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Good day,

I had chatted to your sensai consultant, marlene, about 6 weeks ago and just wanted to know about the products. She was very forceful and made me purchase these products to the value of + r12 000.

After using these products, my skin is terrible! I've developed hyper pigmentation and my skin looks burnt. Marlene had told me that these products are 100% safe and guarantee.

My skin looks disgusting and I had to make an appointment with dr naidoo (Dermatologist) to assist with my skin. My appointment is on the 30th of july at 08h45.

I am utterly disgusted with the lies that this particular consultant had spoken. I had given birth 4 months ago and am supposed to be securing a job at this moment but this quest is impossible due to the condition of my skin. I feel utterly humiliated and embarrassed and as a result consulted with an attorney regarding the best way.

I want to return the products and request for a full refund. Should this not be possible, I am going to place my attorney on record and retrieve costs from truworths gateway for all my dermatologist treatments, compensation for the pain, humiliation and loss of income that I am undergoing.

Your most urgent response is needed. I can furnish a picture upon your request. I would appreciate not receiving any communication from the consultant.

blackberry repairs

I purchased a blackberry curve 8520 on mtn's payasyougo at truworths in cavendish square on 08-10-2010. On 14-06-2011, I returned the handset as the keypad along with the power button had stopped responding. A fault jobcard was filled out and signed off by both the truworths dealer and myself with the fault description clearly marked as 'keypad faulty. '

On the 29-06-2011, I received a phone call from mtn century city stating that blackberry sa have suddenly and unnotifably changed it's repair policy in that they now refuse to open or repair their handsets. On top of this, I was given a ridiculous quote of r1049 for a 'refurbished' handset. I then phoned the mtn repair centre as well as truworths and was shocked to hear that none of the above mentioned parties were aware of blackberry sa's sudden change in policy. I am highly irate as I feel have been conned!

Truworths is clearly contravening mtn's 24-month warranty terms and conditions as there was no physical damage present at the time it was taken in for repairs. I thus refuse to pay any additional amounts for repairs. Truworths, being the dealer, should carry out the warranty or replace the handset free of charge!

listing on itc

I had an account with truworths. I missed a couple of my monthly payments and they took me to debt collectors. I paid the debt collectors all I owed truworths for 2 months. The problem is the debt collectors have not update my payments at the itc. I can not make any credit as the records shows as if I still owe them. Please help me by what to do.

  • Ch
    Charlotte Mosebetsi Molapo Sep 07, 2011

    I had a Truworths account in 1999. I settled it in +-2003. I never heard form Truworhts since then. I didnt need to because I never went back there to open an account again. Now this year 2011, I have been receiving harrassing phone calls and smses from MBD attorneys telling me about defaults I failed to pay, some smses saying I must pay R2362.47 immediately on my Truworths acc number 0278000073925963 to prevent legal action or call (011) 5604800.
    I have called this number and asked to speak to the manager or supervisor and explained my frastrtions. I have even, of receipt of these calls from their call centre, eplained that I do not have an account with Truworths at all. Its been so long I dont even know where to get this proof of payment after so many years as I never expected that Truworths account will haunt me later in years.
    The only valid proof I have is the TransUnion credit report that specifically shows that I had this account in 1999 and was settled. no outstanding amount on my name.
    Please help. How can I get rid of MBD attorneys who dont want to leave me alone.
    I am so tired of these harassment from MBD Inc. I dont know what to do anymore, or who to complain to. I am telling the honest Truth when I say I settled this account long time ago and was not even thinking of ever opening it again. Not that I dont like their clothes but I do not want to have many accounts anymore. I have outgrown that stage, please.

    Kind regards,
    Charlotte Mosebetsi Molapo

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  • Ch
    Charlotte Mosebetsi Molapo Sep 07, 2011

    I dont even know how they came up with that total R2362.47
    MBD now tells me that the last time I bought clothes at Truworths was in 2003 but i visited the shop to make payment of R100. How possible is this statement, honestly? Where was I in between the years? Unbelievable.

    Please help me, I dont want to find myself having to pay for something I dont know.
    I suspect there has been communication breakdown between MBD Inc. and Truworths regarding who owe Truworths or not. Or Truworths did not update my records> I just cant find an explanation to all this harassment.

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  • Ch
    Charlotte Mosebetsi Molapo Sep 07, 2011

    Please help me.

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  • Mj
    mj mofokeng Apr 18, 2014

    hi Truworths I finish to pay ur account now do can u put me through the lawer I need to talk to them Couse at store they didn't give me a gull info about my account Couse I need to clear my name at Truworths nd I don't need that account again so tell the Truworths attorneys to contact me do an arrangement by mj mofokeng
    0810689745 of email me full info @ [email protected]
    thank u

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  • Ha
    HateIncompetence Jul 04, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am going through the same thing and I regret ever dealing with Truworths.

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poor quality of new shoes

I bought a pair of shoes at truworths bayside mall with my credit card. Next day I went shopping, wore them for about an hour, went back home when I noticed that the right shoe made terrible cracks on the upper. A rude staff lady said all shoes does that (Strangely the left one was still perfect!) and they cant give me a credit for it, as it had to be sent to quality control and that it would take about three weeks before i'll know what they decide to the meantime I will have to walk barefeet in the cold for lack of money to by another pair! (We are pensioners) at another shop of course! Bad, bad service i'd say.

[Resolved] bad service

Good day,

While on holiday in durban dated: 28 april 11, I decide to go to the mac store in gateway mall. When I arrived there, no one came to assist me. I eventually decided to ask one of the sales person who was assisting another customer who then said called someone. I then told the sales person that I needed certain makeup. Once I got to the till to pay, the lady was doing other stuff while helping me. After I signed the receipt, she didnt bother to help me further, which I needed to get something else. By then I was so irritated that I left the store because I could see that the lady was not interested to help me further.
I have never had such bad service


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Truworths's response · May 10, 2011

    Hi Nandrani
    The service that you described in your post is shocking and not in line with Truworths standards. We would like to address this matter and therefore encourage you to please contact me directly via email at [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope to provide you with feedback shortly.

    Kind regards,
    Amina Conrad
    Customer Services Manager

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fraud on my truworths card

According to my knowledge, my balance was r789-00, for my last purchase was at tygervalley mall on the 11th dec. 2010. I went to pay my instalment only to find out that the balance is r3161.44, a purchase have been done on my card at truworths, adderly st., cape town. It was'nt me and the signature on the receipts proves it. How did that happened if the card was with me? I refuse to pay this amount and i've been doing the search with no success. My case number is 1434/01/2011.

damaged jewellery

I am most disgusted by the service I received in dealing with truworths. I have been calling them since tuesday 15 march and they have only had the decency to contact me twice. My boyfried bought a chain at the pavillion branch in durban as a gift to me. I am from cape town and when I visited durban in march, I was given the box. On opening it, I discovered that the chain was broken. We returned it to the store on sunday 13 march. The person who assisted was definitely not interested in what we had to say. The chain left the store in good condition & the box was never opened, yet the chain broke. He & truworths complaints have basically implied that we must have broken the chain because their stock is never flawed. What utter rubbish. Now 'as a favour to me', they will repair a chain that was flawed to begin with. This is a brand new chain that was never even taken out of the box. When I asked how on earth a perfectly good chain could have broken while in the box, I was told that it could have snagged on something. What utter rubbish! She was grasping at straws just to get rid of me. The area manager I spoke to last friday sounded nice and gave me the impression that I was finally speaking to someone who cared and would sort this out. Boy, was I mistaken! I have made numerous calls over these past weeks with little assistance on the part of truworths. I feel cheated and very dissapointed. I will definitely not be doing any shopping at truworths. The very least they could do is apologise for this and replace the chain. They could also have kept me informed as to the process.

  • In
    Inkodnito Aug 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a denim skirt @ Truworths in Tygervalley on the sale (Inwear). I have only worn the skirt twice and the yolk from the zip right down is pulling apart. I am extrememly unhappy & embarrassed to walk with this skirt on today. Looks like the skirt was forced on by someone who it did not fit! I have not bought clothing at Truworths in years, in fact since I closed my account.I truly loved this skirt & now I regret purchasing it.The type of denim is not up to standard or the sewing is very poor & the 'movement' was not taken into consideration, however I paid cash for so called good quality!!!

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  • Ma
    Manbutter Aug 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Over the last 2 weeks, I have been inundated at all times with sms's saying my account is in arrears. My installment is R40 I have paid R200 via the internet as I normally do. Please go back and check the history of my account and note that for a nearly a year it was in credit balance of R81.38. Perhaps you should pay me credit interest yet I am still being sent sms's saying my account is in arrears despite me having phoned the call centre 4 times asked them to make a note on the system and stop harrassing me. I faxed my bank statement to show proof of payment which they now cant find? I phoned again on Monday morning after getting another sms over the weekend and got told the system is down someone will call me back. They came back on line at 09:13 I phoned at 12:00 after no one had called me back. I am now extremely annoyed, dont bother apologising or try and keep me as a customer - carry on wasting your money and resources for R40 and whilst you at it close my account please . I told 2 of the call centre operators to do this but obviously it is not done. I am not interested and you obviously need my R40 so badly - go after the big fish instead.

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  • Llewellyn de Vries Aug 05, 2011

    On 2017-07-23 I visited the Uitenhage branch of Truworths where I am an account holder. I had returned boots that were defective and I then decided to purchase a more expensive pair to the value of R999-00 to curb any further problems as these were originally given to my wife as a gift. The requested size was however not in stock and I then confirmed a Fast Fashion Delivery being promised that the boots would be at the store within the next 3 - 5 days. The long wait then began and on Friday 2017-07-29 I returned to the store to enquire as to why I had not been contacted yet. After slack service I was hand promised that the boots would be in by the Monday being the 1st of August. I returned the Monday to once again be told that I should wait until Truworths contacted me. On Thursday 2017-08-04 I went back to the store where I was once again not helped. I contacted the client assistance centre and received a reference that would somehow magically restore my faith in Truworths as a retail outlet. To date I have not received any phone call or solution and am in the process of closing my account with this incompetent group of employees that have caused me embarrassment with not only the recipient of the gift but also the manner in which I was dealt with after asking to be furnished with the details of the accountable Head Office where I could relay my complaint. I will further discourage friends from being manipulated by this branch and will forthwith only deal with management as it is evident that the employees of this store are not competent to attend to such "trivialities." I have taken the names of other customers that were present during the last episode and intent on exposing such unprofessional service. This is often the case with business' in small towns where the staff become too familiar with the general public and then assume to treat other customers in such appalling ways. The number of trips to Truworths, the unjustified delay and the embarrassment felt has lead me to realise that there are other retail outlets offering professional and client friendly service to paying customers. I will however feel uncomfortable shopping at Truworths ever again as "complaining clients" are often openly victimised by staff.

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payment arrangements

I have been a truworths account holder for about 4 years (My first account I ever opend). I lost my job in...

accounts and communication are shocking

I have been a truworths account holder for over 20 years. With the current economy I have been slightly in arrears so made an arrangement to pay the balance off over a couple of months, which I have been doing. I now owe approx r800 which will be paid at the end of jan as arranged. I have been hounded by call centres (Blake) and sms's saying they are handing me over for being in arrears. I have spend time in my branch (La lucia) trying to resolve this - when they phone they acknowledge the arrangement. But I still keep on getting threatening sms and phone calls. At my wits end I phoned customer services yesterday to complain. Firstly I was told I couldnt complain, then I was kept on hold for 20 mins, then I was promised the supervisor would phone me back within the hour. It is now 24 hours later and I still have had no phone call!!! I am finished with truworths service. I will pay by r800 at end of jan and close my account and never buy there again.

  • Truworths Dec 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Truworths is concerned to hear about your experience and would like to investigate and provide you with feedback. Kindly send your contact details to Natasha at [email protected] or phone her on 021-4607991. We look forward to resolving your complaint. Kind regards.

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listing me on itc

Truworths has listed me on itc after payment was done in full months ago!!!
I am furious! Tried contacting them only to be told they will "call me back and let me know" which they have not done! This has been going on for too long and I cannot get finance or credit!
They are useless and thier service is shocking! They have no clue what they are doing and making my life extremely difficult. Will never buy from truworths again!!!

do not use your credit card at truworths

Bought a gift for a friend that does not stay close to me. The item was faulty and was taken back to another store. They told the recipient that they dont do refunds, gift must be taken back to store where purchased. When I complained they were willing to do the refund then, but only back on my credit card. They expect me to travel to a completely different town so they could have my card, all that for a r199 gift!! Operations manager unable to resolve issue, I get told its my fault. I should have asked for a gift receipt or used my debit card.

All they have caused is for me never to set my foot into a truworths store ever again.

cant see myself putting a foot in truworths again

I was at northgate branch yesterday, but my size in a particular top was not available. Gloria at cash desk told me cresta has my size, she says she phoned there and I must collect within 24 hours. I proceeded to cresta, they did not know what I was talking about, they called gloria and she said no, the top was at fourways. I called fourways this morning, and they did not know what I was talking about. I then called the manager at northgate, who established that its now at cresta!! Told her I cannot drive all the way there again, and most likely be told they know nothing about it. Asked, that seeing i'd been so inconvenienced, if they could get it delivered to a closer branch, was told, 'sorry, cant do that, u dont have an account', I said i'd pay for the delivery, but no go. Cant see myself putting a foot in truworths again.

I would like to express my disappointment with the way my truworths account is handled

I would like to express my disappointment with the way my truworths account is handled. The last statement I received was in june 2009 so for the month of july I did pay the same amount as june since I did not receive my new account. Few days later a got a sms to tell me that I am late with my payment. I did phone and explained what has happened and I was told that the full amount is r 500 from which I already paid r 120, so I had to pay r 380 to be up to date and I did it immediately. I did ask what my full amount will be for the next month if I don't get my account again and I was told r 500. So before the next due date came I diligently paid r 500. But I had another sms telling me that I have to pay r 620 before the end of the weekend. Once again I was in trouble for no reason what so ever! I still don't have my accounts from july and august to see what am I paying for exactly! They just want me to pay without any statement. I did ask for e-mail to be sent to me with my statements but they don't do that. Am I guilty if the post offices do strike or why should I believe that they did send it to me? I have never been late with a payment!!!

finding items from truworths in a china shop

I had a jet account throughout my tertiary years and used to buy clothes from mr. price and then got a truworths account in my mail during my last year at tertiary, I was very pleased because that meant I could get good quality clothes for the my interviews and when I started working I closed all my other accounts but couldn’t bring myself to close the truworths one because they had nice stuff and it was always of good quality.

I felt great in them so I decided to keep it for rainy days. I used it for a friend’s wedding in april 2008 and bought myself a beautiful skirt and nice tops. I got a shock of my life when I drove past some shops in kliptown and saw the same skirt outside in a china shop, I parked and went to have a good look at the skirt and I found that it was the same thing, it was the same.

I am utterly disappointed at this, I don’t even think I will wear that skirt again. to think I paid a good r450 just for the skirt and to see it for r100 in a china shop is disappointing. I should have just gone to any shop and bought a skirt for r100 and know that I might find the same thing at the streets. please do something about this cause you are going to lose customers.

truworths is selling us poor quality clothes at expensive prices

I bought clothes at truworths in december, two of the items were torn after 3 times of being worn, I took it...

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