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Curves International Complaints & Reviews

Curves International / charging my account every month

Nov 11, 2018

I joined curves in Culver City, CA in August of 2016. I had to quit for emergency family matters in November of 2016. Up to this date, November 2018, Curves has been charging my account 54.00 a month after repeatedly reporting them and requesting that they end my membership. I have not...

Curves / gym is moving

May 21, 2018

When i started my gym membership with curves 4 months ago they said nothing of relocating. After my 1 month of legally cancelling my contract i got a survey to fill in. It was a relocating survey as their rent was too high. 1 month later I receive an email to say they are moving. I do not...

Curves International / customer service

Apr 12, 2018

I have written several times to you and have never had the common courtesy of an answer. I didn't even write until I was threatened. I say threatened as I was told my membership would be cancelled as had not been there in 90 days. Because I am a silver sneakers member, my payments are paid...

Curves International / early termination fee

Jun 03, 2017

I joined the Curves in Lynchburg, VA and paid $39.00 each month. I was only capable of going about one month due to school and serious car repair issues ranging from timing chain on one car replaced by a car with a bad transmission. This should have been enough for any person with a...

Curves Caste Walk / Payment not received

Sep 23, 2016

I have cancelled my contract with curves, they have confirmed the cancellation and told me that the debit order is stopped. To my surprise have the debit order run the following month. I have contact them and they appologies for that and that they will refund my money. It is now six week...

Curves / Payment

Oct 26, 2015

I cancelled my membership in july and they have been charging me since. Then when I said that I cancelled the lady on the phone asummedI was lying and told me I did not and would have to pay almost £60 to get them to stop charging me. I paid it but I reresent the fact they have been taking...

Curves of Millbury / refusing to reimburse a former member

Jul 03, 2014

I joined Curves of Millbury, MA in 2011 after recovering from a devastating leg injury I sustained in 2010. After one visit it was clear I couldn't work out without pain, so my doctor wrote a note excusing me for several months. I hand delivered the note to Millbury Curves. Before the...


Jun 04, 2013


Curves / Overall Unhappiness

Apr 10, 2013

I am a significantly overweight middle aged woman who wanted to find a place to get in shape. Because of my weight, I wanted an all women's gym. As I had been satisfied with Curves in the past, I went to location where I had been a memeber before. The franchise had changed hands and...

Curves / Still taking money out of my bank account

Mar 23, 2013

Back in October of 2010, 3 months after my husband passed away, I joined Curves in Fort Atkinson. I also delivered Newspapers during the night. Had good results, but by February of 2011, I stopped going because of depression and pure exhaustion. I had signed a contract stating that if I...

Curves for Women / Ridiculing Owner


I joined Curves San Lorenzo, Ca. three years ago and lost weight, began a good program for keeping in shape. I recently have witnessed behavior by the owner of this club and it's very uneasy. She starts fights with the clients, calls them names, makes fun of their being overweight...

Curves for Women / One of the worst experiences of my 75 years


The contract was long and given after agreeing verbally to join for $108. would not accept check, had to give credit/debit card. The monthly dues were automatically taken from the debit/credit card. If you had a medical reason for not using the facility you had to get a Dr. note($$$) to...

Curves / Membership


I was excited to join Curves Fitness and I did so early in 2011. Do to unforseen family emergancies I had to cancel my membership. I called from out of town and let them know of the situation. They said dont worry they would look after it and not to worry they would cancel everything for...

curves picton canada / keep taking money out


I joined curves then tore my rotor cuff I was advised by my doctor to not exercise and had medication and physio to go to or have surgery on it. My doctor gave curves a letter right away and explained that I can not exercise. I gave them the letter in plenty of time before my payment wa...

Curves / Bad Service


Good Day I just whant to share my complains about Curves Sunningdale. I've been a member for about 4 years and it's just getting worse each day. 1.Firtsly there is no one helping out in the circuit anymore like there used to be, 2. Some day's at 19.00 the systym is logged...

Curves / Unsatisfied


The Thunder Bay Curves Clubs offer Zumba classes for the members led by a Certified Zumba Instructor. The classes are good, but the instructor was running late and a staff member enouraged a member who is NOT certified to lead the class. I decided not to participate as this member does not...

Curves for Women / Refund Denied


Ok, I joined and paid a 12 month prepay. after 6months I was hurt and on Med hold for 6 months. in those 6 months I never received a phone call or post card, which they should do, Since I worked for 1 in the past. I then was determined perm Disabled, and then Pregnant. My PCP was on...

Curves / After numerous calls and e-mails they still deduct the monthly fees from my bank account


I became a member of curves in March 2008, in May 2009 I contacted the Supplier and asked if I can cancel my membership via e-mail, it was confirmed that there shouldn't be any problems. After numerous calls and e-mails they still deduct the monthly fees from my bank account. The...

Curves / Service


So we joined the gym as in my mom, me and my cousins. My cousins felt right of the back that the employees there were discriminative and treat us different because of our race. My mom me and my sister just shook it off saying that they just dont like it so theyre blaming it on them. THEN...

Curves / Beware Cancellation Policy


This is more of a warning if you want to cancel your Curves Membership. If you give your 30 day's notice, you must still book an appointment with the owner/manager to sign off on the cancellation (be prepared to be drilled as to why you are quitting). They don't advise you of...

Curves / Regretting the 30 day membership trial


Regretting ever signing up at the Lafayette, IN Curves I signed up to be a member at the Lafayette Curves in April. The woman signing me up clearly stated to me two options available to me on that day regarding entrollement. One option was to sign up for the $30 for 30 days. The second...



My wife joined Curves in Nov of 2008 with the good intentions of losing weight and excercising with their equipment. I allowed the automatic deduction /draft of monthly memebership fees, (HUGE MISTAKE), a year later she did not want to go anymore, bought her own workout equipment for the...

Curves International / Standing by franchises


Why is it that Curves International does not stand by their franchises? I mean, after all, aren't they getting a cut from each franchise? We just lost our franchise and they basically won't do anything about it...that's over 330 members without a home. Grant you, they can go...

Curves / Cancellation Fee


I joined up with curves because i thought it would be a great way of shedding a few kilos. I enjoyed it but then my Grandmother got sick and I got a job in September 2009, so I didn't bother going back. After a while I realized that they were still taking money out so in February 2010...

CURVES fitness for women / no accountability, can not contact,


After paying out in cash $184.00 and exercising at Curves fitness centre for women at the Magill Rd St Morris centre the result was injury to calf and also arm I believe from Curves total neglect to have the staff available (as the days I went it was usual to have only one person working...

Curves / neglect


I been going to exercise at curves for about 5 yrs. Last yr and this yr (just starting ) is the worst. This is a mess and nobody cares if you exercise or not. The last 2 wks no one has open in the am. I have a medical problem and need to workout 5 days a wk. No notice is posted as to why...

Curves for Women / membership fee, cancellation


Many people have noted on this site that Curves takes their membership money and then keeps zapping their bank accounts long after the member has stopped going. Well, the contract (if you stop to read it) states that they'll keep doing that for the next 24 months, unfortunately and I...

Curves / Terrible company


The owner of Curves, Franchise, in Sacramento, CA exists only to collect dollars from desperate "fatties." I enrolled in the program, read the contract, and foolishly made a commitment for 12 months. Further, I authorized automatic payments from my bank account each month. My issue i...

Curves / Rip off


Curves is a complete rip off. I was promised that curves would be enough of a workout for me because of their new "Curves Smart" program that stepped up the workout. I have been on that program for 5 months and have seen no results. Half the time the system is down and does not work, even...

Curves / Hiring Policy


I was recently hired at Curves at the Beverlywood location as a fitness motivator trainee after working for several years as a paralegal/legal assistant. In addition to working the front desk, I would help the ladies with their workout so they could reach their maximum potential. After...

Curves / non-payment of wages


I am a former manager of Curves under the ownership of Greg and Cindee Snow located in Pace and Milton Florida. I have had many troubles cashing paychecks due to closed accounts and also getting paid for the due wages earned. I resigned in Feb. of 2009 still being owed three pay-period...

Curves for Women / curves not so Christian


I was hired at Curves and in 2 days was given a key and ran the gym by myself by day 4.I was well like by all the members and even had some request to have me do all their 1st few work outs.Well after being there 3 weeks I found out I was pregnant.I waited to tell anyone at work and in my...

Curves / membership fees


i joined curves a month later the owner went out of buisness i pd a membership fee of 100.00 was told that i could not get my money back. to join another curves. because of transportation issues i can't .i emailed [protected] they said sorry for inconvience and no refund...

Curves for Women Gym / Rude and Greedy


The owner Maureen is a master manipulator. I have a friend who had just joined and thought maybe I might like it. I went in on a despite already being concerned about their sucky hours. My introduction was only alright (I am not that out of shape, because I exercise regularly). I voiced...

Curves / Cheque fraud


A year and a half after my membership ended, this location of Curves on Applecreek (in Markham Unionville), put through monthly charges again, against my bank account. According to our Bank Manager this is blatant cheque fraud. There are SEVERAL cases of this in Markham Unionville with thi...

Curves / the gym with the ghetto ethic


This is a letter I sent to the company because of strange practices I'd encountered..anyone out there with similar experiences? I was so shocked because it seemed (here's to advertising) so open and friendly...not. Hi. I have been to two places here in brooklyn, one on Norman...

Curves for Women / Scam and cheating!


I joined Curves in August 2003 for a years membership. The cost was $78 up front and $29 per month. After a year I did not renew my membership. In checking my account recently I noticed a $29 monthly debit to my checking account. Calling the bank I found that this had been going on...

Curves / Membership cancellation!


I joined Curves in January 2006. I went for 6 months and then stopped going in September of 2006 and have not been back since. I noticed that they still were taking out monthly payment after a year. I assumed they were like most gyms that after a year you go in and sign another year...

Curves for Women / Curves ripped me off!


I signed a 1 year agreement in September 2003. I went to close my bank account 7/30/2007, and found out that the company has been deducting the monthly dues from my account every month since. At the end of my contract, the manager called me to see if I would be renewing, and I told her NO...

Curves Fitness Study Program / Do not sign up - you'll regret it!


Complaint: Do not sign up for the Fitness Study Program! You'll regret it! I am not a curves member and here is the reason why: I signed up for the fitness study program, after I received a flier in the mail. It sounded like a great idea at the time. I completed the program, did...