Vodacomcontract extension

2 months ago, a vodacom customer care employee called me to say my current contract is part of a selection of old packages that aren't available anymore and the company would like to phase them out. My original contract had expired over a year ago and I was now on the automatic month to month package.
He therefore asked me whether I'd be OK to move to a new contract which would cost less and give me more benefits. I clearly stated that I would be leaving the country in 2 months and did not want to sign up for any long term deals. He said that that would not be a problem.
When I called vodacom this week to cancel my contract, they mentioned my expiry date is August 2021 and I would need to pay a cancellation fee. This means that the person who called me, did in fact sign me up for a new 2 year contract without me agreeing to it explicitly. Now I need to go through a ton of hassle to get my contract cancelled on time, putting an extra administrative burden on me. This was suppose to be an easy task to tick off and now it is a headache. And the help desk staff I've spoken to has not been apologetic about this issue in any way.
I have lost more trust in vodacom as this type of sales tactic is done with no integrity and no honesty. It is a scheme to fool people into tying themselves up to vodacom.
My hope is that I get to close out my contract with vodacom without having to spend more on a contract I cannot use once I've left.

Oct 03, 2019

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