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I received overdraft charges (4 of them) on my account and I called to question them about it because according to the on-line account there was money in the account.

When I called the bank to talk with them about it, the first person pushed me off to someone else since she was already helping someone and this person was very abrupt and rude when trying to address this problem.

He tried to explain to me that the overcharges occur because of a transaction after 9 pm on the fourteen of december, even though my account balance showing on line was sufficient to cover the amount I purchased. I had a direct deposit that went in the morning of the next day, yet the overdraft charges were posted for the 16th of december. When I brought this to his attention, he said they were pending on the fourtenth. If that is the case, why didn't they show up on my account as such.

They have a sign that says all transaction after 3p will be posted to the next day, yet when I asked him about that he said it only applied to only in-bank transactions. Is this not falsely misleading the public.

Also, if the charges that I am being charged overdrafts for are listed on the 16th how can they legally charge me overdrafts saying they were cleared on the 14th? What kind of business are they running.

I will be pulling my business from there and looking else where. This is some scam they got running.


  • Valerie Nov 24, 2008

    Unfortunately after several incidents and several hundred dollars of overdraft fees, I have figured out US Bank's strategy of misleading their customers in order to collect an ungodly amount of fees. I recently deposited a $400 check into our account due to the fact that the same problem I'm about to report occurred and we were charged over $300 in overdraft fees. So, after depositing the $400, I went online and noticed that at the top of the online statement, there was a note indicating that $300 was being held pending clearance of the deposited check.

    HOWEVER, approximately 24-48 hours later, that note disappeared and my Available Balance was showing about $196. Additionally my husband called to check the Available Balance and was also given the $196 figure. Naturally, one would assume that Available Balance would mean those funds are available for use, and by their own definition listed on the website, 'This balance lists the funds in your account that are available for withdrawal. This is the Account Balance minus deposited funds being held or check card authorizations outstanding.' Note it says MINUS deposited funds being held. This actually is not the case - when I clicked on the blue hyper-link provided on the online statement, I was shown that the $300 is still considered unavailable funds and our Available Balance is actually negative $103.

    If we didn't have access to the Internet in order to find that out, and went solely on the information given when my husband called in to check our balance, we would have been charged overdraft fees on any purchases we made. That is how we got all the overdraft fees to begin with - another deposit was made previously and because the Available Balance showed the entire deposit was available, we were naive enough to believe it and spent money that apparently wasn't really available... even though they told us it was.

    This practice is unconscionable, underhanded and downright dishonest. Why list funds as available when they aren't? Overdraft fees... period. In the meantime, because those funds aren't available yet and we're still in a negative balance, I actually had to borrow some of my daughter's birthday money in order to get some gas and groceries!!! We live paycheck-to-paycheck and the bank is slowly milking us to the point of having to borrow money from my father and my 11-year old daughter just to get by.

    I would be interested to hear comments or other incidents of this occurring.

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  • To
    Tom Benner Nov 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too am being overcharged by US BANK in San Diego, California!
    I recieved 2x fees of -$37.50 stating I was overdrawn and my balance is negative, I walked in checks to be deposited and they too were held for a full 24hours before any money will be released (the check was State Unemployedment check that should be guranteed funds?). Previoulsy they would release $100 amount to be used immediately, they now say that has changed, no info on that was available.

    Here is what exactly happened:
    I went to deposit a payroll check on Saturday 11/22/2008 put in a check at 3:01pm for the amount of $248.62.
    the deposit slip shows I had Acct balance of $181.85, the deposit amount of $248.62 and available balance of $17.32.
    I went online same day, Saturday the 22nd, around 4Pm, and saw all was ok, no overdraft charges and a positive balance was correct at $17.32
    Then the online info on Sunday 11-23 shows I am overdrawn and received two charges on that previous friday 11-21 for two overdrawn fees on thursday 11-20.
    Online information as of Saturday didn't reflect anything related and indeed showed I had a positive balance of $17.32. this suggested that this was added after the deposit and predated back to Friday 11-21.

    Somehow the bank had made these changes on a non business day after Saturday 11-22-08 4:00 pm
    they had added in two overdraft fees and predated them to the previous friday. I though this was impossible/illegal? I am uncertain but this looks like Bank errors and they are trying to cover it up?

    I faxed this to the bank stating that the bank info I have suggested I am positive as of Sat 11-22 on this account.
    I am waiting to see what happens. I called around to the main office and they were all "very busy" and had me wait or return my calls later. they act like I was not keeping tally of my money. they even went as far as to state that I need o keep better track. I have a Checkless account and use Online info and ATM info to help keep track, if this info they control is incorrect, how is that my issue?

    I really think they are automating the Overdraft fee part, and allowing it (the automated process) to predate changes after the fact. this Automated process doesnt show any logical manner, just a manner that makes the bank money.
    You must call and complain, then listen to how your not keeping track of your account, before they even offer any help.
    I do keep track very closely to my spending and dont need to be told "I need to balance my account better".
    They should look into the issue then decide where the mistake occured and fix it, and be as polite as possible to the customers that they are there for!

    I am so fed up with how this bank handles it customers and quickly they suggest the issue is with you...the bank cant possibly make mistakes. The fees are astronomical and accfrue daily charges, this sort of Fee service needs to be illegal, I never have seen such Gouging of customers in my life!

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  • Ci
    Cindy Dec 30, 2008

    5 years ago I had a checking account with US Bank. I had a couple of checks bounce because of a fraudulent charge that was posted to my account. The bank determined that it was fraud and credited my account the money back, which was around a hundred dollars. Mean while I accured a bounced check fee for each check that had bounced, including the one for the fraudulent charge. This added up to around $100.00. I asked the bank if they were going to remove those charges as well, because they were caused as a result of the fraud. They said No, and would not even remove the one overdraft fee that was a direct result of the fraud.

    I closed the account because I felt that this was not right and refused to pay the balance. It finally got sent to the first creditor and they said that I owned $691.00! They said that it was because USBank was charging $8.00 per day, each day the account was overdrawn. This was news to me, and I at no time remember that being explained to me during the time I signed up for the account, because I know I would have walked out on the spot, that's just crazy.

    It got sent to creditor after creditor and I would tell them the story and let them know that I was refusing to pay it. This may not have been the smartest thing to do, but all the same that's what I did. That was until yesterday morning when I received a call from a 'law office, informing me that I owed them $2, 690.00! For A Bounded Check! They said the other fees were interest and 'other fees'. What Ever that meant. I explained it to them again - to no avail, but they did say that they spoke with the bank and could offer $1, 200.00, I finally, after fighting with them got it down to the $691.00. that it was originally. Albiet it was only about $100.00, to begin with. I paid half and am scheduled for another half in January.

    The only reason I paid this was because they said that I could not take it to court. That they would freeze my current account, take out any money they could to pay towards the 2, 690.00 balance, and if they needed more they would attach my wages.

    This seems wrong on so many levels, 1st the bank, but then the 'law office' doing the collection. It's just wrong, and I wounder how either one can get away with it, it's wrong.

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  • Me
    Melvin Dec 30, 2008

    We got a statement at the end of may that said we were overdrawn by $81. I deposited a couple of misc. checks I have received for refunds and such, and thought that it at least cut it in half, and we could pay the rest off in a few days. I get another statement in the mail - and it is up to $257+ dollars that we are in the hole! We don't even use this account for anything. I look at the statement, and it is nothing but $8 fee added each and everyday that we were overdrawn that $40. We were never told that when we opened the account that this was something that would happen if we were overdrawn.

    There is no way we can pay that off now!!! We live paycheck by paycheck, and just barely make our bills, now this bank is charging us each day it is overdrawn!!! I wonder who else this has happened to. We won't ever pay this because it is outrageous and, i would believe - it should be illegal! No other bank I know of does this. It's a wonder this bank stays in operation. Has anyone ever sued this bank and won? I wonder. Who ever reads this, do not - for any reason - get any type of account at US Bank. They are the biggest 'legal' scam there is!

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  • Co
    Collin Jan 09, 2009

    US Bank charges $37.50 for every check paid (or returned) as an overdraft fee. I talked with them on the phone to complain and they said this is what it costs them to process the check or payment. It is done automatically by computer so I think I want to be a computer since I don't have to think and will get paid enormous amounts of money. When I complained that I have made a deposit on the same that that they charged me an overdraft fee, I was told that deposits are posted after 5:00 pm and only $100 is made available until final posting at midnight. Any check/debit that comes in before midnight will be charged an overdraft if there is not enough available in the account to pay it. So if you deposit $1, 000, only $100 is available until midnight. If a check/debit come in before midnight for $300, they will pay it but charge an overdraft fee based soley on the funds AVAILABLE in your account. If you deposit cash OR have an electronic deposit, the money 'may' be posted immediately (or - it may not). I think this is criminal of them to 'pay' debits BEFORE a deposit is credited. They don't even explain this when using the internet banking system. They have such misleading and not understandable accounting that you just can't tel how much money you truly have in your account at any one time (by line item). In today's economy, this can be a lot of money, especially if they charge you 3 or 4 times in one day. Is this today's greedy and corrupt world of finance and banking? Or just another way the a bank to make a fortune off their loyal customers? RIP OFF!!!

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  • Ar
    Arthur Feb 19, 2009

    About 3 months ago I started making a good deal of transactions between my bank, pay pal, and various other sources. A couple slight errors were made but were quickly fixed with a simple phone call, and a little conversation. The bigger problem started a month ago.

    I had sent $45, to my pay pal, to purchase some items for resell. The money never went to pay pal, instead seemingly vanished. The same evening, I used my bank card for another online transaction for $8, and a second for $5. Over the next couple of days, the payments were authorizing, which I was used to when checking my online account. I also keep a bank record of my own, but I enjoy the convenience of knowing when my payments went through so that I can anticipate my packages arrival date.

    About a week later, I had received no shipping confirmation, and emailed the companies I made my purchases from to make sure the order had not been canceled by mistake. Both companies informed me that they had not received the money from my bank, and thus assumed I had not sent payment yet.

    I called the bank the next day, and they told me that they did not send the money. I was confused because it was taken out of my account which they clarified themselves. They said they would correct it and I was content for the moment.

    I checked my account online again the next day, and noticed that I had been overdrawn, and couldn't understand why. I again called, and they explained they mistakenly took the money out of my account, and sent it again. Only they couldn't figure out where they put it, and it appeared that it had just been deleted. They said they would put the money back, send the original sum to the companies it needed to go to, and wave the overdraft fee. Fair enough, I let the bank do their job, and hoped for the best.

    I received an email from one of the companies a few days later, stating they still had not received payment. Once again I made a call to the bank, this time I received the same amount of help I would have gotten from from a fallen tree gathering moss. I asked her if the funds could be put back into my account, since it was never sent to the destination at hand, and simply taken out of my account. She told me no, and I quote 'we do not make practices of reimbursing funds, and it is not our affair.'

    I went to the main branch to close out my account, with a little over $7 in it, since they did not put all the money back that they said they would. They then informed me that they had frozen my account, and I could still close it out for a fee of $25, plus the overdraft fees, that 'THEY' caused.

    So now I have paid twice for things I will never get, and no one is the wiser of exactly where the money ended up, and I have a bank account that I can't use.

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  • Ba
    bajaskier Feb 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Haul teir sorry ### to small claims court!

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  • Ma
    Marcus Mar 01, 2009

    My employer had issues with direct depositing my paycheck (this was the first time in 1.5 years) so I had a check which I deposited in my account on Feb 12th. This posted to my account on Feb 13th. Well I made a pin based transaction at 12:07am on Feb 14th. I checked my account throughout the weekend and all was okay.

    On the 17th I had an overdraft charge of $37.50 so I called their 800 number and got a woman on the phone who could never tell my why my available balance was less than it should have been and she was very rude and would have been fired if she worked for me. I decided at this time that I was going to close my account down. I then called back and got a gentleman (who was much more pleasant than the first lady) and he told me that the reason that I had an overdraft was because of the transaction that had occurred on Saturday morning.

    Not understanding why they would charge me for a Saturday transaction when my check cleared on Friday I tried to get it from him and his response was that I had already called and spoken with somebody about this and that they had put a note on the account that it couldn't be removed so there was nothing that he could do.

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  • Ic
    icalg Mar 01, 2009

    If you have been ripped off by any of thes companies or any other company, people contact me at 800-682-3617. We are the Consumer Advocate Legal Group .

    We will file an action on your behalf to have your money refunded. You can also email us at [email protected] to file a claim aganist any company for us to start processing within 24 hours of receipt.

    We have be helping consumers for over 10 years that have been deceived out of funds via fraud. If you are sending us a email, please leave detail name and contact infomation.

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  • Me
    Melissa Mar 05, 2009

    I need to get this out in the open about how US bank is ripping off hard working people like me. I have been a US bank customer about 12 years and they have ripped me off for the last time. Last Thursday I checked my account online for the balance and it showed $-7.00 dollars because of three transaction from earlier in the week so on Friday I went into the bank and deposited $20.00 to stay current.

    While in the bank I asked the teller if I would be okay and not get any overdraft fees and she stated that my account was not charge yet for the $-7.00 or for the three other transactions and I would be fine because I deposited $20.00 dollars and I had a balance of $13.00 that would cover the three transactions showing.

    I then checked my online account saturday and there was two more charges from earlier in the week, I ran to the bank and deposited $110 check and then $170.00 cash by the ATM. My account showed the deposits and it looked like I was in the positive but it already showed three overdraft fees of $35.00 each. On Monday I looked at my account and it showed two more overdraft fee of $35.00 even with the deposits. Then came Tuesday and I was charged two more overdrafts of $37.50 plus a negative change of $24.00 total ripp off of $274.00.

    I am going to my credit union because when you use your debit card the money comes out of your account immediate not four days later. Stay away from US bank they are scheming on hard working people who live paycheck to paycheck.

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  • Vi
    Victoria Apr 24, 2009

    I received overdraft charges ( 4 of them )on my account and I called to question them about it because according to the on-line account there was money in the account.

    When I called the bank to talk with them about it, the first person pushed me off to someone else since she was already helping someone and this person was very abrupt and rude when trying to address this problem.

    He tried to explain to me that the overcharges occur because of a transaction after 9 pm on the fourteen of december, even though my account balance showing on line was sufficient to cover the amount I purchased. I had a direct deposit that went in the morning of the next day, yet the overdraft charges were posted for the 16th of december. When I brought this to his attention, he said they were pending on the fourteenth. If that is the case, why didn't they show up on my account as such.

    They have a sign that says all transaction after 3p will be posted to the next day, yet when I asked him about that he said it only applied to only in-bank transactions. Is this not falsely misleading the public.

    Also, if the charges that I am being charged overdrafts for are listed on the 16th how can they legally charge me overdrafts saying they were cleared on the 14th? What kind of business are they running.

    I will be pulling my business from there and looking else where. This is some scam they got running.

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  • Sh
    shawnzi Apr 24, 2009

    They did the same thing to me. I deposited cash into my account after three PM and they held it like they would a check for some reason. I was 18 and had no idea they had done it when I went to my brothers graduation out of town. I used my card at the ATM to get a hotel room and some food. On the way home I wrote a check for $50.00 for gas because I knew I would be able to put the fifty in when I got home and cashed my paycheck. When I got home, I owed a balance of around$150.00 over just the evening and next day. My online statement showed that I never went negetive unitl the negetive withdraw fee was taken from me, and then because it was actually negetive, they added another $35.00 negetive withdraw fee, and then their other fees and charges. Of course then I could not put the $50.00 for the check into the account, and incurred that charge as well as another negetive withdraw fee AND a bounced check fee. My account was up to over $350.00. US Bank finally agreed to return the fees from going negetive but refused to the cover the bounced check fee and other negetive withdraw fee. This put my account back down to about $150.00 for the fees and $50.00. I still refused to pay. I wrote a letter to US Bank disputing the charges, but at 18 years old didn't even think of getting a mail receipt and they magically never received my letter. Now Standley and Associates says I owe $981.00 They threaten to take my husbands wages because I am a stay at home mom, and then filed paperwork in the court, but the judge didn't grant them a judgement and I never received another letter from Standley and Associates or the court. They are still negetively reporting on my credit though (the only thing on my credit report) so I called them to try to get them to stop. Since then I have received harrasing and threatening calls every day saying that if it is not paid by the end of April they are going to take all of my husbands wages. They offered to settle for $600.00 but I am trying to get advice before I pay them. I am 23 now and a lot smarter, and tell everyone I know how horrible US Bank is.

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  • Gu
    guy10782 Apr 24, 2009

    If you would have kept a check book register and added your credits and subtracted all debits you would know how much money is in your account at all times. if you are relying on a website that by the way is only updated at certain times during the day, it sounds like your own fault not the banks. they probably could have handled it better but im sure you were the 10th customer calling with the same problem.

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  • Ab
    ABC1234 May 20, 2009

    I have been with us bank for 3 years and I Have HAD it they ripped me off for the last time too... I called them they said i had 95.00 in my savings I spent 90.00 they then the two days later i go online too check my account and i was overdrafted a total of 225.00. I am 19 years old trying to move up and out in life I have never had this problem with any other bank this has make paying my bills harder than ever... I cant pay my rent on time i cant pay my credit card because us bank has screwed me so much I am in collections at 19... I
    Will never EVER use this bank ever as soon as its all payed off it will be close my partents are closing there account and so are alot of ppl i know... they have the worest customer service.. they wont fixs anything and all they do is keep screwing up... YES stay far away from us bank they are such a scam

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  • Ph
    Philip Jun 13, 2009

    US Bank puts hold on even on cash. So even you have the cash funding there, it's like you do not have it. So they can start to charge you overcharge fee, ie $37.50 per traction, regardless how much the traction is. My son deposited $200 cash on two different occasions. So he has more than enough to spend, but with this $37.50 charge US Bank charged behind his back, even when he had $141.67 funding in his account US Bank charged him the $37.50 fee. After he deposited his second $200 cash would not prevent US Bank to charge him additional $37.50 twice for spending $4.64 and $7.77 respectively when he had $205.92 funding in his account because US Bank withheld his cash deposit again.

    I wen to the bank immediately after receiving this little post card coming in after five days later in the mail (by this time, US BANK already have charged you God knows how much), they have their ways to justify the charges. But I feel this has against the good faith law. Big company is the one in the position to set up those complicated rules and subjected to change without notice as we all know. I do not feel US Bank put themselves in the position to help their customers to prevent this kind of charges from keeping happening. They are more interested to defend themselves and having the attitude like ' Cats catches rats'. There times, the tellers told me this is 'how US Bank make money.'

    US Bank is the one deciding when your fund become available and US Bank is also the one let the transaction go through when they decided that you do not have fund available so US Bank can charge you. But the transaction is normally much less ( like my son's case only seven eleven, McDonald's) than the overdraft charge is. SO the bank said they have done you a 'favor'. let your transaction go through. One thing I questioned the Bank was when US Bank charges you such a high penalty, they do not email you nor send out any message through your internet message center. I guess by law, they had to notify you. SO this little post card arrived after so many days later, so US Bank can continue to charge you the $37.50/transaction plus $8.00/day in between. W ANd US Bank continues After I went to the bank yesterday, to my surprise, US Bank has charged two addition $37.50 as mentioned above to my son's account. So I understand how some people are ripped off badly.

    I have asked US Bank to set up some kind overdraft protection plan but the applications turned in and never got responses back.

    I talked to Lisa at 800 number last night. She was nice enough to waive one of the $37.50 off when we were still talking the line was cut off (I called three times last night, all three were cut off during conversation, ??) I will go in to the bank this PM to see if the manager would help me out. Or I will have to close the account, it's too worrisome to do business this way.

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  • Kv
    Kventin Jun 24, 2009

    I just switched to US Bank and now have realized that they make their credit card payment due dates 5 days earlier if you pay the balance in full and on time the month before. If you don't pay the entire balance you get an extra 5 days before it's due next month. This might be okay for people who can never pay the full amount, but in trying to be responsible and paying off my credit card every month I am forced to come up with the money 5 days earlier.

    This is especially a problem for people like me who get paid twice a month. The first check goes mostly to rent and the second goes mostly to pay off my credit card bill. Because it is now due 5 days earlier for paying the last month on time I am forced to not be able to pay it all (because I will get paid 3 days from when it's due).

    Maybe I'm crazy, but it doesn't seem right that their company can make your payment due 5 days earlier from paying ON TIME and IN FULL. It just doesn't make any sense to me and quite frankly feels like a way for them to make it harder to pay it off so they can charge you more interest fees.

    I have emailed and called customer service representatives about this and none of them can help me (so they say). They say that this is just how it is. Please let me know if this is actually not so unusual, as I could be over reacting.

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  • Pe
    peaceablenation Jun 26, 2009

    See my experiences posted. US bank has taken out almost 200.00 in 4 days and what you described appears to be the same issue Ive been dealing with. I am trying to find out if a class action suit is already in progress. If not, I aim to get one going. US Bank appears to be intentionally engaging in practices designed to create overdrafts by manipulating deposits, available funds and debit dates.

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  • Gr
    gregory pasrrott Nov 04, 2009

    Us bank raised my interest rate 1000% for NO reason !!! anyone know how to get help with this ???

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  • Jo
    Joberrty Jan 28, 2010

    US Bank rips off their account holders. Avoid US Bank.

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  • Se
    setnezy Apr 01, 2010

    Can't we start a class action suit against these theives?

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  • Se
    setnezy Apr 01, 2010

    If you're in me @ [email protected]

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  • Cl
    clint. Jun 01, 2010

    Yes, they more then likely found out that by shifting the due dates rather then have a set date generates more fees.

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  • Pe
    perfectlyfair Jul 03, 2010

    While no one deserves to be ripped off, I have found them to be fair and nice over the phone. They have always refunded fees for me even if it was a finance charge if there were any questions. This is on my free checking account by the way. They are reasonable. I was patient with them over the phone though. Sometimes kindness pays off, however there were a few times where the particular employee couldn't help. I didn't get mad though I just waited a day and tried again. I am continuing to do business with them only because of their overall respectfulness and willingness to work with me on fees when I find them unjust.

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  • VonBrumm Jan 27, 2011

    Let me guess, you over drew your account and think the bank should pay for it?

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  • An
    Angie-MadASHELL Jul 28, 2011

    This is the newest letter I had to send to U.S. Bank!

    Back in March I started the refinance process with U.S. Bank. I was very excited about refinance the principle of my loan; this was really going to help me on a month to month basis. Well after going through the entire process I was told “we can’t refinance your home, unless you come to closing with $19, 000”! Needless to say I don’t have that kind of money lying around and felt that U.S. Bank had taken complete advantage of me!
    Because I was so dissatisfied with U.S. Bank’s fraudulent banking/mortgage practices I was determine to locate a financial institution that would help me, I DID! On July 5, 2011 Baytree National Bank & Trust Co sent you all a check, which paid off my current loan. I was true to my word; I’m removing ALL of my accounts from U.S. Bank!
    Now I’ve learned that U.S. Bank is charging me a full month’s interest for July, how is this possible? U.S. Bank should only charge me through the 5th, not for the entire month. I do understand that some states allow U.S. Bank to charge a full month’s interest, however Illinois does not follow that rule. So as it stands U.S. Bank needs to figure out the interest rates through July 5th and refund me the rest.
    U.S. Bank continues to show me just how low and despicable your banking/mortgage practices are! I’ll be sure to post this new scenario on my blog and have my attorney follow up on the refund!

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