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US Bank reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 12, 2006. The latest review Visa gift card fraud was posted on Apr 14, 2021. The latest complaint insurance department/customer service was resolved on Aug 13, 2018. US Bank has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 574 reviews. US Bank has resolved 117 complaints.

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US Bank Complaints & Reviews

U.S. Bank credit card

I have been a good customer of us bank and I missed one payment so they cut off my card. I submitted a payment as soon as I realized it but they still cut off my card and refused to reactive it until they get the payment. They can see that I have the payment set up to come out as soon as they process it. I won't do business with them ever again. I needed my card and it was the only payment that I have ever missed. And again they can see that I submitted a payment online and refused to re activate my card. Citi has never done me that way beforw

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    US Bank / US Bancorp — atm stole my debit card and 880 cash

    1900 1st Capitol Dr St. Charles, MO [protected] US Bank 10:50 PM | 9/12/18 (Deposit $880 - Increments 100'...

    US Bank / US Bancorplost title

    I paid off my auto loan on or about July 27. I first called US Bank to ask where by title was on August 6 or 7, and was informed that it would be sent out soon. On August 24 I still had not received the title, and called again. I was informed that there was some kind of mix-up and no one requested my release of title. At that time I was told that my title would be mailed in 3-5 days. Today, September 13, I still have not received my title, and was told by a loan banker that it was sent out on August 13 and that I should check my mail or go get a replacement from the DMV. I need US Bank to solve this issue and send me a clean title.

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      US Bank Fraud Dept. — fraudulent activity on my debit card

      On Aug. 29th. I filed a claim as there was activity on my acct. I was not responsible for. My card was not...

      US Bank / US Bancorp — destroyed debit card in atm

      Today Sept 6, 2018 at approximately 2:oo p.m at the US Bank Bellingham branch 4040 Meridian Street Bellingham...

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      US Bank / US Bancorpbusiness checking

      I became aware of an overdraft on my account. I called the local branch in Cookeville TN and talked to 2 Jessicas who informed me that if I made a cash deposit to cover the amount before the end of the day, the charge would go away. Only one item was over by 11.xx dollars but yet there were 2 overdraft charges. By the time I drove the hour to the nearest branch, 4 more transactions were showed as pending along with the 2 overdraft charges, one of which was erroneous.
      I put enough to cover all of the debits and $15 more.
      I was surprised to see that my account was $199 in the red the next morning!
      I was told I would have to talk to the branch manager where I opened the account, which is Emily in Piqua, Ohio, about 500 miles away.

      She was willing to return 1 and then 2 of the charges, which left 4 of them, totaling $144. I had 7 or 8 business days to bring the account to a positive, or there would be more charges.
      So, why did the deposit I made NOT cover the amounts that were pendiing?
      There is some new rule that I didn't know about (and Emily didn't care that I didn't know) and it would be good for all who read this to note: US Bank checking accounts are processed by taking the deposits first, then, ALL CHARGES AND BANK FEES NEXT, then the transactions pending.
      So, my deposit was eaten up by 2 overdraft charges and instead of the overdrafts going into the "pending" section, they were marked as "posted" so there was no way to deposit money to cover them.
      This is not the first problem I have had with US Bank who touts their "Most Ethical Bank" (Given by the Ethisphere institute, whose members obviously have never banked with US Bank or have ever been a customer) is anything but. If US Bank is the most ethical, the it indeed is the cleanest pig in the mud hole, and not saying much for the banks of America as a whole. I wonder who they would vote is the most ethical gangster?
      I will close my account with US Bank when it opens after the holiday. The $144 dollars is the last money they will get from me by cheating. It costs too much to sue them, and even then I would probable spend thousands just to get my $144 back, The Federal reserve needs documentation to make a move and the way the statement are from US Bank are not according to GAAP but holds and other transactions along with their fidelity in being recorded in the correct stream of time, disappear and they will not accept screen shots from your computer.
      The only option is to close the account and cease to do business with them.
      Brick and mortar banks make more money than any other business by using our money, yet they treat us with such disrespect. I am going to look for another bank, possibly online that is not so shady, playing shell games with my money and then not letting me have it and taking it and using fees as punishment and extorting more if the fees aren't paid. Who else can charge you $144 based on their own calculations and without negotiation or proof, playing by their own rules and giving you nothing in return, yet asks you to pay in 7 business days or they will add more charges?
      I was on a long business trip which used up the large deposit in the account, in case of you think I am whining over the NSF charges. I drove from Seattle to TN and had gotten in at 3 AM and still, I drove the 2 hour round trip to make sure my account didn't have an overdraft charge. They count it against you when they decide whether or not to hold a check you give them. It would be nice if all customers paid in cash so that the banks couldn't play with the money from checks, but now they have a rule that nobody else can deposit cash in your account. They say it is to protect us from money laundering, but it is really protecting the bank from doing it, not us. they threw the baby out with the bath water on that one.
      Banks are actually making themselves more an more useless to the average American.
      US Bank is useless to me and thank goodness, I don't have to put up with their extortion any longer!

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        US Bank / US Bancorp — business account

        I opened a business account in July 2018 at the Douglas Branch in Lees Summit, Missouri 64086 with Eric...


        US Bank / US Bancorpcredit card/ checking

        This company has a history of holding payments that are what they call authorized but not yet processed. For instance, I used my credit card to park at a lot however the lot does not charge right away it holds a $25.00 amount on your card and once you leave the lot will charge you based on the amount of hours you stayed. Today I called in to have two different charges released that were never processed. The first one was for 10 days ago the second from over a month ago, the rep was able to locate the first hold and after a 25 minute wait that was "released" (Still not posted to my account) the second purchase she was not able to locate. I asked to speak with a supervisor and as I am typing this my hold time is at 37 minutes. I am not sure if anyone else has had this problem but luckily I have enrolled in the text alerts so I know exactly when the hold was placed on my card and I also know that this amount has never been returned to me. I am so happy I only have this card for Child Support payments because their practices are really unethical. On several occasions I have had to call them to release MY MONEY that was never processed. I cannot imagine how many other card holders have had this happen.

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          US Bank / US Bancorp — bank account

          Jessica Franklin and Derek refuses to help because I'm a black man I asked them both to explain why I had a...

          US Bank / US Bancorpbusiness checking account application


          By the end of July, i worked with the banker Travell Williams at Lincoln park branch in Chicago to open a non-profit business checking account. After i provided documents, banker told method account can't be open for agent, but can be opened for the president of the organization, so i brought the president in. Travell assured me that he received everything he needed. Once the back office approves it, the account should be up and running. However, after 3 days, which is early august, i still didn't hear back from him.Starting from august 9th to august 27th, i called 5 times, left two voice messages, left messages to the bank teller, emailed the banker multiple times but received no response at all. On august 28th, the banker emailed me of the decision that the bank can't open the bank account due to the same issue- account can't be opened for agent. I emailed back asking why it is still an issue since i already brought the president of the organization to the bank in person but again, the email was ignored.

          Our organization values the product US bank provided for non-profit, was very excited to become a client. However, what happened was extremely inconvenient and disappointing. I don't believe this is how US bank wants to treat its client. I would like an explanation why my emails and calls are ignored and why the banker can't work with me but created so much inconvenience. I would love to work with US bank for the great product that it provides but seems it's difficult now.

          business checking account application
          business checking account application
          business checking account application
          business checking account application
          business checking account application

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            US Bank / US Bancorp — home mortgage loan

            We took out a home mortgage loan with US bank on our home. There was an extensive appraisal done on our home...


            US Bank / US Bancorpaccount I received did not match business acct.

            I opened a business account at US Bank at Douglas Square 1599 NE Douglas st.
            Lees Summit, Mo. 64086 with Eric Gossett (personal banker)
            I received a checking account number that was incorrect, not associated with my business account, I discovered this when I contacted bank about payment and that account was not associated with my business.
            I am not happy with this service and do not understand how this could happen
            I have not decided if I want to stay with US Bank after this, I have banked with US Bank for many years and have many accounts with you.
            I will be resolving this issue soon and decide what I want to do after that.
            This is delaying my pay for services rendered by about a month from my client.

            Marc A. Miles
            Miles Industrial Consulting Services

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              US Bank / US Bancorp — checking

              I have a student account for my son that we have had for about 3 years. He went to go withdraw money from the...

              US Bank / US Bancorpcredit card

              Here we go again, day number 3 since I posted my last review and still no resolution. I have received a call about my last post and was told that someone would contact me other then the fraud Dept. So I go to use my credit card again today mind you for the past 2 days I have not gotten to use it and the day before that I used it once, my card keeps getting shutdown because the "system suspects fraud" today was the 48th time to call over a 5 day period because of this issue and now I get told "give the card a rest" mind you for the record this card is NOT maxed out but I am extremely frustrated in the fact that I was told this I never once thought that I would have to call every single purchase I make in order to use the card and then get told I CAN'T use it when I need it that defeats the purpose of having a credit card and last I checked absolutely nowhere in the agreement was any of this mentioned. Also I would like to add that when you are charging 24% interest that I agreed to I expect that I should be able to use this credit card however I please and absolutely no bank should ever have the right to tell you when and where you can use your own credit card this is ridiculous and absurd and I will continue to post these reviews untill this is resolved.

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                US Bank / US Bancorpcredit card

                So here we are again I am going to continue making a complaint everyday until this gets resolved, so I get denied again this morning I called was on hold for 30 min just to get transferred and put on hold again finally speak to someone and they say that it's fixed and wait 5 min NO GOT DENIED AGAIN, so I call back wait on hold get transferred to the fraud Dept FOR the 40TH time in a 48 hour time period LITERALLY the 40TH time I then have to answer more verification questions AGAIN and to my surprise is actually worked ONE TIME, I then get denied again so what do I do? I call back on hold for 40 MINUTES ANSWER THE SAME QUESTIONS and of course doesn't work of course I get a different story every time I call this story was it's a new card and it has to get my SPENDING HABITS, NEWS FLASH I have to call every transaction what spending habits, so I call again tonight WHILE TRYING TO PURCHASE GROCERIES, I STOOD AT THE SELF CHECK OUT REGISTER FOR 42 MINUTES ON HOLD AND WAS TRANSFERRED 3 TIMES and literally got told THAT THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO mind you this is the second night in a row that I had a basket full of groceries AND MY AUTISTIC SONS MEDICATION and was told to try again tomorrow I HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR ONE WEEK AND THIS IS HOW I AM TREATED, I would also like to add that I made a complaint yesterday on this and received 0 call to resolve this issue, obviously my business means nothing to you I have spent over 15 HOURS on the phone LITERALLY and there has been no attempt to resolve this nobody has reached out, I am giving this until tomorrow morning or I am going to find other ways of making sure that this type of buisness is being done and will not stop until I get a resolution.

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                  • Updated by Chris cox · Aug 20, 2018

                    I have never delt with this much chaos kver a credit card I have e called literally 33 times in a matter of 48 hours each time I called was because I was denied purchase and everyone I spoke to was not helpful to the slightest. The last time I called I had a basket full of groceries just to get denied again I then call wait 15 minutes on hold just to get told that I have to wait till the following day to use the card because of holds for fraudulent charges you would think after calling 33 times this would not be an issue, then to top it all off I get told it could be like this for the next 60 days. I literally got a different excuse every time I called I was also told sorry we cannot override the charges for 60 days I can't believe this crap this is wrong on so many levels I am veteran with both legs missing and I have been treated like total crap the only reason why I got this card was to get my VA home loan none of this was put in writing and I keep getting told all this crap but have yet to get one fraud notice emailed or text I am beyond pissed off.

                  USBank.com — poor customer service from paddy/ nicholas diaz

                  Two whom it may concern - my name is richard I am from fraud prevention team of flights services inc we are...

                  Missouri Valley

                  US Bank Cedarville Ohio — deposit not credited to account

                  Bailey Justice deposited $400 in cash in the ATM on Sunday 8/12, received a receipt for the $400, but it...


                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  US Bank Home Mortgageinsurance department/customer service

                  To whom it may concern,
                  I am writing this complaint as an employee of the bank to lay out how extremely disappointed I am in my own company's insurance department. On 6/18/2018 the sewer of my newly purchased home backed up into my finished basement; I immediately called my insurance company to file a claim. We arranged for a restoration group to come out within a few days and plumbers followed shortly after. I collected estimates and received insurance approval, to which the insurance company sent me an initial check in the amount $19, 012.68 to pay for the first half of the planned repairs. My wife took the insurance check into a local branch on 7/12 to ensure that the funds could be deposited before we planned any of the restoration and plumbing work. She specifically asked questions about how to deposit this check so that we could use the money to pay the companies that we had lined up with estimates. At that time the teller accepted and deposited into our savings account. Without being told there were issues we verified the funds were in the account on 7/13 and we scheduled the plumbing repairs for 7/20.
                  On 7/16, without contacting me at any time, US Bank pulled the funds out of my savings account and started a returned check process because of the local branch's error of not endorsing the check correctly. Again, I want to make this clear that US Bank made an error, never even contacted me about the error or the return of the[removed] check, and charged me a fee for their error. I didn't realize that these funds had been removed until 7/20 when I went to pay the plumbers for the work that they had already completed on the house. I wrote a check and immediately went into my account to transfer funds only to realize that not only had US Bank removed the [removed], they also put a 15k hold on all other funds in my savings account I then had to call customer service to acquire what was going on with my account. At this point, I've bounced a check to the plumber due to the hold on our savings account (which customer service advised they had no control over) stopped me from being able to cover the check with the funds that were previously in my savings account. Despite the ordeal, customer service assured me to remediate the situation I just needed to bring my returned check (which they needed to reissue and mail) into the branch and have it endorsed by USBHM.
                  I received the check 3 days later. On 7/23, My wife and I took time off work to bring our insurance check into our local US Bank branch to deposit the funds into our savings to make up for the payment I made to the plumbers previously. We brought all of the appropriate paperwork (including estimates, the insurance claim from our insurance company, our mortgage information, the check, etc.) and after waiting for more than 35 minutes in the lobby, we met with Leigh Foster (Sales and Service Manager II). After several attempts with different departments Leigh connected with someone in the insurance department. The insurance agent asked us some questions, and to the complete opposite of what we were told on 7/20, informed us that we must enter an insurance program at the bank in which we had to compile a packet of information from the contractors and plumber (whoever will be working on the house) and also have an air test completed until the funds will be made available. My wife immediately stepped outside to contact our contractor and see if we already had an air test completed. He informs us that we had not previously had an air test completed due to the fact he has never had to complete one at the request of a bank. We share this with Ms. Foster and her response was "Yeah…He's definitely lying to you because all mortgage companies follow this same process". This was an incredibly inappropriate comment since Ms. Foster does not know our contractors and they have been recommended by our insurance company.
                  Neither Ms. Foster, nor the employer from the insurance department expressed any genuine empathy to our already stressful situation. Unfortunately, we felt that Ms. Foster was condescending and we were very disappointed with the entire local branch experience. However, we were being told that if we wanted to use these funds we had no choice but to submit the funds to US Banks insurance department so that they can send the funds back out. We attempted to express that we needed the funds to have the air test completed, so we could not documentation for a test that we did not have the funds to pay for. We were repeatedly told, "This is policy." At this point, we have bounced a check to one of our contractors, our account is frozen, and we have no way of getting the work done to fulfill the requests of the bank. Since there are no other options we enter the insurance process and have US Bank send a package to us about the documentation that we need to collect. It was then we were told insurance department could not mail out the packet through overnight mail so, we were unable save ourselves precious time in this process. The insurance department calls me the day after our visit to tell me about the documentation that I am missing on a packet that I haven't even received yet. Expecting to receive the packet 3-5 business days after our conversation on Monday, we learn several days later that it wasn't even mailed until Wednesday of that week. Each step of this process proves that our time and livelihood are of no concern to anyone assisting us from US Bank.
                  We were forced to use a credit card to pay the plumber, who expected payment at time of service, putting our family in an extremely unstable financial situation. We finally receive the packet on 7/31 (more than 1 week after our visit to the branch). There is no mention about any air test which was a huge reason the insurance department employee said we needed to complete the paperwork I called back on 8/2 to ask what documentation is needed to get reimbursed for the [removed] that I've already paid to the plumbing company so that they could complete their work. The only way to submit documents electronically is through a website. How is it possible that it takes 3 business days to verify that electronically submitted documents are received? Finally, on 8/6 I call back in to verify that my paid invoice to the plumbing company has been received to open an exception for our claim and have a check sent to me. The individual at that time tells me that everything looks good and an exception will be entered. After trying to be patient for the 3-5 day window for the exception review process, I called back on 8/9 to request an update only to learn that an exception was never opened on 8/6 and I would have to wait another 5 business days for the exception committee to decide whether to approve the funds be disbursed to me.
                  As an employee, I have heard our vision of being "customer obsessed" as a company. As a customer who has trusted this company with my mortgage, my livelihood and my family, I have experienced a process that is cumbersome, slow, frustrating, unnecessarily complicated and honestly, devoid of human compassion. Time and time again through this process, it has been my responsibility to move the process forward and ensure what has been promised to me is actually happening. It should be US Banks first priority to make sure I have what I need and actually communicate with me every step of the way. Time and time again, I am losing days and weeks to a process that, at the end of the day, is keeping my home from being fixed and my family from having the resources they need. Unfortunately, this has made me feel as though the process is more important than the people and I also feel have no other choice but to move my funds elsewhere. I am unsure of where the end to the process is and my family is suffering while US Bank attempts to figure out what is expected of us. I would appreciate any insight you have regarding this complaint and hope that this can be corrected soon.
                  Acct Number Ending - [removed]
                  Claim Number - [removed]

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                    US Bank / US Bancorpcustomer service representatives

                    Every time I speak to a customer service representative about my car loan, I am given different and conflicting information. I was told for months by several representatives that I did not qualify for a hardship which put my account behind. Then another representative called and stated I was told wrong the whole time! But by then I couldn't apply because of the account being past due. The next representative I spoke to, said that one was wrong and told me wrong information. The representatives are rude and condescending, often interrupt or speak over you, and do not note information correctly when speaking to you. Even the manager I've spoken to couldn't provide me with consistent information and was rude and disrespectful. I can't get a straight answer from anyone, and they blame it on me.

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                      US Bankbusiness account

                      I opened a business account. I went to deposit money to send a wire. As soon as I mentioned Nigeria I was asked to come back tomorrow. I explained when I opened my account what my business is. I didn't need the third degree. I was basically refused. I took the cash and wired the money from another account without a problem. Then I had a deposit in the account. I went a few days later for a cashier check. I was asked to come back tomorrow. I was like what? About 10 minutes later I was handed a cashier check and my account was closed. Now that is how to get out of working. No reason. But that is okay. Taught me before I had hundreds of thousands in the account.

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