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fired demoted

Well after 3 years as management of U haul inc they decided to pull the rug from under this family .Starts off as a ad that was placed in the company system from time to time i used too check these to see what was open in position wise .Ok well come too find out there was all of a sudden a open at another center close too our location .The Marketing co Prez decided too run this add in the company website .Well in retro speck come to find out it was our location .But advertised for the other location that was closer to us .Meanwhile all the people that worked for the store that was advertised did not say a word too us .Meanwhile we are in a 4 bedroom home with this company not easy too pull out of for one thing .Also the company president did not walk threw with my wife on what was wrong .This is a issue within its self.So there is two things wrong with this picture either he did not like us or he did not want to deal with us .In turn makes too me he did not like us .Since my wife has worked for the company for Years prior to this and another marketing company .She was recommended for the job for the failing managers before .Everything we did was by the policy and following the rules we were doing the job that they hired us for .There was no wrong doing in what we were doing .Trying to reach for help in this company is like pulling knifes across your skin.We have sent many emails too the marketing company president but no response in many of them .So our last and final days were hell on us because not only did he demote my wife but he also took my job away as a assist manager for the location and left me without one .The sad part of it all was that our employee knew about the issues that were wrong and did not have the balls enough too say he should of been the blame in all this .So not only did we get screwed from the company itself but also the employee that kissed ### of the new manager that was hired on while i was there for the last few days .It goes too show do not trust anyone and i mean anyone ! .Not only did we get had but also had no place too go .So here we sit with her family wondering why .What did we do so wrong to have not just a place to rest our heads but to get ###ed from a company that we put so much into as a team

  • Co
    copper25 Mar 26, 2009

    I was fired recently because I have a mental disorder that seemed to make others at work uncomfortable around me. I was with Uhaul for eleven years and have nothing to show for it. They treated me badly just about the whole time I was with the company. They also called me a trouble maker because I was trying to fight back. I had to go to work everyday and put up with harassment and discrimination. I went through the chain of command and it still did no good. I went to Human Resources and they took the word of the shop president over me. He told them that I was crazy and that nothing was happening to me there at work. Which wasnt true.The shop president even harassed me and discriminated against me as well.No one would speak up against him and tell the truth. Now I am without a job and without unemployment benefits, because the shop president made sure I couldnt get a thing.The harrassment and discrimination didnt start until about a year or so ago.I stayed there so long, because I had a child to take care of on my own and didnt have anywhere else to go.If you have gone through the same thing with this company or others please write me back .

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  • Ha
    hate uhaul Mar 08, 2011

    i worked for uhaul as a manager for 3 yrs. This company honestly sucks. They use their employees every and anyway they can without showing any appreciation in return. They constantly adjusted time cards on the computer as to not have to pay overtime. The Marketing manager I worked under was a joke lazy as hell but quick to do the dog & pony show when the big dogs from arizona where in town. The only employees that benefitted in this marketing company was the marketing president and all his family since he has all of them on payroll whether they produced results or not. I would not recommend looking at this company for any type of Future. You will get used and dumped to the side when they have sucked all they can out of you.

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  • An
    Anonymousey Jun 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Be careful when applying for ANY position with this company. They'll hire you on, not train you properly, and then fire you without notice because you've made mistakes you didn't know you were making. I didn't know I didn't have a job until 2 weeks after it happened and I only found out because I went in and cornered the manager to find out why I hadn't been scheduled.

    Also, they promote themselves during the interview by telling you about how they're the 11th best company in the country to work for part-time because of their great medical benefits. In reality, they make that happen by paying you peanuts for the ridiculous amounts responsibility they place upon you with little to no help from the managers.

    The managers that run the store make the schedules and they usually schedule themselves off for the high-traffic times.

    This job is very physically strenuous and you're required to work outside regardless of the weather conditions

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scam charges

When does a $19.95 van rental for 4 hours and 60 miles ending up costing $140? Last week I rented a van from...

refuel policy unfair to the consumer

The re-fuel policy at UHAUL is a scam. They provided me with a van that didn’t have a full tank of...

fraud and scam

A U-Haul 17ft truck was rented for a trip from FL to CO and now for 2 straight days we have lost 4 hours per day due to blown tires. It takes the company 2-3 hours to get someone to the scene and than approx 1 hour until you're back on the road. When you call in to the HOT line - "We will call back." WELL NO one does. They have your credit card/ money and you are in a location you don't know and all your "stuff" is in the back of their truck! Talk about taking advantage. Save yourself the trouble DON'T USE UHAUL.

  • Do
    dollyd Oct 15, 2009

    i understand, they allowed me to leave with a ball tire, from Conn. to north Carolina--then they stupid with me on the 800 number--there represents are ignorance and do not no customer service--at all

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no refund

My daughter rented a UHaul truck in Washington state for a move. Everything was fine, until she returned the truck. Strong vibrations indicated that the cab was separating from the bed of the truck. She was only several blocks from the drop off location and was able to slowly get the truck to that place. The drop off location was closed for a company picnic so she phoned the national UHaul customer number she had been given. After spending 2 hours (and at least 4 conversations) on the phone, she was first told to wait with the truck for a mechanic. Since this was a Sunday afternoon, they could not tell how long that would take; only that they would call back within 2 hours to give her a time of arrival. Being a 22 year old female, she did not want to wait in downtown Seattle for a mechanic who may not even show up. Then she was told that the truck rental would be free and to leave the truck unlocked in the parking lot with the keys in the cab. Thinking that this was unsafe, she was able to find another UHaul location 2 blocks away. They agreed to move the truck into their locked area for the night. We have spent over 2 weeks dealing the different UHaul representatives trying to get our refund. They can only find one "taped" phone conversation. I was told that the claim number she was given is not a valid UHaul claim number...but somehow they were able to find it after searching their sytem. I was transferred to their insurance reimbursement department and then told that they have no way to reimburse us since the truck was not involved in an accident. I was called by a customer service advocate who was no help at all and then she told me that I would have to wait for another call from the district office. I was called 3 days later and offered a $50 coupon for a future rental (which we will NEVER use). The last call was from this person's supervisor who told me they have gone "out of their way" to fix this problem. Since I paid for the rental I have been talking with these people for over 2 weeks. Now they will only talk to my daughter...since this suddenly has become "confidential" information. And they still have not produced the 4 "recorded" phone conversations from the day of the rental. (Of course, my daughter did ask for the recordings on that Sunday, but was told that their computers had "suddenly" broken down and the rep had to "hand write" everything...how convenient). This is the worst case of customer "non-service" I have ever encountered. We never even considered a refund of the rental...the only reason we have pursued it is because we were told by 2 different reps that we would get a complete refund. If they can give us a $50 coupon, then they can take $50 off of our rental bill.

  • Sh
    Shawn Aug 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    U-Haul what a joke.Payed 85.00 dollars for a move, plus fifty for gas.Picked the truck up at 8.00a.m and dropped the truck off at 8.00 p.m, 12 hours later..Far as I know a day is 24 hours.U-haul says I was to have the truck back bye 4:30 p.m and since I was late they charged me 517.12 dollars plus the 85.00 .It says 19.95 a day on there trucks, not my problem if U-haul over booked.U-haul say there was a person picking up the truck at 4:30, and since he did not have a truck they billed me.If U-haul said I had to have the truck back in 8.5 hours I would have not taken the truck.There was a couple of trucks already there not used, and did not say to me the truck had to be back at 4:30 p:m.
    I have too take legal action next, sue and phone the BBB.There is alot of peaple fed up and time will put U_haul down.I have used U-haul for years and the new tricks to get money from us, never again.I will put pickets on there front lawn now, see how they like the info.

    .I am know going to file a complaint, go to quirt, picked the U-haul company, put signe up and have a picnic.

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their customer service really bad

I reserved a truck on line using their website, and they sent me an email saying they will call me two days before my reserved date to let me know where and when to pick up my truck. They didn't call.

Then I try to call them to find out, I waited for an whole hour without anybody answering my call. So I decided to wait for another day.

On the day before my reserved date, nobody called me either. So I tried to call them again, waited on the line for another hour, still nobody answered my call.

Then on the date of reservation still nobody called me, and I tried to call them the whole day, they NEVER NEVER answer any phone. I had to cancel my moving plan because of that.

Then two days later, I am charged $50

for cancellation! Fxxk! They canceled my truck and want me to pay for cancellation? That must be a freaking good business! Getting 50 bucks for not letting customer having their truck!

Now I'm still trying to get my 50 bucks back. I'll never use them again.

truck engine catches on fire

I rented a 14 foot uhaul truck on 6/14/2008. Equipment Number DC7005B. I picked up the truck and everything appeared to be going fine. They were so generous to give me 3/8 of a tank of gas. So first thing I did was to fill it up with gas, which cost me $75.

I then proceeded to the storage unit we had to load it up. We got it all loaded and drove about 10 miles to our destination. Just before we got there smoke started coming from under the hood of the truck, since we were less than 1 minute away from where we needed to be we drove and parked it there. As I turned the truck off more smoke started pouring out from under the hood of the truck.

We opened the hood to find a fire on the drivers side, we quickly got some water and started dowsing the fire. As we thought we were getting it all put out we learned that the fire has spread to the inside of the truck on the drivers side, we then put the fire out inside the truck also.

We then dowsed the entire engine and inside to ensure that the fire was out. Finally it was. We then called the Roadside Assistance who said they would be by to tow the truck in less than 1 hour, after 6 hours they finally showed up and towed the truck.

The next morning I went to talk to the General Manager of the Torrance Store (Carl Arnold). I wanted to ensure that my contract was closed out and that I would not be charged anything because the truck caught on fire. I was assured by him that I would not be charged for this. He also told me that there was nothing he could do for me at all at that time to close out the contract. He stated that someone would call me the following day to close the contract out and make sure I was satisfied.

Still after 14 days I have not received one single call back about this and have called and talked to many people about it that just keep running me in circles. To this day and to my knowledge my contract is still open and well what do you know I just received a charge on my credit card from U-Haul for this truck.

I am still waiting to get this solved, I would like to not be charged for this rental, get my $75 in gas money I spent and did not use and also find out why U-Haul thought it was a good thing to rent out a truck that caught on fire and risked mine and my family's lives when these trucks are supposed to go through normal maintenance.

Where I rented

U-Haul Centre Old Town

21707 S. Western Ave

Torrance, CA 90501


truck explodes and they still want to charge me

I rent an uhaul, the truck explodes at the moving location. It's actually on fire and I should have let it burn to the ground. Called 4 different customer service locations to close the account but no one seems to have the authority to do so. They still want to charge me the minimum charges for a vehicle that explodes while the engine is off and it is parked. Customer service numbers just ring and ring and I can't seem to get anywhere. Never rent from Uhaul and am considering suing as I have the money to wait

truck rental

June 14/08. Exploding Uhaul! Went on Uhaul website to order a 10' vehicle for June 14th (three week...

it can't be legal

They told me that I hit a tree with a 17' truck. They claim that an employee saw me hit a tree. I didn’t hit anything. They left me a message telling me this at 5:00pm right as they closed so it was too late to call them back. I called them the next morning around 9:30am on my break at work to ask them what the heck they were talking about. They aren’t talking about a full size tree, they are talking about one of those baby trees with sticks holding the, up. They told me get this "there is no damage to the truck», ok so why are they calling right? Anyways, I work for a Nursery & I know the tree they are talking about is $75.00 full retail in the store I work for. They charged my Debit Card $700.00 for a $75.00 tree BEFORE I even got a hold of them to dispute the fact that I didn’t even hit anything. Now they won’t change anything, & customer service will call me back within 48 hours, I can’t even call them, they are going to call me??? What the heck?? In the mean time I now don’t have a dime to my name because they are trying to get free money! This company needs to be taking to court over a freaking tree that I didn’t even hit. They told me there is no damage to the truck, & they have an employee say they saw me, but that’s crap, I think the employee did it & is covering there tracks. What happen to honest companies? I know this isn’t legal, it can’t be.

  • Jc
    jca Mar 15, 2009

    Subject: U-Haul Phantom Traffic Ticket/Fee?
    Interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced, after returning a U-haul rented moving truck back to U-haul, and after U-haul re-takes possession, later receiving notice that U-haul claims to have paid on your behalf a $25 traffic/parking ticket/citation (or any amount) with a $30 administrative fee (or any amount) and a $25 penalty (or any amount). Also you were charged an environmental fee. Basically, you know that YOU the customer did not personally receive the citation. The collection company hired by U-haul also tries to get the you to pay this alleged and disputed debt. No proof or validation of the actual citation, time, date, charges/grounds for the citation is ever produced.

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  • Ph
    Phoenix6877 Mar 07, 2012

    I had money taken directly from my checking account which after a month of calls I finally was told was for a toll citation. Funny thing I have a sunpass which shows the charges were taken from that. Now waiting to see of they are going to fix the issue or not it was a 30.00 charge from what I am understanding for a $3.00 ticket that I have solid proof was paid correctly.

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Not enough bad comments

My husband and I rented a truck at the atlantic storage facility on shad road in jacksonville, florida. The woman's name was debbie that took our information. I just logged into my bank account today to see what the exact charges were. She drained my account! Over $5,000 in my account and it's all gone! The police are on the way to my house now so I can file a police report. Hopefully she will be arrested today. My bank was nice enough to contact the owner of the storage facility (He's from iran) and he didn't understand a word that they were telling him. My poor bank gave up trying to explain the situation and just told me to contact the police myself and they will credit my account back. No doubt the woman is no longer working there. What a complete disaster! As if there aren't enough bad comments on here about u-haul, you can add this one to the most extreme!


  • Sb
    S Barringer May 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also had near run-in with a U-haul in Lansing, Mi. I rented a truck to pick up lawn equipment which took only about a hour, and I then returned the truck in excellent condition with the gas more than replaced in the tank. I did the walk-around when I first rented the truck, and it was pristine; not a mark or dent anyplace on it that can be seen with the naked eye. It would take a magnifying glass to see any blemish.
    When I returned the truck, a guy went out to check it's condition and claimed he found a dent. I said that this can't be. He asked the girl that checked me in if the truck had any small dents or blemishes. Fortuanately, she admitted that there was very small dent someplace on the door (that I couln't see), so I didn't get charged for this minute blemish, fortunately. It's a good thing, because I was on my way to see my lawyer if they tried to pull this crap on me.
    The point is, they were going to try to pull scam, and I think they saw that I was going to fight back and give them more trouble than they wanted to handle.
    I suspect that any one who rents cars or trucks needs to take a camera with them and take photos of the rental as proof that the rental was OK when you took it out.
    Watch this company as I can see that they do pull this game on people. I guess I was lucky that day not to have been screwed by them.
    I will never rent from U-Haul again. Sorry, idiots, but you just lost another, potential, regular customer!

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  • Bu
    bullet888 Sep 26, 2009

    Natalie, so the only company that potentially has a thief working for them is U Haul?? There are alot of people that get credit card information and probably use it for their own use. Don't just single out U Haul.
    S. Barringer, the employee was just doing his job. He saw a dent that was not marked on your tag. That's what they are supposed to look for. Obviously, you need to look harder when you rent a car/truck to see dents and mark them on your tag.
    They were trying to pull a scam?? No, they were doing there job. You know the white peice of paper that is given to you? That's a binding contract. Everything is spelled out in there. Milage, due date and time, damage, etc. You weren't going to give them more trouble than they could handle.

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  • St
    Stallers Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will never rent from UHaul again. If I need a trailer, I will buy one and sell when I am done. The last time I reserved a truck, I got a phone call on the day of my move. I had to drive 40 miles to pick one up, even though there was a dealer in town. The truck broke down.

    I was left at a fleabag hotel. It was 9:00 pm the next day before the truck was fixed. After I got back on the road, I was pulled over because the tail lights on the UHaul trailer were not working. Before I returned the truck, the brakes and power steering were beginning to fail. I was not fully reimbursed for the hotel room.

    They will only pay $50. Never mind the fact that they chose the hotel. Then I was charged for extra miles that I would not have driven if the piece of junk had not been towed 40 miles in the wrong direction. If that was not bad enough, the uhaul employee said, “Of course these trucks break down. Renters don’t treat them very well.”

    In other word, it was my fault. Then, when I complained, I was offered $100 worth of uhaul junk. The breakdown would not have been so bad, if I had not been treated so badly.

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u-haul is a monkey business!

I will never Use U-Haul Again!

Behrouz Roomiany- July 24 07
I have not received any answer back yet!!!

1) Tursday July 12th- My first E-mail

I made a reservation for a van on 06/14/2007 with maria at u-haul branch in bakersfield.

I told her my destination is monroe, wa. She said that she can not find monroe in the list and she wanted to know if we have u-haul location in monroe. I told her that i'm pretty sure that there is one in there.

She still was telling me that she can not find anything for monroe. Finally she told me that she will put seattle as my destination but i can drop the van off in monroe if i saw a u-haul location .

Few days later when i was sighning the paper work, i asked her again about the destination and she again asured me that as long as i return the with no more milage or less amount of gas there is no problem.

Today i check my credit card on line and i noticed that there is an additional $553.30 charge from u-haul branch in monroe, wa.

I called the bakersfield branch and and i talked to april mallwood. She introduced herself as the manager assistant. She said you can not do any thing because you sighned the contract for seattle not monroe. I explained what had happend in detail. But she said she can not do any thing about it. I requested to talk to the manager but she said she is not in. Then she put me on hold and after few minutes she came back on line and told me that she can refund the charges back in to my account but u-haul has to change the destination now from seattle to monroe which has different fee and is way more expensive.

To me it sounds like u-haul staff made a mistake but i have to pay for it. Customer service in that location is horrible. I mention just few of them:

1- The van that i got was dirty and was not washed. Windshiled was full of dead bugs. When i mention this to felisha, who is the lot attendance, she said that they are short in staff and i'm the only one in here. She was complaining about william mcthrow who is the manager/owner. Finally they did not wash the van. I have pictures and video film.

2- I was promised a locker for the cargo. When i asked maria, she went to a guy who was covering for the manager and he said "we don't have any locker, buy one".

3- I wanted to put my car on transporter. I asked felisha if any one can show me how to secure the car on the transporter. She said "as you can see i'm the only one and i have no time to show you this. You can go to service department and get help. Customer safety is not a concern for this u-haul branch.

4- We came to inspectin part and again i was told to go out and do the inspection yourself and mark the green sheet. I did it my self and i wrote it down.

This was the worst u-haul customer service that i've ever seen. Your web site says that i will recieve a respound with in next 24 hrs. I hope so.
B. Roomiany

2) July 12th- first respond

Dear b. Roomiany,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your rental concerns. We apologize for the difficulties experienced and any inconveniences caused by this matter.

Your communication has been forwarded to the office responsible for the area in which your situation is based. We have requested they review your situation and contact you in two business days.

Customer satisfaction is vital to our success. Again, we appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention.

Katy arnold
U-haul customer service

3) Monday july 16th- my second e-mail

Hi katy,

Thanks your response to my e-mail. You have mentioned that with in next two business days u-haul will contact me. I received your response on thu, 12 jul 2007. Today is monday and i have not received any response from u-haul yet. Please let me know why is that?

B. Roomiany

I will never rent a uhaul again!

My husband and I rented a Uhaul truck to move about 25 miles on a Sunday. About 3 hours into having the truck, we noticed that a rear tire was flat. (We had been loading the truck during this time, so we did not notice it right away.) We stopped at numerous gas stations and put several miles on the truck looking for a suitable air compressor to put try to inflate the tire. We had to search through several service stations and even tried to get help at tires repair stations, but they were closed because it was Sunday. In the station where we finally found an air compressor that wasn't out of order, we noticed that there was a large gash in the tire, and that simply adding air would not help. My husband bought a can of fix a flat, but this did not fix the problem. I feel that because for the size of the gash, the people that rented this truck to us had to have known it was there.

We now knew that we would have to try and make the move with the tire we had. It was nerve racking, but we made it. I felt that we should have received a discount for the lost time, frustration, and miles we put on the truck trying to get the tire fixed. I called Mark's Auto Repair on Monday and they told me we could only get reimbursed for the fix a flat if we bought in a receipt. I was given a national Uhaul number to call, but this turned out to be the wrong number and I had to make a third call. I was told at the regional office that I could not get a discount because I did not call the Hotline DURING the move. I didn't know we had to complain DURING the move if we wanted a discount-obviously they don't care about keeping customers happy.

I was not impressed and will never rent a Uhaul again.

  • Ba
    Bart Mancuso Mar 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "I feel that because for the size of the gash, the people that rented this truck to us had to have known it was there."

    Sorry for your troubles, ma'am, but how does the size of a gash on a tire help one gauge when it developed? Simple: it doesn't and you don't know from whence you speak. I've had a great deal of service done at Mark's with never a problem and only the most courteous service. Bad-mouthing an honest retailer like Mark without having the slightest inkling of the subject matter is beyond the pale. Bring in your receipt, like you'd have to do at Shopko, Wal-Mart, Kohl's and any other retail establishment and get your refund. And quit ###.

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  • Jk
    JKDE Mar 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Every rental contract has the Hotline number that you are supposed to call if you have trouble DURING your move. If you called it DURING your move they would have come out and fixed your tire.

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gas gouge to diagram is backwards!

I recently rented a truck for a one way 160 mile move. You're given a copy of the contract and on it is this little diagram of the gas gouge. You're then told to be sure it matches what's in the truck and explained their refueling fees if you return it less than they gave it to you.


The gauge matched the contract diagram but after 58 miles I was on E and looking for a gas station. I coudln't believe it. They said it was more than 3/4 full and I checked it to the diagram. Both lines were in the same place.

Well, upon closer looks I found the reason. The E and F on the diagram are opposite from the truck... or any car. While the lines were in the same place on the diagram to the truck, the Es and Fs were not. I was given a truck with less than a 1/4 of a tank, just the opposite than what I was told and what I had signed in agreement.

It is misleading and it may cause people to fill up more than they should or be charged refueling fees.

  • He
    headphonejack Mar 25, 2009

    Yes the diagram is backwards. They told me I had to have it at half tank. The diagram shows it Empty to Full from left to right. I got in the vehicle and the gauge was just past the half mark to the right. I figured it was over. I put only 20 miles on the vehicle and put in 3 gallons. (this was a 10ft V8 next up from a cargo van). I looked at the gauge as I left the gas station and it was sitting at the half way point. I figured to be on the safe side I would put in more gas. I stopped at the next gas station and put in another 2.5 gallons. I was a bit confused when I got in and it was a bit over the half way point twords the left. I then realized the full point was on the left and that I had got a vehicle with less than half tank. No worries I thought, it was just a couple of bucks. I just got my statement from them and they said I returned the vehicle only 3/8 full. I put on 20 miles and pumped 5.5 gallons in. I don't get how that is right. The fee they charged me was 50 dollars. That is outragous for the rental with mileage is only around 30 dollars. They are a scam.

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  • La
    Larry Apr 07, 2009

    Not all of them are that way. Most of them are the exact way that it should be. Some of the newer models such as the Cargo Van are backwards. You just have to pay attention.

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  • Sc
    scc123 May 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just rented a uhaul truck and the gas gauge was also backwards. I've never seen this before so I didn't look too close. It seems they should at least warn you that some of the gauges are reversed.

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unauthorized charges

On 10-30-06 I rented a 26 ft truck from U Haul in Springfield Ill to drive to Urbandlae Iowa. On The u haul...

dangerous and undependable

Every time I (or my family) has used Uhaul we have had major problems. First, the uhaul truck unexpectedly died, luckily we got off the highway before the truck stopped dead with no warning. Second, towing a trailer from central Oregon to just north of San Francisco, we drove for 2 hours and when we stopped to get gas we found the tread of the trailer tires peeling off in large chunks. When we went to a nearby uhaul dealer they said we would have to unload and then reload a new trailer. Two hours later, after several confrontations, we got the tires changed. And the third is the best.in mid September, I was towing a trailer from Austin, TX to Sonoma County, CA. No more than 45 minutes outside of Austin the trailer detached from the hitch (not installed by uhaul) on the car and I managed to come to a safe stop but the trailer wedged itself under the car and I was unable to move forward to get off the road (to a safer place). I had bought the insurance with the trailer and as I left the uhaul store I was given a brochure that said call this uhaul hotline if you have problems and we'll help you get back on the road. Of course, when I called the hotline they put us on hold and then said we'll call you back in 30 minutes. They called right back to test the phone number and then never called back. I got a call two days later from the insurance company with a claim number. The positive side of the story is that some very kind men stopped and helped us. With their help we were back on the road within the hour. Thankfully strangers stopped to help because uhaul and their help hotline were useless. I know there are few companies to choose from when you need to move your belongings, but I would against renting from uhual.in my experience, there is a good chance the uhaul vehicle you would be driving or towing is barely road worthy and in the event you need assistance you cannot count on uhaul in my experience.

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  • Valerie Jan 10, 2007

    My rip off will top all of these combined!! I am a nurse, and was moving from Canada to Florida. I was pregnant, so did not feel well enough to travel in a bumpy truck the whole way with my other 4 kids and husband; we decided to keep our items in storage until we got settled!! BIG MISTAKE.........

    First of all, we were promised a ground level storage unit; when we arrived, we had a top level!! My husband and friend had to move all my heavy furniture up to this level without help, as we didnt bring additional help for a ground level unit!! Shelly was useless, rude, argumentative, and did not care what I was promised. We proceeded to move our items in. This was approx $30,000.00 worth of furniture, jewellry, and personal effects.

    There came a time over the holidays where I forgot to send in my payment. They called me in Florida to remind me, and I assured them it would be sent promptly. Shelly (the useless one) told me not to worry, as my belongings were not pending auction. Next I knew, my mother received a letter (regular mail, NOT CERTIFIED) in Canada, even though they knew my contact info in Florida and called me there several times. The letter stated my belongings were scheduled for auction!! I called Shelly, and was told again it was an error and I had nothing to worry about. I assured her that payment was sent, and that was the end of conversation...or so I thought.

    I received another telephone call from Shelly to confirm they did receive my payment, but because it was drawn on a US check they could not confirm funds, and they were going to auction my furniture and personal belongings!! THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE UNIT!!!! They also knew I would not have time to send an alternate form of payment.

    I never received one piece of mail, certified or otherwise, to advise me of this. Included in this unit were personal suggestive photographs of myself, financial documents, including SIN documents, a big screen TV, my engagement ring valued at $4500.00, furniture, expensive name brand clothing for myself, husband and 4 kids, all pier one and the like frames, flower arrangements, photos of my babies with bare bottoms, tastefully done (but you dont want those in the wrong hands when it comes to your children with the sickos in this world!!) all top of the line that it took me a lifetime up to now to acquire & purchase. I would guess the minimum value as $30,000.00...probably more.

    I contacted my brother, who went to U haul on auction day. He offered to give them the payment in cash in exchange for the check I sent, as he knew the check was good. That way, the payment would be cleared up, and my items would be mine. Shelly (the useless one) told my brother that he was too late; it was now 1102 am and the auction (although it had not started) was scheduled for 1100 am.

    They refused his payment and opted for the items instead...the only bright (for their benefit, of course) thing they had done while I dealt with them!! When that failed, my brothers girlfriends father (confusing, I know!!), his soon to be father in law, who barely knows me, attempted to attend the public auction. His intent was to buy my stuff, therefore having paid the bill, and return it to me. He was refused entry to the auction.

    Ultimately, my items were sold for $867.00........the flowers on my dining table and a few picture frames alone would have covered that price!! My sentimental items & keepsakes from trips were sold, some pictures were returned after being torn from the frames, which were sold, the suggestive pics were never returned, nor were the other private documents. They never returned my payment check to me either.

    It has been expressed to me by several people that the employees themselves wanted, and subsequently had someone purchase my items, for themselves. They were beautiful items, right down to my fashionista clothes!! I will never get over this; it caused difficulties with my pregnancy, depression/anxiety, and left permanent scars.

    My children's keepsakes and personal items are all gone; things given to them by grandparents who have since passed, things that cant be replaced. I would love legal help and recovery not only for my items, but for the emotional turmoil all of my family has been through. Not to mention where my private pics got to.


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  • Valerie Feb 12, 2007

    Rented a 24 foot moving truck which broke down 5 times. Finally Uhaul decided to tow the truck and car hauler from Columbus to Cleveland OHIO.

    The truck caught fire while being towed, then uhaul lied about the contents being impounded by the State Highway Patrol. The Wednesday before Christmas Uhaul's insurance adjuster gave me two days to remove the damaged contents from the truck or they were being disposed of. Also they put charges on my credit card of almost $400.00 due to the fact that after the fire they misplaced the car hauler and conveniently charged the week it took them to find it to me. I also had to pay for a storage unit for the truck's contents (on their property). To this day, I have not received a phone call , a letter, an offer of settlement or even an apology from them. They really do suck, feel free to google uhaul on the web. Rent anywhere but uhaul, unless you love having burned, damaged things, a large headache, and attorney bills.

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it cost me $120.20 to try to do business with u-haul

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