indeed have $25 on it, and that the checker must have taken a card with full balance. My question to the checker/cashier should have been, “why are you so eager to take my gift card which, according to you, has nothing on it, while you leave me with another gift card which actually does have nothing on it?” Why was he so eager to take one card instead of offering to take them both?

On Monday, October 16, I called the number on the back of the gift card I had and talked to Vladimir at ext. 1661 and told him my story. I immediately contacted the Vons (store 2257) where this took place and talked to a supervisor by the name of, Robert Verdugo, who surprisingly was of great help. Unfortunately, I would find out later that he was the only one helpful in the whole of the company. Mr. Verugo told me he would look at the surveillance footage and call me the following day. He kept his word informing me that a manager would need to look at the footage and get back to me. My immediate question to him was, "Why wasn’t this done in the first place?"

I urged them to look at the surveillance footage so that they might ascertain the truth of this matter. The checker, seeing that I showed obvious signs of drowsiness, took advantage of the situation and stole my gift card, telling me there was nothing on it. I am most unhappy how store 2257 handled this matter. They never apologized for what happened nor did an actual manager personally take care of the matter. I had to contact Corporate and only through them was I able to get results. 72+ hours after the fact, they issued me another gift card but what of the hours I wasted tending to this matter? I will never shop at any Vons store again and it gives me no satisfaction to write this letter, but I implore you to ask yourself one thing, If someone stole your money, your birthday money, wouldn’t you want the matter resolved as soon as possible and expect some kind of apology?

  • Li
    Lisa Jun 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I HAVE ALWAYS HAD US BILLED SHE GETS GROCERIES. have used Vons.com since my dad died 4 years ago. We have placed several orders with no complaint. IN A NUTSHELL
    I Have MS my mom lives alone in another city. WE PAY SHE GETS SHOULD BE USED TO IT SINCE WE ALL CARE FOR OLD PEOPLE. I Lisa Hammermeister a vons customer since I was a child. Now after ordering 300.00 woth I get a driver who says we don't deliver. Then how the hell did it get there before? Now she has no food!!! Someone read billing number and did not read special instructions. I was a merchandiser and serviced your rotten company for 7 years. NO satisfaction with customer. YOU ARE ###S! YOU MESSED UP IN ONE THE MOST EXPENSIVE DISTRICTS YOU HAVE. I will make this right, and did I mention my friend helped OJ get off and I will use him. It's you managers who should have made this right. I AM DISABLED!!! Your company is ignorant in dealing with disabilities. I will do whatever I have t0 get even. Did I mention I'm a published writer, The LA Times and published my opinion twice. The customer is always right, jerks. That why everyone hates your CEO ###. RESPOND This will be forwarded to BBB, my state rep., congressman and anyone I feel will benefit. Did I mention I changed Othro Mattress policy because I went after them. Corporate ###. YOUR CEO SUCKS. Lisa Hammermeister 16456 Shamhart drive Granada Hills CA MY husband just happens to work for a news corporation.

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  • Ed
    E Derossett Apr 20, 2010

    Today at the Vons in Agoura Hills california the manager of the store wrongfully accused my son of shoplifting. When we proved to the manager he wasn't by showing him our receipt instead of apologizing he scowls at us then just walks away. needless to say we are never going to that market again

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