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On Oct. 6th, 2009 my parents sent me 850.00 dollars, from the sale of my car, I paid my rent with a check (I had enough money to cover the rent and the check fee in my account). My mom said when she put the money in my account she paid a fee; what she didn't realize and therefore couldn't tell me was she had sent me a wire transfer and now I had been charged $20.00. I have had money transferred into my account on several occasions and I had never been charged before.

On Oct. 15, a post card was sent to my address, because my balance was negative $88.25. I went to the bank and talked to the manager as soon as I received the notice. We looked at my account and he informed me of the wire transfer charge and the fees that had been caused by it. I hadn't used my debit card stupidly I just wasn't aware of how the money had been transferred to my account. The bank manager explained how wire transfers to us and then said if we paid the $20.00 wire transfer fee he would 'refund' the other fees we had been charged. We paid the fees and our account was set to zero. (I don't have the exact dates or the exact amount 'refunded' but I am going to get it).(because of this 'refund' I couldn't get another one when I really needed it).

On Dec. 19, 2009 we received very sad news that forced us to take a trip to Reno, we started this trip with $362.00. On the way to Reno we encountered three winter storms, a shucks auto person sold us tire chains that were way to big, so we bought more chains, and in this frantic state we did not remember that we charged Jiffy lube which was $47.94 and one other charge (maybe starbucks). We almost never use our debit card, we drove straight to Reno, it took twenty hours and we made fifteen purchases on Dec. 22.

On Dec.22 we over drew on two purchases one for $10.93 and one for $9.79, our ending balance on the statement says we closed at $14.48.

On the 23rd, we made two purchases using the debit card one for $9.45 and one for $7.89 our ending balance on the 23rd was negative $72.86 (we were charged two overdraft fees at $35 each).

On the 24th, we made one purchase of $11.38 and we received two $35 dollar over draft fees. (Ending balance of negative $154.24).

On the 26th, we made one purchase for $1.38, we received one overdraft charge of $37.50 and one for $16.00. (Ending balance of negative $209.00)

Yes I know we should have checked the balance but at the time I didn't once think about the bank, and I assumed that we had whatever money was spent. Some how we also didn't think that the debit card kept working well below, we have now been corrected on that matter. In total we take complete responsibility for the $60.00 dollars in over drafts. We were not able to return from Reno because of a storm that caused road closure, and our front strut broke and shredded two tires.

When we returned on Dec, 31st I found the notices in the mail and on Jan. 2nd I went to the bank. The bank manager informed me over the negative balance of $302.00. I asked about repayment plans, getting a credit card to charge the debit onto, but the manager said he couldn't do anything and that I would be charged $8 dollars a day for every day negative; I had to pay rent which we amazingly had the money for after taking an extremely unplanned trip.

On Jan.13, 2009 I went to the bank I had been to (in Oct) they suggested I go to my home branch, talk to the manager about maybe paying half and having them fix('refund') the rest. On Jan 12 the ending balance was negative $382.62

Around Jan. 20th, I went to my 'home' branch, the manager wasn't there, I took $150 cash and by the time I was done talking with the teller I put my money away. The $8 dollar a day fee would eat away the money until I could pay the debit in full. He also said because I had a recent (from Oct) 'refund' on my account that I can get another 'refund'.

When I went to my 'home' branch I took the letter I had received ( the return address was from that branch) ; this letter said I could call an 866# and get enrolled in a repayment plan. When I asked the teller about the repayment plan he had no knowledge of it, then after he read the letter and said I could only enter the program by calling the phone number.

When I did talk to my 'home' branch manager she also said because I had been 'refunded' money previously that she couldn't help me.

I called the phone number, (I continue to call this phone number), the only thing that has happened so far is I get 'the voice mailbox is full' or it rings and then it makes the awful noise. I finally got into the program on the last day my account was open, they didn't answer though I pressed 0 and got transferred to a real live person who was somehow part of the repayment department. First they had me hold my account open longer so they could file the appropriate paper work, and then they set me up for a $94.00 payment every 15th for the next six months.

I made one payment( now I only owe $458), then my boyfriend and I both lost our jobs. I also found out I am pregnant. All I wanted was a repayment plan that could make this debt smaller so I could pay it, everybody (bank managers and tellers ) said they couldn't help me. I don't know what to do. I want to see if they will allow me to skip a payment, I still owe rent for this month, I have been trying to call them since the 10th of march and I can't get a hold of them. I hold for like 15 minutes and then it says ' voice mailbox is full' or it rings and then I get a busy signal.

I went to the bank and had the manager call the 866# but she couldn't get through either. She finally called another number and they said the weather where the repayment plan is located is really bad.

All the USBank branches I go to tell me I need to call the 866#, even when I tried pressing 0 on the 866# number they said they couldn't help me. It's like repayment is a separate country.

I can't pay this month, I don't know if anyone knows what I should do. I posted this here because I wanted to pay what I owe, I couldn't while I was being charged eight dollars a day, and now that I am finally in the repayment plan I can't talk to anybody to tell them what's going on. I just feel like I am being pushed into debit.

Can some one really tell me what the ramifications of not being able to pay this debt is? I have no credit as far as I know, I have never owned a credit card or bought something with payments just because I was trying to avoid debt. Now I am not sure if it's worth it I could do a lot $458 and without the trouble of dealing with a broken banking system.


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    adf Mar 26, 2009

    I don't really see your point here. You spent more money than you had, and you think this is somehow the bank's fault? How would you feel if I borrowed $400 from you and then said I couldn't pay because I had an emergency in Reno and lost my job and became pregnant?

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    scottsoward Mar 18, 2010

    i deposited a little under 26, 000 in us bank shortly there after i had a 6 month jail commitment, witch whent a full year, utah rules, and during that time unknowing to myself all the money gone, i was out when i found out so i started calling the bank, and they called the detective, so i had to prove that i was locked up and some other things witch i did, the bank manager is so nice helpfull, so i have a stack of papers like 3 in, tall all the afidavids an so on forms that took 2 differant nottarys to stamp so i could send this info to the liasion center, and i call an ask things, so the money was to be returned to i was told the atm is the hardest to prove and that check would b the longest to get, well it came first 8010 dollars.i wait a week i call again, the checks have been sent, so i proved once again i didnt get the big check yet the one for the over drafts, cheacks, visa card, so now im mad i call, they im form me its my fault some lady and i wish i had got her name, so now im fumed i go to the main bank not so nice now, the manager hides in his office till i leave, i just want my money, so now 6 years later i still aint got the big check and i get told its to late, they make it out as my fault, what can i do

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    KaiserVadin Dec 27, 2010

    They didn't know about the under $0 fees etc. its the banks fault because all employees there don't know what the F they are doing that includes the mangers

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    Gath Jun 03, 2011

    Use Easy to fill out form.

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    alexandra01 Aug 08, 2016

    Dealt with mortgage specialist for refinancing at the Fox lake, Illinois branch and was given the run around since March of this year. She kept coming up with every excuse as to why it was taking so long at the underwriters and as of today, I am still waiting for approval. Very discouraged with this bank. Would not recommend this bank, because it seems that they do not want to help. They would rather have you not pay your mortgage and foreclose then to help you with refinancing.

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    bank stole $400 from me Aug 08, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I deposited $200.00 through ATM. This was my first time doing so. An envelope came out of the ATM and put 2- $100 dollor bill in and put it back to the machine.
    I did not get a receipt. When I received the statement I discovered that it showed $200.00 withdraw. I lost $400.00. I contacted customer service and told me that
    I do not have any proof and there is nothing they can do. I can not believe their answer. They should have records of all the ATM transactions.
    I guess I have to contact Police Department. I want to see their proof of me withdrew money.

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