Vodacomincorrectly issued with new contract rather than upgrade - via app

N Nov 18, 2019

I upgraded my current number via the Vodacom App on 26 September 2019. Instead of upgrading, I was apparently issued with a NEW contract - even though I followed the prompts for UPGRADING via the App.

I did not receive a new contract via email.
I did not receive a SIM card or a notification that my account had been changed.

I did receive the new phone and started using it, thinking that it was part of the upgrade.

At the end of the next month, a substantial amount was debited from my account. I immediately called to try to find out why, and this was the first time I realised that I had been issued with an additional contract. I have tried to rectify the matter countless times since then - being shifted from pillar to post at call centres, and sending emails which were not helpful at all. Even call centre agents shared that their hands were tied because it was via the App.

I am now stuck in the situation of having to cancel my contract, with a pre-cancellation fee of over R20, 000. Or to change from using my current number to the new contract number.

All I am requesting is that the 'new' contract be viewed as an upgrade rather and I am happy to keep this package. But apparently, it just cannot be done. The 'new' contract also apparently cannot have the number changed to my current number in use.

I keep being told that I should have called within 14 days, but I had no idea that there was even a new contract issued on my account until a month later when my account was debited.

There is no one to talk to about this. Despite call agents being very friendly, no one knows who can resolve the issue and they keep trying to convince me to keep both lines but downgrade one so that it costs less.

At this point, despite being with Vodacom for more than 15 years, I want nothing more to do with the company.

If anyone knows anything or anyone who can assist, please let me know.

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