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Went in today to open up another account with US Bank which was going to be a business account and because of the horrible service decided to closed all accounts!! the assistant manager name Mamta Patel was so rude, I stood up from my seat and told her to close all accounts associated with US BANK. She had the nerve to refuse to give me my money. Which was all cash!!! I then had to demand my money which she still did not give me and close my account gave me half of it refuse to give me the rest. Beware of small banks like these because it is always a reason why they are small and have no customers. Will never do business again with them, she made a bad name for all of the US BANKS as far as I am concern.


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    geraldmcmahon Sep 21, 2012

    There has to be more to the story than what you wrote. Spill it.

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