Vodacomnot advised for my cover when upgrading

S Sep 04, 2018

i had initially started up my very first contract with Vodacom in 2015. July 2017 i was due for an upgrade and an online consultant had assisted me with the upgrade. As per the terms and conditions she had read out to me she advised that my device was not insured and if i required insurance i should contact 0821952. The consultant did not explain to me that the insurance from my previous device was being carried over. I was robbed about 2 weeks ago and my cellphone was stolen. I had gone to the Vodacom store to find out what i could do. I found that the insurance from my previous device was carried over however it was not sufficient to cover my current device, the store consultant contacted cellsure and they advised that i could upgrade my insurance and thereafter put a claim through. When i went back to the store to check up on what was going on regarding the claim they advised that it was declined and the reason for decline was "no insurance" how is that i did not have insurance when i have been paying for it since 2015 and was not informed that at the time of my upgrade it would be carried over and i would need to upgrade the insurance aswell. Now cellsure wants me to pay the back pay of R573 and excess in order for my claim to go through which is unethical and unreasonable as at the time of my upgrade i was once again told my device had no insurance however i was paying for insurance. This needs to be resolved within the next 24 hours or i will be going to the financial ombudsman because the process that Vodacom has is pathetic. As for cellsure their service is even more pathetic. Vodacom does not value their customers but just look for ways to get money out of them without providing sufficient and accurate information.

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