Virgin Active Glenvistacleanliness of the gym

Z Jul 26, 2019

To whom this may concern.

Good day.

I hope this letter finds you well! I have recently transfered my membership from virgin active in Victory Park to virgin active in Glenvista.

When I initially transfered, I was not hesitant because I believed that all Virgin actives hold a certain standard because of the credibility attached to the companies name.

I got used to a certain standard at Victory park & expected a little more from Glenvista especially because the fee I pay is slightly higher at Glenvista.

The complaints I have about the gym :

1. It is dusty. The floors constantly feel as though it has not been sweeped. I recommend that the gym has full control over their cleaning staff, as I often see them socializing with each other instead of doing what they need to done. This makes the gym feel dirty.

2. The gym is untidy. The people who use the facilities provided to them, do not pack equipment away. This makes the gym feel cluttered. I recommend putting up signs asking people to pack up after themselves.

3. The men that attend your gym are perverts. They constantly stare at women, especially when they are doing excersises that would generally make you feel uncomfortable (i.e. Squatting). I have experienced this on 2 occasions. The first, an elderly man (aged around 50) came to deliberately stand behind me, shamelessly not even acting like his working out to watch me work out.

I do recommend that the staff at Glenvista go to victory park to understand how the operations are run.

When you walk into victory park, you feel healthy, you feel as though the equipment is clean & there is no clutter. When you leave the gym, you feel as though you are in a better headspace.

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