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overcharged then almost assualted me when I called him on his scam

On mar 18, 2010 my mother and I rented a uhaul from verde vally uhaul located at 27 west gen crook trail camp verde, az 86322. We rented a 17ft truck and returned it the same afternoon. When we returned the truck your worked told us we drove the truck for 47 miles and was going to charge us for that mileage. We then told him that has to be a mistake. He looked at the paperwork again and then changed it to 36 miles. Which was also incorrect as the storage we drove the truck to is less then 5 miles away from your store. While only making one trip. (Her house is less then 5 miles from the store as well)

Your worker insisted the computer never lies and that's too bad as this is what the odometer read. We tried to explain to him the route we took and that there is a mistake somewhere. He put his feet on the table and reminded us the computer never lies and to pay the money. He then said he has been doing this for 13 years and refused to listen to us. I then asked him if he has been ripping people off for the 13 years. He then stood up and briskly walked over to me in a very confrontational/threatening manner and told me to 'get out'. He slammed the door at my face as I was walking out almost hitting me. Lucky for me I moved out of the way. Actually lucky for him and uhaul as I have no issues filing assualt charges against him and your company. Not to mention fraud charges. I felt he was trying to injure me. If he did manage to do what he wanted to do, the force would have bruised my face and probably broke the skin on my face as well. I was this close on calling the police for the overcharge and assualt. I should have.

I went to the car and waited. 10 minutes later my mother and your worker come out to tell me he made a mistake in the math and did overcharge us. Apparently the owner wrote down the wrong number from the odometer when we picked up the truck in the morning and did finally corrrect his mistake. Come to find out we did only drive 17 miles. Which is far from the initial 47 then 36 miles he was overcharging us for. Lets just make up numbers shall we?!?

Is this what it takes to make sure your company is honest?

  • VonBrumm Jan 27, 2011

    EVERYBODY HAS bad days at work. Even you and me. No one's perfect. It's human nature. You rubbed him the wrong way as I see it. Should have let him hit ya, both you and your attorney would have been laughing all the way to the bank. People need to learn patience. Instead of jumping all over each other. That guy especially.

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I rented truck from a u-haul agent on centennial ave. in cranford, nj and was overcharged. I drove the truck 2 miles within the same town I rented the truck from and was charged for putting over 180 miles on the truck. The truck was returned within four hours of renting. The following day the truck was rented by someone else and u-haul never checked the mileage. They are giving me a hard time getting my refund. This is theft. Do not use this rental agency unless the manager is available to clock you in and out and double check the mileage.

  • Ch
    charle82 Apr 29, 2010

    I just had the same instance last week. I rented the truck from a woodbridge, VA location and they were very nice people to deal with, an I got the truck for "One Way Rental". They gave me an initial 34Miles and then additional 16Miles which gives me the total of 50Miles. I went from the Uhaul location at woodbridge to the place where i'm moving from and that was 5.3Miles and it was around 2:42 pm; I loaded up everything that needs to go to my Hayattsville MD apartment (Ex: Large furniture). I finished loading around 7:48 pm and headed to Hayattsville and it was around 36Miles (taking 395 and going through DC New York Ave etc...) so the total so far is lets say around 42Miles. From there I parked the truck at the loading dock which took me an hour to reach and went to have dinner because I skipped lunch and I had no more strength on me and needed to rest. I got back from Outback around 10 pm and started unloading my belongings and the loading dock wasn't a typical one that is close to the elevator, but it was more of a MAZE and had to walk a lot to get to the freight elevator. I was done unloading probably around 2:11 AM and before I dropped off the truck I put together a couple of things like the bed, tables etc... and was on my out to drop off the truck around 3:03 AM and did the overnight drop off at the Takoma Park, MD location around 3:20 A.M and it was 3.1Miles away from my MD apartment. Overall I did around 46-47 Miles and still was below the allowance and after a week I checked my bank account and I found out that they I had driven 160Miles and was overcharged. Can you believe that??? I bet you can, and this was my first time renting a truck of any sort. I called and filed a claim and I got a call back from someone the same day and to my surprise she said they will not issue a refund for the overcharge because I have driven all those miles even though I have rented the truck "One Way" and because it was an overnight drop off they can pretty much do whatever they want because there is no one there to see the truth except me and GOD. It is really disappointing to see how low and desperate people are getting to make a quick buck. Just Imagine I didn't have the funds for the overcharge which was close to $50 and then end up with an overdraft fee and so on... Now I'm waiting for the lovely lady who ruined my day to fax me over the paperwork for the odometer reading of the next person who rented the same truck, I wouldn't be surprised to see some foul play because as I said "people would do anything for a quick buck". I think there should be a better system to this overnight drop off box S**T because being taken advantage of is not something pleasing and I'm the type of person who tries to do everything accordingly and truthfully. Even if you take the truck to the drop off location and take pictures of the odometer and record it on a piece of paper they will have the opportunity to take advantage because there is no proof, they could say well you take the picture and then continue driving and there are so many excuses and UHUAL can have their way. The Lovely lady told me "Why didn't you drive it and handed it to someone when they are open??" Then why do you have those overnight Key Drop off boxes and on top of that I forgot my GPS windshild mounting thing as well. I will rent again from UHaul but for all of you out there do not trust or go with the overnight drop off box option because they will eat you up alive.


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three stranded incidents across country trip

Jessica please see that this is given to joe shoen for his eyes only! Thank you. Mr. Joe shoen, I would...


bad customer service

Very Bad customer service!! Never rent UHAUL. Use other companies. I was double charged, it took me 2 days to...

terrible service

I will never rent from UHaul again. If I need a trailer, I will buy one and sell when I am done. The last time I reserved a truck, I got a phone call on the day of my move. I had to drive 40 miles to pick one up, even though there was a dealer in town. The truck broke down. I was left at a fleabag hotel. It was 9:00 pm the next day before the truck was fixed. After I got back on the road, Iwas pulled over because the tail lights on the UHaul trailer were not working. Before I returned the truck, the brakes and power steering were begining to fail. I was not fully reimbursed for the hotel room. They will only pay $50. Never mind the fact that they chose the hote. Then I was charged for extra miles that I would not have driven if the piece of junk had not been towed 40 miles in the wrong direction. If that was not bad enough, the uhaul employee said, "Of course these trucks break down. Renters don't treat them very well." In other word, it was my fault. Then, when I complained, I was offered $100 worth of uhaul junk. The breakdown would not have been so bad if I had not been treated so badly.

  • Valerie Sep 19, 2008

    I rented the truck on 3/31/08 and the truck had shifting problems and it caused some damages to some very valuable things of mine. I reported it to the person in charge at the uhaul place and they refusing to compensate me for my merchandise damaged. I filed a complaint with the insurance Co and it's been months and I have not gotten any satisfaction from the Ajuster.

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  • Vi
    vic Oct 20, 2008

    To whom it may concern,

    I have used U Haul for many years without any problems. This last move I used the additional service of hired help to load the truck. Once I reached my destination and unloaded the truck, I was shocked at all the damaged to my furniture...which is brand new and the total damage of so many priceless belongings I have owned for years, as well.
    I called to complain about these damages and spoke to a Mr. Bell, who told me to photograph all of these damages, which I have...but I am still unable to connect with someone to continue with what needs to be done. Mr. Bell gave me this address to [email protected] This is for apartments.
    Then he gave me this addy: Big Newton Movers, PC, Fl.
    The truck was leased on September 25. I initially paid $225 for two men to load the truck. I had every boxed, things taken apart like the bed and everything stored in the living room to save time. I ended up having to pay these guys another $85 in cash and a check for $225.
    Their payment code was 468408.
    The number I have been trying to connect is 866-748-4110...without success.
    Would you please help me in directing me who I can connect with to take care of my damages. I paid for the insurance and this was verified my U Haul.
    You may write me to the address stated above.
    Thank you.

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  • Al
    alicia27 Dec 15, 2009

    Please go to Directcomplaint.com and file the car/truck rental COMPLAINT FORM. I had very similiar problem when I MOVED this past summer. Its already hard to begin with they should be there for us! anyways, go to this website, register for free! and file a complaint for $5, it gets sent directly to the business and you can select any remedy you want, I got a check for $75, better than nothing! and you get to vent, believe me it feels soooo good!
    good luck!

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horror story

We rented a 26' truck from U-Haul, one month prior to our scheduled move from New York to Dallas on November 28 2009. I had made all the arrangements with the movers and my husband had made an arrangement to buy a car in Dallas on the day of our arrival. The people who are selling us their car were moving to another state but they've decided to wait for a couple of more days until we arrive so that they can sell their car. On Friday at 5pm (about 15 hours prior to the scheduled delivery time, and right after everything closes) U-Haul gives us a call to say that they don't have a truck for Saturday but we can get it for Sunday. We are moving from an office building and the freight elevators on Sunday are closed unless you make prior arrangements. Friday at 5pm we had no time to make these arrangements and now our move is automatically scheduled for two days later which is the Monday right after Black Friday weekend where it will be impossible to park the truck near the freight entrance because of the volume of delivery trucks on busy Monday mornings.

I have looked at uhaul reviews on the internet and saw that many people posted similar comments. I should have looked at those before. I hope someone else reads this before making their decision with U-Haul.

flooded stoge bends

On 11/01/09 I Reggie Herring was phoned by one of U-Hauls representatives during their closing hour...

bait and switch scam

U-Haul should be prohibited from even using the term "Customer Service." Their customer service reps are arrogant, rude, argumentative, grossly incompetent, unhelpful and, frankly, the dumbest bunch I've ever dealt with. U-Haul has no hiring standards. If there were justice in the world, this company would be out of business.

The customer is always wrong, you appear to be bothering these people by calling, you have to call twice to confirm even the slightest information and you are more likely to be insulted than helped.

Do a favor to those companies that actually care about their customers. Please don't rent from companies like U-Haul.

  • VonBrumm Jan 27, 2011

    ANYONE renting from these company's, is most likely being EVICTED OUT of their residential Apt or duplex unit. Most people living in condominiums or owner's of small homes,
    CAN afford to pay 'legitimate moving company's' to move their belongings for them.

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flawed review system do not trust it!

I received from my review email from movinghelp.com a partner Of U-Haul for moving help & labor for "Carolina Moving Labor Company" of Charelston SC so I could leave a review for this lame company. Well I posted a bad review & guess what it did not show up on the moving help website for these cracker jack truck loaders.

You want to know why?? The company changed their name to "The Moving Crew" after I complained to the manager and said I was going to post a bad review and his answer in a cocky voice was I quote "blog all you want to honey" . So here I am!

I called Moving Help a partner with U-Haul and was told the bad review will still be on "Carolina Moving Labor Company's" record but will not show up n the "Carolina Moving Labor Company" review page which is currently still up & running even because of a so called name change. I was also told by Moving Help that all the company's featured on their website any business can change their name at anytime for any reason.

I said this is a flawed review system I hired Carolina Moving Labor Company" because they were at the top of the page as top rated with nearly 100% good reviews. So there is no way to knowing if you hired responsible labor help because if you complain to the offending company they just change their name at will. Because of this loophole people are being scammed by Moving Help a partner with U-Haul into thinking the review system is on the up & up.

By the way compare the photos of my packed truck & furniture at http://blufox51.xanga.com/ to the photos on Carolina Moving Labor of Charleston SC advertisement at http://www.carolinamovinglaborcompany.com/

Note none of my Antiques nor any of my furniture was shrink wrapped and their neat & orderly photo of a packed organized truck compared to how they loaded my truck for a 900 mile trip.

  • Bu
    Burned in SC Jul 19, 2010

    U-Haul has always sucked, unless you have a friend working there.

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  • Im
    IMS Richmond Sep 03, 2011

    Movinghelp.com is a 100% joke. Anyone who has internet access can get onto movinghelp.com and provide "moving services" through them. They perform no type of background check or any other check for sercurity. You never know who will be entering your home to assist you with your belongings. Trust me when I say pay the little bit of extra money to hire a real moving company.

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  • Cw
    CWS805 May 03, 2015

    We ordered loading help through U-Haul. Our house had already been moved and we had only 12 items left in an empty house. The house is on flat ground 15 feet from the street with no stairs. We ordered a fifteen foot truck to make the loading easy. A ten foot truck or an 8 foot trailer would have sufficed. The Moving help ordered through U-Haul. The website states Powered by U-Haul. The U Haul site does talk about using them for a "safe" move. This was not the case.

    The helpers showed up almost a full three hours late. No notice no call. Just late. This puts us three hours behind schedule on a 8 hour trip. They took 2.5 hours to load 12 items. The professional movers loaded half the house in two hours. The men on site then demanded an extra hours pay in cash. When my daughter, who was alone at the house, refused, they threaten her with physical harm and got within inches of her face. She ran inside and locked the door until they left.

    I called U-Haul customer service. Can't help this is not U-Haul. But wait I ordered it on a U-Haul site. The site says, powered by U-Haul. But U-HAUL ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THESE ACTIONS! Called regional center. Nothing U-Haul can do. Tried to call Moving help. No numbers. Used Moving Help Chat. Sorry call the police. Sorry no refunds.

    Horrible awful people fronted by U-Haul. For shame!

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  • Bg
    BGgirl Jul 16, 2015

    I hired MASIO FREEMAN at East Atlanta Moving Labor Services through the website www.movinghelp.com (powered and referred by Uhaul), and it was a horrible experience. The owner told me the movers were experienced; -but they were not. Two young kids 'claiming to have 4 years of experience' packed the trailer light in front, heavy in the back. So heavy - the tires were flatted. At 35mph the trailer fish tailed so bad I almost crashed. In order to get to my house closing in another state, I had to park the trailer at a Uhaul lot and leave it for 5 days, pay extra charges for the days, hire men to unload it, pay for a storage unit, hire more people to re-pack again so that I could move. Over $400 out of pocket and two weeks of delay getting my things moved out of state. I called the owner Masio Freeman that morning and told him what had happened. His reply "we are not responsible". I filed a complaint /resolution request with movinghelp.com You can't call them, you submit a request for resolution - and the owner replies. There is no customer service from movinghelp.com and it became quickly obvious that the owner of the moving company knows how the system works. After corresponding 3 times, the site ask "is this matter resolved click YES or NO". If you click NO then a box comes up saying "once you close this complaint it is considered to be resolved". I went back and clicked NOT RESOLVED again - and the site is a dead end with the same remark forcing you to either close the case as resolved, or closing it for you if you don't reply - and the site does not allow you to reply. What a JOKE. No calls allowed and there is NO comment added anywhere on the site to alert others that this company is a scam. I sent a request to speak to someone at Moving Help and the email was rejected. Realizing I had been ripped off by both companies, I called American Express (who does offer customer service), and filed a claim against the charge because I did not receive the services I paid for. Next time, I'll hire a professional moving company and/or look for deals through GroupOn. If you're not satisfied with the service or a deal from GroupOn, they make it right.

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refuse to rent trailers

U-Haul discriminates against Ford Explorer owners and refuses to rent trailers to them. I e-mailed Ford, and they e-mailed back:


Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding U-Haul's Ford Explorer Rental Trailer Towing.

U-Haul International's policy to exclude the Ford Explorer from being an authorized tow vehicle is a concern. Since the Mountaineer is an authorized tow vehicle, their policy is not a result of any functional issues about the vehicle's ability.in fact, U-Haul issued a field bulletin to its dealers that stated: "this policy change was not related to any safety issues." Ford management will be meeting with U-Haul in the near future to discuss their policy.

  • Bu
    bullet888 Sep 26, 2009

    U Hauls policy is not to dicriminate against Ford Explorer owners. I don't know where you get this. Back a few years ago Ford Explorers were rolling over because of the faulty tires they came with(Firestone?). U Haul sent out a memo to all their centers and dealers stating that Ford Explorers are no longer able to pull U Haul trailers for the safety of the public. I have printed out and read this memo to many customers and most are fine with the policy. Would you want to risk your families safety?

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scam and lies

On July 9, 2009, I agreed to pay $98.14 to rent a 6’ X 12’ U-Haul trailer from EZ Storage in Killen to haul furniture to Mobile, AL. I picked it up on Thursday and was scheduled to return it July 12, 2009. On the return trip to Killen, we were on I-65, approximately an hour out of Mobile, when the trailer came off the hitch around 2:30 P.M. We pulled over and were able to get the trailer off the interstate; however, the break on the trailer was now up, and we were unable to put it down, so it could be reattached to the hitch.

I had purchased insurance for the trailer during the July 9, 2009 transaction, so I called the hotline for help. The hotline customer service representative (HCSR) took our information, as well as the location of the trailer on I-65, which was between County Road (1) & (61) between the Atmore & Perdido exits. The HCSR said it would take 30 minutes to call us back, and when she did call back she told us she was sending a wrecker from Pensacola, FL. I told her that was a long way to come and asked her if she could find anyone closer to us. She said she would try, but called back to let us know J&J was the closest. When the tow truck showed up around 5:30p. m., more than three hours after the accident, we discovered that the harness extension (wire to the lights) was severed when the trailer came off, so we could not haul the trailer anymore because the lights would not work. The tow driver said he would haul it back to Pensacola and take care of it. I called the hotline to let them know J&J had taken the trailer.

On Monday, July 13, 2009, I took the appliance dolly back to EZ Storage. I told the owner what had happened. He told me he was sorry. About an hour later, he called me at work to tell me that my Visa account had been charged $1, 090.05. I could not believe what he was telling me. I asked him what the charges were for, but he didn’t know, so he gave me the number for the Mobile U-Haul Regional office (800-63...). I immediately called and talked to Chuck at the Mobile U-Haul Regional office, and he told me it was a towing and rental fee. That same day I called and talked to Connie at U-Haul Customer Service (800-78...), Ray Poole, EA (205-97...), and Stan Hannon at Republic Western (800-52... Ext.226), which is the Insurance Co. No one could give me any answers.

On Tuesday, Chuck at the Mobile U-Haul Regional office sent me the charges - a $292 rental fee and a $722 cleaning fee, plus $76.05 in taxes. I then called Stan Hannon at Republic Western Insurance. He told me to talk to the U-Haul Mobile office again and get a break down of the two charges. I called and talked to Chuck at the Mobile U-Haul Regional office and told him I wanted a breakdown of the charges. He told me those were the charges. I told him that I wanted all papers dealing with my incident, the tow charges, etc. He said he would try and get them for me. I told him it should not be too difficult that it should be all right there in a file in his office.

On Wednesday, July 15, 2009, I called J&J, the tow company and asked Dan, the owner, for a quote on a car being towed on a flatbed from Pensacola to Mobile. He quoted a flat rate of $225, and said it was good any day of the week, but there would be an additional charge of $25 after 6:00 P.M. I had him fax the quote to me. I also went on MapQuest and mapped the distance from Pensacola to I-65 which was around 60 to 65 miles, the same distance it is from Pensacola to Mobile! I called EZ Storage and told the owner, and he said he would investigate, but was told by someone at U-Haul to stay out of it – he would not say who this person was. However, he did give me a quote of $194.00 for leaving the trailer in Mobile, which included a $157 rental fee, $32 for insurance and an additional tax/fee of $5.

Thursday, July 16, 2009, I still had not received any papers from the Mobile U-Haul Regional office, so I called Chuck, who was not in; however, I did talk to Jim Bean and told him I wanted the papers. He said he would see what he could do and get back to me, but that Chuck was handling my case. He never got back to me.
On Friday, July 17, 2009, I called Chuck at the Mobile U-Haul Regional office to ask about the breakdown, and he still did not have it ready. He finally called me and sent me the details by fax late that afternoon. After getting the papers, I called him back to talk about the towing and wiring charges, but Chuck had already left for the day. That same day, I called and talked to U-Haul Customer Service again, and they directed me to the U-Haul Birmingham office. I talked to Brenda there, but she was not able to help me either. After getting the breakdown of charges, I called Dan at J&J, too. I told him he was over charging for the towing and the wiring. He had quoted me $225 for a 60 mile tow any day of the week. Now he was charging $548 for approximately the same distance, plus he was charging for wiring the whole trailer when only the harness extension was cut.
On Monday, July 20, 2009, I talked to Chuck at the Mobile U-Haul Regional office and asked about the rental fee of $292. He said it was a two-way fee. I told him I wanted a breakdown of this fee, but have yet to receive one.

On Tuesday, July 21, 2009, I talked to U-Haul Customer Service again. They looked up my account and noted that I had taken out insurance, so they told me to call Stan at Western Republic again. I then called and talked to Stan and he said that he would talk to some other people and would get back to me on Wednesday morning.
Wednesday, July 22, 2009, Stan at Western Republic did not call; however, I called Stan twice and left messages.

Thursday, July 23, 2009, Stan at Western Republic did not call, although I called him twice and left messages.
Friday, July 24, 2009, Stan at Western Republic did not call, although I called him again and left messages.
On Monday morning, July 27, 2009, I still had not heard from Stan. I called U-Haul customer service again and was told to call Western Republic. I called Western Republic and asked for someone else to help me. I was put on hold and then told Stan would get back to me today. Stan did call back approximately two hours later. He said he thought that maybe there was something they could do and he would get back to me.
The rental fee, towing and repair charges are usurious! I bought the insurance recommended by U-Haul and should only have to pay the original bill of $98.14, since the insurance I bought covers any accident that might happen. The fact that the trailer came off and was unable to be returned to our car because it had no lights is not my fault, nor should I be responsible for the costs incurred to haul it, repair it, or return it to the location where it was rented.

  • Cr
    C R Jaynes Dec 10, 2010

    Not certain if the person who posted this will see this request, but if so, please email me at [email protected] I am currently in litigation against UHaul for selling personal belonging from unit rented from them and appreciate the post showing my claims of Stan Hannon failing to call back despite repeated requests. Would like to hear more of your story. Hope this was settled for you satisfactorily.

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50.00 charge on debit card

The u-haul customer service worker at 4600 w. colonial drive orlando, fla. 32808 phone [protected] charged my debit card that. was to be used only to reserve a truck for an aquaintance. I had asked if anything could be charged to me and was told my card would have to be swiped for any additional charges. i was told that the truck was not picked up on the 3rd. as agreed. i have the reservation #[protected] and the pick-up date as [protected].therfore there should not have been any cancellation charge at all .-U-Haul took my money for no reason, ,

  • Me
    Melissa L Aug 22, 2009

    So you want to rent a truck (for someone else) and no one picks it up on the scheduled date? And you think they wouldn't charge you? Um, that's not how it works, as far as I know! When you make a reservation they put that "item" (or truck) basically on hold for you. So they make sure its available for your use on a certain date. The companies have to charge you a fee for not abiding by the rules. If you don't pick it up, or call in to cancel the reservation than it's your lose otherwise they would be loosing more business, when they could have rented the truck out to someone else! Don't blame them for your mistake!

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While making a telephone reservation for a cargo van, UHAUL was charging $19.95 per day and .99cents a mile!. I my move would be 160 miles, making the truck $180! Expensive!! Anyhow, I told the representative to forget about it, & I am going to use a local rental company. Which was a little over $100 with upto 1000 miles included. She then said she could price match it. She put me on hold for a very long time and when she got back on the phone she said according to policy there is no price matching on cargo vans, but she couldn't point me to where that was the case. I think they made it up seeing how they couldn't compete with that price.

I did a search on Uhaul price matching an I found another disgruntled person who had a similar experience except with a Truck! I bet they pick and choose what they want to match!


My storage unit was broke into by a ex girlfriend here is the problem a employee told her to get a locksmith and cut the lock infront of the acting manager. This is on his personal report and on the police report from staitments made by u haul employee's. There insurance republic western has denied my clain even though they are clearly wrong and after a little research I find this seems to be there M.O. they have a monopoly on there units and insurance and it seems to be a scam. I contacted the BBB and made a report only to get a generic responce back. The VP of there insurance company actually said" if i told someone to go out and shoot someone and they did it should I be held responcable" trying to compare a employee telling a thief how to break in to murder. They will not fix the problem at all and I am a single dad with 2 kids and we lost everything. This company is just horable and with all the other stories I have read this seems to be there way of bussiness.

deceptive guarantee

MY husband reserved a dual-axel trailer from u_Haul and we were advised that we would have it on the date, at...

customer service from hell

I went online to order a truck, then I got a call the next day, saying he only had one available at 3:30 in the afternoon, my storage unit closes at 5, at the other end of the city.
So I said, no that won't work, can you put me on a list in case someone cancells, he said no, I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said he was the supervisor.
I said can I speak to your boss, he said I am the boss,
I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor,

He told me he was the owner of uhaul.

Bottom line rude, stupid, and not good for business,

In these rough economic times, I am not spending any money with a company that takes your money and gives you low class service, if at all.

I will never use them again
By the way budget rental did it right away over the phone.

So forget their website, its a lie
It just prints out a report to some dealers, and someone is assigned to call you back. This guy told me no other location in the city had them either.

So budget is my new best friend.
And u-haul sucks. Do not do business with them, unless you want to get screwed and be spoken to by a rude man,

  • Bu
    bullet888 Sep 26, 2009

    First off, there is no list to be put on in case some cancels. I would imagine that this was a weekend rental? Weekends book up fast and that is probably the only time he had available to rent the truck. I do it every weekend and most if not all of the 4 locations in my city are booked. You want to know why Budget had trucks available? Because no one uses them. Their prices are higher than U Hauls and most of them are trying to get out of the truck renting business and concentrate on the car rental business.

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I made reservations at a U-Haul 'dealership'(Canton Water Systems) in Canton, Ohio for a 10' Truck and Car hauler one-way to Cumberland, Indiana. A distance of a little over 300 miles. The issue is; the contract stated the Mileage out was 4033.9. Unfortunately, I did not confirm this when I got into the truck nor was I reminded to confirm this by the 'staff.' I had numerous other things on my mind, being in a strange town, hauling a car for the first time and across state lines, wondering if their 2 straps are going to hold, etc, etc.

So when I returned the truck and trailer the next am, (the U-Haul on Shadeland ave., in Indianapolis) they stated I had driven over 688 miles. Now they are wanting me to pay an additional $150 plus dollars.

My contract was placed on hold, since this was a Sunday, the manager would have to review it the following day and then call me. Today is Wed, I have not received any calls, however I did receive an attached contract in my email today, I'm not sure who it is from since there is no name, no greeting, no salutation, just "Your U-Haul contract is attached"

I suppose it's my own fault for not double checking, but they don't make any attempt to believe the customers side of the story. There is the possibility they wrote the wrong number down. I left a message at the local U-Haul for the General Manager...still waiting for that phone call...waiting...waiting...

  • Mo
    moon29sun May 13, 2009

    Are you saying the the milage that they put on your contract and the Uhaul did not match up? If not then that is your fault for not checking.

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bad service

UHaul Truck Rental, The Alameda, San Jose, CA I rented a 27' truck for a local move on 29 Oct 2004 assuming the truck to be serviceable. I was mistaken. I had requested at the time of rental a one-way rental with allowance for 2 trips back and forth from San Jose to Modesto, CA (about 90 miles point to point) in order to avoid having to return a truck, adding 90 miles to it. Hector, the GM, told me nothing was available; I believed him even though the lot was full of trucks. I accepted the truck after the customary damage inspection. The first trip was completed without incident but it was too late to make another trip and still have the truck back in time...I requested another day from the GM...it was granted. On the second day it rained, slowing my progress on the freeway. My wife was following me and as it grew darker she noticed the truck had no taillights, no brake lights and no running lights on the box. She had also noted I was going much slower than I should. We compared the readings of our speedometers and the truck's was reading about 15% faster than her minivan...a rather large discrepancy. I asked her to call the UHaul facility immediately for guidance on what to do (I was trying to negotiate a rather unruly vehicle in the dark, in the rain, no lights, San Jose Friday night traffic). An employee at the San Jose location told us to call the 800# for service, adding the speedometer issue was "no big deal because it also read too slow, being a wash in the end". Incorrect, I'm not stupid...apparently he was. The 800 service number told us to bring it to the UHaul dealer at our destination (I'm still driving an unlit truck at night in the rain!) and they will fix it. With the other choice being leaving my parents' worldly belongings on the side of the freeway 'till daylight, we complied. Upon dropping the truck off at the Modesto location, I and the GM I turned it over to noticed the truck had bald tires all around. Granted, I should have noticed that earlier, but I also assumed I would be rented a serviceable truck when I certainly was not. We contacted Hector to let him know we were going to do this, also asking for a discount on the mileage, since it was obviously out of calibration, and for the inconvenience of having to drive an unlit truck for two days, risking injury, life and property for me and anyone behind me. His very professional response: "you don't have to return it to San Jose...that's your discount." He charged my credit card in absentia (after also charging my brother's card that was used to reserve the truck). I will be reversing the charge with my bank and forwarding this letter to someone up the UHaul chain-of-command who cares to listen.

traffic ticket fee

Subject: U-Haul Phantom Traffic Ticket/Fee? Interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced, after...

fired demoted

Well after 3 years as management of U haul inc they decided to pull the rug from under this family .Starts off as a ad that was placed in the company system from time to time i used too check these to see what was open in position wise .Ok well come too find out there was all of a sudden a open at another center close too our location .The Marketing co Prez decided too run this add in the company website .Well in retro speck come to find out it was our location .But advertised for the other location that was closer to us .Meanwhile all the people that worked for the store that was advertised did not say a word too us .Meanwhile we are in a 4 bedroom home with this company not easy too pull out of for one thing .Also the company president did not walk threw with my wife on what was wrong .This is a issue within its self.So there is two things wrong with this picture either he did not like us or he did not want to deal with us .In turn makes too me he did not like us .Since my wife has worked for the company for Years prior to this and another marketing company .She was recommended for the job for the failing managers before .Everything we did was by the policy and following the rules we were doing the job that they hired us for .There was no wrong doing in what we were doing .Trying to reach for help in this company is like pulling knifes across your skin.We have sent many emails too the marketing company president but no response in many of them .So our last and final days were hell on us because not only did he demote my wife but he also took my job away as a assist manager for the location and left me without one .The sad part of it all was that our employee knew about the issues that were wrong and did not have the balls enough too say he should of been the blame in all this .So not only did we get screwed from the company itself but also the employee that kissed ### of the new manager that was hired on while i was there for the last few days .It goes too show do not trust anyone and i mean anyone ! .Not only did we get had but also had no place too go .So here we sit with her family wondering why .What did we do so wrong to have not just a place to rest our heads but to get ###ed from a company that we put so much into as a team

  • Co
    copper25 Mar 26, 2009

    I was fired recently because I have a mental disorder that seemed to make others at work uncomfortable around me. I was with Uhaul for eleven years and have nothing to show for it. They treated me badly just about the whole time I was with the company. They also called me a trouble maker because I was trying to fight back. I had to go to work everyday and put up with harassment and discrimination. I went through the chain of command and it still did no good. I went to Human Resources and they took the word of the shop president over me. He told them that I was crazy and that nothing was happening to me there at work. Which wasnt true.The shop president even harassed me and discriminated against me as well.No one would speak up against him and tell the truth. Now I am without a job and without unemployment benefits, because the shop president made sure I couldnt get a thing.The harrassment and discrimination didnt start until about a year or so ago.I stayed there so long, because I had a child to take care of on my own and didnt have anywhere else to go.If you have gone through the same thing with this company or others please write me back .

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  • Ha
    hate uhaul Mar 08, 2011

    i worked for uhaul as a manager for 3 yrs. This company honestly sucks. They use their employees every and anyway they can without showing any appreciation in return. They constantly adjusted time cards on the computer as to not have to pay overtime. The Marketing manager I worked under was a joke lazy as hell but quick to do the dog & pony show when the big dogs from arizona where in town. The only employees that benefitted in this marketing company was the marketing president and all his family since he has all of them on payroll whether they produced results or not. I would not recommend looking at this company for any type of Future. You will get used and dumped to the side when they have sucked all they can out of you.

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  • An
    Anonymousey Jun 29, 2012

    Be careful when applying for ANY position with this company. They'll hire you on, not train you properly, and then fire you without notice because you've made mistakes you didn't know you were making. I didn't know I didn't have a job until 2 weeks after it happened and I only found out because I went in and cornered the manager to find out why I hadn't been scheduled.

    Also, they promote themselves during the interview by telling you about how they're the 11th best company in the country to work for part-time because of their great medical benefits. In reality, they make that happen by paying you peanuts for the ridiculous amounts responsibility they place upon you with little to no help from the managers.

    The managers that run the store make the schedules and they usually schedule themselves off for the high-traffic times.

    This job is very physically strenuous and you're required to work outside regardless of the weather conditions

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