Vodacomservice of the managers and employees

I did a silicone screen protector. They told me 6 months warranty if any problem. I just purchased the Hisense h30 infinity from the Hisense rep. The day the mirror finish screen protector came up I went straight to Vodacom shop for the silicone. The employee wiped my phoned so good that scratches ended up on my screen. So I kept quiet thinking the protector will cover it and so it did. As Time went like almost 2 months it started to bubble. 30 September 2019 i to complain. I stood for 1 hour and more just for a 10 minutes job. Manager still says I must wait. Is this the type of service as big company like vodocom give towards there customer.
Yes I understand that you will always be busy. Everyone will like new phones. But if there's a tech guy then let the tech guy do what they are employed for. Call me
Marcus Chetty

Oct 02, 2019

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