Truworths And Identityaccounts opened fraudulently


I received a call from identity store on the 26the january 2012 at 10:30am from their collections department that I lindiwe have outstanding payment on the account.
I asked the agent to confirm the id number that she has on record as I do not have an account with them and secondly none of their clothes can’t fit and why would I open an account with them.
The id number I was given to me telephonically was mine and wanted to know how was this opened with my id number. I requested that the email me the contract, id copy, proof of resident and payslip.
I waited for 3 hours and no email was sent to my work mail. I called the agencies several times no one could help as I had no reference number.
I went to clearwater mall at one of their stores to find out where, how and when was theis account opened.
Gugu the store manager from clearwater mall branch informed that the account was opened on the 4the december 2012 at id golden walk in germiston.
She contacted the germiston branch and requested the store to fax through the copy of the contract.
They only faxed the attached contract and when I asked her that the information on hand is incomplete. I need the proof of resident or postal address, payslip and copy id document used for opening this account.
She then informed me that the above information i’m looking for is not kept on record.
When I asked them what is their process of opening an account. I was told that there are 3 ways of opening an account:
1. Sms & ndash; all you need to do is send your initials and id number and they will process your application and send you a notification that the account has been approved.
2. Online & ndash; no information was provided on theis process
3. At the shop/branch
Once the account is approved the consumer will have to come to the shop with their id to activate the account.

How can identity provide people credit without verifying their information and keeping record of their fica documents, id and proof of income.
The postal address on the contract is wrong.
The work and cellphone number are wrong and how was employment verified. How do they assess if a consumer can afford to pay that account or not.
I feel that edentity is promoting fraud as they don’t comply with cpa, fais and ncr etc.
Their accounts department, if they have one is not credible as they are part of the fraud syndicate.
I want a case of fraud open against the person who activated this account as someone must be held accountable for using my personal information for their own selfish need.
I went to the fairland’s police station to make an affidavit and open a fraud case against identity, I was told to go to honeydew police station.
When got there I was told that I can’t open a fraud case because I don’t have the id document that was used to open this account or details of the employee who processed this application.
I have never lost my identity document nor I have I ever reported it lost or stolen.
I want any reference check done on my profile removed as I did not any give any form of consent that my profile can be accessed.
That account must be closed and any record of information relating to that account removed from my credit profile on all the credit bureau database.

This whole ordeal has created a lot of stress for me that I could not even work yesterday.
I am working as an it consultant at a client at & ldquo; nedbank capital” I could not perform my duties as this whole incident or episode consumed my mind.
Therefore I could not bill the client for a day’s job as my entire day was ruined.
I had to drive around and make follow ups withe their collections department in cape town using my cellphone.

This is an inconvenience and negligence from identity for not having proper compliance process in place to protect client information from fraud.

On the 4the february I receive a statement from truworths with a different account from the contract and invoice I got from clearwater mall identity shop. How can two clothing accounts be opened from one company. Truworths now account number [protected] and identity [protected]. I spoke to one of these fraud consultant at 16:00 and told I quote "we dont keep records of id documents, we are not a bank" so my question still remains unanswered what type of verification were done on these accounts. I provided the collections agent consultant my correct physical address but the contract is displaying wrong information. I have been receive mail from truworths withe voucher and I always destroy them as I don’t have any interest in having an account with the retail company. I have attached a copy of an affidavit I made on the 26rd january, along with my certified id, which I certified at the livonia police station next to my workplace on november 2011 and i’ve attached proof of residence and postal which i'm using as I live in a sectional title estate and we dont have post boxes. I also attached the contract that was faxed to gugu the store manager from identity clearwater mall. I would appreciate it if someone can assist me with this, as it's clear that your employees are the ones processing these application fraudulently. I want a fraud case open and would like to view your cctv video to submit to the police station. This whole ordeal is costing me money and time because truworths ltd does not have governance and compliance process in place to prevent such incidence. If this matter is not resolved, I will be sending an email to carte blance and the newspapers

accounts opened fraudulently
accounts opened fraudulently


  • An
    Anskious Aug 23, 2010

    Despite my many many emails to Truworths as well as my previous complaint on HP - which was just blatantly ignored as it seems from the Supplier Feedback on HP that Truworths chooses who's complaints to answer and who's not.So I've checked my credit profiles today and an update was done on 18 Aug 09 but it's still wrong.Why bother with an update if the information that's been updated is still going to be wrong?Please rectificy this immediately as I do not have a balance of R1566 nor an installment of R380.

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  • Un
    Unhappy , betrayed Aug 03, 2011

    Could you please advise me who to contact

    Yesterday 2 August 2011 I purchased a garment at Truworths and the price on the garment was clearly marked down from R280 to R220. . When I got to the Till the lady tols me that I would have to pay R280.00 as the sale only starts tomorrow 3rd August 2011. When I complained profusely that I will not pay the full price but the price marked on the garment, the Manager cam and told me that I will have to pay the full price as there are boards up in the shop saying that the sale starts 3rd of August.

    Firstly I was not aware of the boards, why should I have been I came to look for a garment.
    Secondly good practice would have been to bring the sale goods to the floor the day of the sale to avoid this fristration to clients.

    Who can I contact or what can I do regarding this .

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  • Co
    ConcernAboutIDTheft Aug 17, 2012

    I would like to agree with you, i was also in the same boat with both stores identity and truworths.An account was opened in my name, only the ID number was mine, the initials were not mine, the contact number was not mine, even the cellphone number was not mine except the ID.I discovered last month July 2012.They also told me they don't even keep the copy of the ID that was used to open the account but they are definitely sure the person came with the ID to activate the account but how come they don't keep a copy?I fought it and today(August 2012) i was promised that the account was cleared on my name but i am not happy with the fact that the account was cleared and the letter was sent to the address provided to them that it was found to be fraudulent..that is the only thing they could do.I feel like they are not doing enough to stop fraud and to scare the fraudster away from their shops.if they had strong controls in place to protect clients like me and you from fraud, and also strong procedures to make sure that if the account is proved to be fraud they don't just close it and post a letter but took measure steps to make sure whoever signed the documents is put behind bars.the fraudster was not going to take them as "target".
    I am not comfortable with the way they went about solving my case, yes the account was closed i know i am supposed to be happy but tomorrow this same thing will happen to another person No one will ever catch this people...i am not happy at all.

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  • Ta
    takalani Aug 28, 2012

    I did settle my account may u please remove my name from itc. I went to the store, i didn't get help. So what must i do because i also tried to phone d 021 number still no help. Hope you will help me. I would like to say all the shorps they removed my name from itc, and the were so easy to remove my name i just phoned them. So please remove my name i'm no longer owing. Reaso why i was owing iwas not working for 3years. Remove my name as soon as now.

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  • Ta
    takalani Aug 28, 2012


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  • Ea
    EARL BORIAS Mar 08, 2013

    I went to truworhts stores this morning at the Carnival mall Brakpan i never ever received such a disgusting and unprofessional service before. I bought my self a Daniel Hector jean and some under wear the lady at the counter said i had to pay in extra R130 and i gladly obliged.And then she came back with a slip telling me i can only buy for R577 as all the goods was R637 she disappeared for a while came back and told me she had phone head office and i must still pay in R60. To make a long story short i ask how is this possible she replied it was head office decision and if i want to close the account i must just pay the balance on the slip. I dont even want to talk about the voucher story i asked her to give me head offices number in the process when i tried to phone it was the wrong number. How truworths employ people like that is beyond me to tell me nogal i can close my account.

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  • Ta
    Taylorh2 Mar 08, 2013

    I don't understand the pricing.

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  • Vu
    Vuyisekisa Jul 15, 2016

    I've paid my account at Truworths at Clearwater mall on teh 15th of July double payments R760 & R765 minutes apart and only 1 amount reflecting. i produced proof of payment as well as bank statement as proof of payment but nothing has been doen. the manager of teh store called the head office in cape town, i sent emails also they (call centre) sent back saying it has been solved i went to the shop still no change. im really angry at this cause its been 2months i left all documents (proof )at the truworths shop in clearwater here in joburg. Today teh 12th july i also sent about 3emails to their head office complaining.Regards, Vuvu

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  • Nn
    N. Ngubane Jul 15, 2016

    I had an Account at Truworths by 2005 then they black listed me so my complain is that I paid that owed amount to your company Two month back then someone promise me that she will send to me the clearance letter that state I Paid all the amount and I can't do any thing right now coz I'm still appear in a Black list names.So please complete the process I'm waiting for the letter and please clear my name on black list names.

    Name:nkosinathi Ngubane
    My ref.:92430278000259509760
    Cell number:0738449121
    Please reply back

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