Vodacomnew line cancellation

A Oct 02, 2019

I am appalled at the level of service Vodacom has provided me. Two months in a row I take the initiative enquiring about a debit that shouldn't even be.

I took a Sim only deal which I cancelled in the 14day cooling of period and was told that the matter is resolved and I would get confirmation of same. a month down the line, September 2019, I get a notification from my bank that a debit order has been processed and I make contact with Vodacom customer care only to find an incompetent consultant telling me the amount has been credited into a number that I have cancelled. between speaking to (Boitumelo, Joy, Nobulele and Taryn Martin, I thought the matter was resolved and the debit should be paid back to me. two week later I have no acknowledgement from Vodacom and I reversed my money.

01/10/2019 I receive a notification that Vodacom has attempted debiting me again. I took it upon myself to make contact again and Spoke to a gentleman who advised I would need to speak to a consultant that would confirm why I am being debited. I speak to this lady and she informs me I have been handed over to the Vodacom attorneys, which messes up my credit record, for someone else's incompetency as they did not do their job properly.

I now need to wait another 3-7 working days to have the matter resolved, IF EVER IT HAPPENS, and Vodacom to revoke their act of handing me over to attorneys. if my matter had been resolved the first time, I wouldn't not be in the position I have found myself in at present and going forward, my credit record will state that I have defaults . I am disappointed with Vodacom especially since I have been using their service since 1997 on pre paid and to be caught up in this mess is abominable.

such poor service renders the move to competitors that will not inconvenience me in such a manner. my Telkom and CellC commitments have not provided me with such poor service.

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