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employee rudeness

I went to shop at Vons today and was asked, after swiping my debit card, if I would like to donate to the...

poor problem solving solutions and unconcerned interest in customers and their satisfaction

I as a customer has not been treated with the concern nor interest of my satisfaction or convenience by the management of the grocery store vons. Ive been humiliated, embarrassed, lied to, and passed around by reps who cant resolve a simple customer solution. Ive been to two different vons about my unsatisfactory and ive yet to get results. I even was discriminated against and ignored by the supervisor of the vons grocery store. I deserve much better service and attention than they have given. The whole customer service as a whole get thumbs down. Im even getting a professional attorney to review the level of disrespect ive recieved!!!

poor customer service

It amazes me in this crazy economy that a company would be willing to give their managers such little...

poor service and bad attitude

The mangers and the checkers act like there doing us a favor, it"s like we are there for them! They have a...

customer service

I came into the store wanting to use their western union because I had already came in there to buy some...

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home delivery

lthe store called this afternoon to tell me my debit card wouldn't go through for an internet delivery order. i called my bank and was assured there was plenty of funds available. After the store tried several times to run the card and the bank claimed they weren't going through and the fault was with Vons they said they would try again and call if it still didn't work they call. When no call came I assumed it worked. When they hadn't delivered by 7:30 i called customer service and was told the delivery had been cancelled. I use an electric scooter because of a disability so going to the store at 8;00 wasn't an option. I am diabetic and had nothing for supper or breakfast because of a stupid manager. Yet I had ordered from amazon at the same time and it worked fine.

not enough checkers

The clairmont square vons never has enough checkers I have to wait 30mins to get checked out and the supervisor didnt ever care she did not help out the poor checker, that checker was taking abuse from pissed of customers and she has no help no one to back her up!!! That store is the worest vons I have ever been to.
But that checker that night is one of the best checkers I have met.

not enough checkers

poor service & long lines - reseda @ nordhoff in northridge

The von's store location at reseda and nordhoff in northridge, ca. Is the worst von's store ever. You guy...

terrible customer service

To whom it may concern,

I encountered the worst customer service on 6-19-09 in the Chino Hills store Vons store #2597. Not only the supervisor onsite, Rob, refused to resolve the issue when it occurred and asked us to come back tomorrow to talk to the manager. One of the clerks, Sandy, also took over the issue by distracting her supervisor and gave us the worst attitude I ever encountered in any store. She even came towards us in a very threatening manner stating “what do you want?” “what do you want?” We got scared and kept repeating what we need, and she replied “I heard you the first time!”

I have been a loyal Vons customer ever since I was a child, and to this particular Vons when I moved to Chino Hills. Yesterday I brought the Vons Ad to the store thinking I am going to get a good deal on the beers, 12 packs for only $10.99. I especially made the trip for this item to the store at 8:35pm. After I waited in the line, the Supervisor Rob rang us up for this item at $13.99 + CRV $0.60 + Tax, which comes up to be over $15 dollars, entirely different than what was shown on the ad. I showed the ad to Rob, but for some reason, Rob went to the clerk Sandy for help. Sandy come to our line and stated firmly to us "this is plus tax and CRV". When I questioned her calculation (CA tax is definitely NOT 30% on alcohol), she just looked at us and said "Do you want this or not?".

My sister was too shock to say anything and we decided to just leave the store. But right after we stepped out, we discussed further, and felt horribly upset. Not only did the supposed Supervisor Rob did not assist us, the Clerk Sandy felt the need to help him and pretty much kicked us out of the store. We then went back in the store, trying to speak to the supervisor again. Now Rob is available, he decided he can talk to us and try to resolve this issue with us. However, Clerk Sandy continues to step in trying to distract Supervisor Rob from helping us!!! She was practically yelling his name across the store to get his attention so we cannot speak to Rob! How very rude of her!

This is no longer about the difference in the price, but this is about the emotional distress this woman, Sandy and this man, Rob, put us through. Along with my sister, being two petite Asian women, we cannot help but wonder, is this just another case of discrimination against minorities in America? I certainly will not want any one of my family members, friends, nor neighbors, to have to endure this sort of negative experience EVER!

Thanks you for your time to read this letter and I am sorry to say that from this point on, we will not step foot into another Vons, and I will certainly make sure those around me are aware of my experience at this store.

cashier kicked us out of line/store

The other night, Friday July 31st at approximately 8:36 pm We got into a very long line we saw a shorter line...

Lake Isabella Retail Stores


a black employee looked at me in a discriminating manner since im hispanic when i picked up a hair polisher...

abuse and lies

I have been using home delivery from Vons-Safeway online home shopping for 2 years.
Most orders have some problems but the customer service representatives one has to deal with are absolutely HORRIBLE.
The customer service representatives leave customers on hold for 15 or more minutes just waiting for them to answer and then they are rude... if your order has arrived melted they argue that the trucks are refrigerated... even when the ice cream is melting through the box and the driver is covered in sweat. Furthermore, Vons representatives have reported to me that they are keeping detailed history notes on customers which I found out is what is prompting them to be so terribly rude to me. I have not given my consent to Vons - Safeway to compile information on me. This is a violation of my civil liberties and my right to privacy. I spent an hour and a half today attempting to get refunded for a completely melted and spoiled order... The first rep at Vons homeshopping, Kathy, hung up on me after reporting that her manager Andrea was out to lunch and that she would not assist me. The second rep, Curtis, after a 15 minute wait reported Andrea was simply too busy to get on the phone with me and reported that detailed history files were being compiled on customers and this somehow gave him license to be extremely abusive towards me. I called the other number on my order, the general customer service for Safeway and was handed over to tamara who identified herself as a supervisor, she left me on hold for several minutes and when I asked for a contact number for regional management I was placed on hold again and then another supervisor Coby Archer came on... he did not give me contact information for complaints to regional management either and placed me on hold again... telling me Andrea is on the phone somewhere else helping ME with MY order? Then a supervisor for homeshopping who identified herself as Missy popped on the line... Missy agreed to allow me to record the conversation in which she refused to give me the regional managers name, told me that there is a policy or guideline which states she can refuse to refund my order unless I (a disabled customer) haul the merchandise down to the store, leave the spoiled groceries downstairs in my apartments lobby or cancel my weekend trip to await a callback from a driver to pick them up at their leisure. I had a 1-3PM delivery window. I began calling customer service at 3PM and was hung up on and transferred and placed on hold until 4:30PM. I told Missy I would give Vons until end of day to pick up the groceries and was still told that she refused to refund my purchase. I contacted my credit card company and placed a chargeback on the purchase and the driver who made it back before 5PM was unable to get through to customer service to ensure my refund. He was nice enough to sign a receipt for the merchandise and said he had informed his manager earlier in the day that the refrigeration unit on the truck was not working.

The online home shopping department of Vons - Safeway are absolutely horrible rude people. They have no concern for the well being or satisfaction of their customers. They go out of their way to cite non-existant policies and argue with customers who they know have disabilities and require their services to be timely and correct. Vons - Safeway home shopping are compiling notes on their customers that are not only an invasion of privacy and a violation of civil liberties rights but are making their representatives go out of their way to be abusive to longstanding customers. These representatives cite policies and guidelines that do not exist to further their abuse and lies.

rude manager

Today 12/28/08 at 2:00PM after shoping at Vons Supermarket in Huntington Beach CA, I, reminded to cashier...

bad customer service

I have been a Vons Customer for over 30 years. In my current town of residence, Scripps Ranch San Diego...

food poisoning

My husband and I were visiting Las Vegas for our 28th wedding anniversary. We stopped at the Vons (dstore 2615) after golf to pick up some snack food. At the deli counter they were offering '5 dollar Friday Chicken Tenders' - 1 LB for $5.00. We bought a pound (about 5 tenders) and asked for Honey Mustard dipping sauce. About 4 hours after eating them I became violently ill, throwing up followed by alternating chills and sweats. 4 hours after I became ill my husband did the same. We know it had to be the tenders and/or honey mustard sauce as it was the only thing we both had eaten that day.
Obviously this ruined our weekend. We were not able to do any of the things we had planned. We spent 36 hours in our room with an occassional venture out for gatorade or sofa drinks. It was miserable.

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    Too Smart Jul 06, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I'm not surprised, VONS (Safeway) in Las Vegas is a rip off. Who knows what they use and re-use to fry those chicken tenders. I have been ordering VONS home delivery for years, however, I noticed that the prices shown on their weekly flyers do NOT match the prices online. I sent them an e-mail on June 25 and another on June 29 asking why the difference but to date I have received no reply. An example, the flyer shows 4 limes for $1, online it shows 60 cents each; mayo $1.99 online $3.99; I could go on and on. I live in Las Vegas, and like hundreds of others I do not have a car, it has been 110F every day for the last two weeks and continuing. Me and many others wish that another supermarket like Smith's or Albertsons would provide delivery service so that we don't have to depend on VONS who, like most businesses in this town, are here to take advantage of the old, the poor and the disabled.

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false advertising

My Sister and I saw Von's full page ad in the Union Tribune on Friday, Sept. 26th. Vons advertised products for our Jewish New Year on sale in their stores. Included were kosher turkeys, blintzes, yortzeit candles, noodles, challah, etc.

We drove to 3 different Vons Markets on Sat., 9/27, in search of these foods. The stores are in 3 different areas of San Diego. In all 3 stores, not only were there none of these advertised products, but the store managers looked at us as though we were crazy ! Nobody seemed to know a thing about this ad.

Vons falsely advertised, their personnel treated us with no dignity, and we both feel that this borders on prejudice as well as lack of backing up the ad they published.

We would like an apology as well as an explanation for this . We feel that perhaps Vons is not the market we should be shopping in.

overdue refund

On 12/24/07, I bought two gift cards for the family of a homeless boy that I tutor at a North Hollywood...

they ripped me off

On Aug 15th, I purchased a $50 AMEX gift card for a friend as a gift. I later on find out that the card had a zero balance. I called the VONS corporate office & they agreed to replace the card. I picked up the replacement card and later on find out that the replacement card also had a zero balance! I called once again and they apologized & agreed to replace the card for a 2nd time. I picked up the 2nd replacement card and it also had a zero balance! Is this a joke??? Am I just supposed to forget about the $50 and write it off? I want my money back! $50 may not be a lot for some people but it is a lot for me! Refund me back my money VONS in Granada Hills in cash or a check-not another gift card!

poor customer service

I went to Vons at about 8pm on a Sunday night. I only had to get about 6 things. I thought this would be a...

selling outdated food & rudeness

I bought a Tombstone frozen pizza on 08/08/08 at Vons, 516 N Glendale Ave, Glendale CA 91206 That night when...