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U-Haul International  -  Vehicle died in intersection 1 mile, yes 1 miles and they did nothing

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I reserved a u-haul for one way drop off for $170. I drove the vehicle around the corner (.1 miles) and it stalled out in the middle of a 4-way stop. It would not stay started at all. I called the rental place and was told we cant have anyone run down to check on it but then showed up with gas (and it had 1/4 of a tank) he then tried repeatedly to start it and of course it didnt. Looked under hood, then said man i'm sorry you need to call the u-haul roadside which I then did.
After 25 min on hold I was told someone would be therein 60 min even though I was in the middle of an intersection. One hour and 45 minutes later I get a call from a tow company asking if I needed a jump - start? What I stated the vehicle wouldn't turn over. He then said call the roadside again which I did, on hold again another 30+ minutes. Told she was placing me on hold for just a few minutes. 37 minutes later no one came back on. I hung up thinking I had been disconnected, called again while having to wait. Now 3.5 hours in on side of road. Tow truck showed up at 6:30pm. I told the rental company I needed a vehicle before 5:00 when they were scheduled to close as I had a scheduled move at 10 am in the morning. The rental company said sorry nothing I can do. I then had to search for another company to get a u-haul from since at this point I did not have any other options. I ended up paying $380+ for the new u-haul and had to have it returned by the afternoon the next day in the city in which it was reserved in (very inconveinient) this is complete fraud and not legal as I paid for the first vehicle without even getting around the corner from where I picked it up. I want my money back from the first truck that should have never even been charged to me. And I feel I should be refunded for the second rental since it was the incompetency of your company that lead to this mess.

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