US Bank / US Bancorpdestroyed debit card in atm

D Sep 06, 2018

Today Sept 6, 2018 at approximately 2:oo p.m at the US Bank Bellingham branch 4040 Meridian Street Bellingham WA 98226 . I bank with Chime bank, the ATM finder gave me US Bank location above as a fee free ATM. I inserted my Chime debt card into the ATM entered my pin and selected withdrawal from checking. the ATM then said unable to make transaction at this time, and destroyed my bank card. I approached the teller, and explained what had just happened. She asked me to come back in an hour because the person with keys to the ATM machine just went to lunch. I returned an hour and a half later to be told that the ATM machine did indeed destroy my debt card, and they were sorry. The money I was withdrawing was to pay my rent, contacted Chime bank and they have sent out a replacement card that I won't receive for about 2 weeks. I have no way of withdrawing any money from my bank account, and am unable to pay my rent.

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