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Resolved overdraft

i recently asked BB&T for overdraft protection, the bank rep. on the phone said all i needed to do was to...

1 comment Big Stone Gap Banks

deposits as debits

I am flat out furious after being declined with my debit card for the first time in my life. About two weeks ago I switched to BB&T due to them being the closest bank within driving distance. Everything has gone great so far. At least until now. Due to the bank change, my most recent paycheck was a live copy instead of direct deposit. While I have never done this before, I deposited it in an ATM this past Saturday. I knew full well it would probably not clear until Monday or at the latest Tuesday. That is not an issue, and I see nothing wrong with that. My account as of now should have over $600 in it. I stop by a 7-11 tonight in order to purchase a Slurpee, yes, just a Slurpee. I get declined. I try credit and get declined. I am humiliated. Again, I have never been faced with this before. I immediately log on and see my account now is showing a -$350 balance. I nearly fainted. I immediately researched the issue, and shockingly it appears my deposit is showing as ATM Deposit Hold - Debit. Excuse me?

That's right, my deposit was instead debited from my account, and I am now in the negative. Calling customer service did nothing because it was after midnight, and they do not get in until 6:00am. I have no issue with them holding a deposit from an ATM, but I see no reason whatsoever to debit it instead. My $600 that was there before I even put the deposit in is now gone.

After doing some research, it appears others have had this issue, and this, I gather, is how BB&T does business. After I get this straightened out first thing in the morning, I will be taking my business elsewhere - after only two weeks. There is no excuse or reason they can give me that I can even imagine would change my mind. It's a shame, too. The people at my branch were exceptionally friendly, even got a hand written letter thanking me for banking with them. Everything went just fine, and now this. They've lost a customer.

  • Ma
    Margie G. Apr 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    BB&T Banks are a joke and they are all crooked. You better get your money and run from BB&T. My issue is a lot more involved than yours. One women help my son steal my mothers cd that was in her will to be divided 3 ways. Well my son with this crook took my inhertiance. I'm not finished with this matter. My mother is not here to defend herself. I will do all I can to get her job...

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bank card issue~

I suggest NO ONE use this bank. They were great at first, but things are going down hill real fast for them...

Resolved incurance on credit cards and vehicle loan

My mother has a credit card with BB&T and Bank of America she also has her vehicle financed with General Motors. On all of these she has for years paid the Insurance in the event of job loss. well after working with her company for 6 years they have let her go. She has attempted to contact the companies and get them to assist with the payments until she can get picked up by another company. All of these companies are giving her the run around saying that she does not qualify for the coverage. None of these companies had a problem extending the offer for this insurance nor did they have a problem with charging a preimum for this coverage. Bank of America charges 10% of the amount that is on the card. NONE of these companies have assisted with what they have been paid for and all of them had an application process that had to be approved before you could even qualify for the coverage. In my opinion I feel that this is a SCAM because they do not mind TAking the money but when you ask for the assistance that you have paid for you get the run around with every excuse you can think of. Please anyone out there with these cards or loans use caution so that you are not paying for something that you can not get.

Resolved hold on my account

Where is my deposit? This is a constant recurring problem. It takes forever for a check deposit to show up with BBT! Everytime a deposit is made (even payroll checks) they put a hold on your deposit for 48-72 hours. Why? No one at the bank could tell me. When I sent an email to their customer service, I got the automated response saying that they will get back to me in 48-72 hours.

Okay... I'm taking that 48-72 hours to move my money elsewhere.

  • Wa
    want too be a equal Nov 14, 2010

    i won a law suite and had a certified check for over a hundred thousand dollars i am new here and had too chang banks ; i went too BB&T thinking that its a big bank thought it will be safe for now. I went too open it and the bank new accounts ladie at first had a attitude like i didnt belong there due too the fact that i am part mexican, spanish, irish, german, indian, but i look mexican; when she ask me if she could see the check, she acted like i was a thief for having it she wanted too see my ID, i told but i dont even know if i want too bank, she reached for my ID and said i have go see my supervisor first somthing was very strange with that she told me what the bank could offer with the account she was giving me and told that the funds would not be available until the 30th of nov the day the account was being openned was the 12th of nov. she even took a copy of the check and called a person and made sure that it was too be held until the 30th of nov. I went home and throught about it and the more i throught the more i felt affended. My husband on the account his white and looks it, she asked me and put in the computer when was the last time i worked, then she me for a pin number which is normal but no key pad too punch it in i had too tell what it was going too be wth people around cashing there checks . im worried already about this bank she wanted my cell phone and my home phone i told all she needs is my home and she no i also need your cell too get a hold of you, im calling my lawyer first thing monday and let him know that his certified checks are treated worse then a personal check and this a large firm im sure there not going appriciate there being treated like that. may be he will let his bank know had there certified checks are treated, in the mean time i have too wait and as soon as it released i will move my money and the future checks too another bank that will treat me like a person and not a thief .

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  • Ml
    mlkoonce Feb 24, 2011

    This happens to me all the time! They have a sign up in the bank saying that if the check is over one hundred dollars that a hundred of it would be available for immediate withdraw. I went and put in a check in the bank about an hour ago... guess who's one hundred bucks didn't show up in there immediately?
    But this isn't the only time. It happens nearly every time I deposit a check that is over a hundred, they say that part of it will be there immediately. But its not there for a couple of days... I hate BB&T

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  • Ce
    Cecelia Hylton Feb 05, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i don't think anyone should be aloud to put a hold on my money. If I go to the bank to deposit a check from work, I should have the money that day!

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  • Jb
    Jballiet Mar 10, 2017

    Just made an atm deposit at 6:15 pm and for some reason it's on hold. The account is a second account I use for online purchases and I was a $1.62 overdrawn. So I deposited 20 via the atm and now it's on hold... probably until these scam artists can process a $37 fee first. I'm glad I'm changing banks it was a mistake to keep this account.

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  • Se
    Sean2Sean Jun 04, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Is anyone suing? Reading these complaints gives me the impression that these are bank sanctioned practices. I am a contractor and have my company account with bbnt. Im a small operation so I have noticed the fees and holds. I deposited a cashiers check for 4, 000.00 and immediately was put on hold. Three days later no word from bbnt. Day four, after some prodding on my end to bbnt, response check is being held for fraud investigation. My first job for Allstate, so I inform my customer, she is livid and contacts her bank, they inform her funds have already cleared. She demands a return of the deposit, when bbnt has no response. A full ten to fourteen days later, under threat of being arrested, I visit my branch where everyone is too busy to provide any documentation or rational. Also my account is now 4, 000.00 more than it should be. With nothing to show from the bank, and a very irate customer, I went to the teller and refunded her deposit. Still no word from bbnt. This was the beginning of what would've been a long term relationship with Allstate, estimate on this first job was 15, 620.00. Long term relations and my professional reputation probable damaged beyond repair. What is the recourse at our disposal to stop these predatory practices? Any information with regard to this matter is help, thank you. [email protected] or direct line Sean 5164501233. I am a Ga. based co.

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safety deoposit box

I had a safety deposit box with Coastal Federal in early 2000. It was at no cost due to Money Market account...

Resolved overdraft charges

My complaint is the same as the others, concerning overdraft fees. I'm out $900.00 in less than a months time. I'm concerned about what can be done to get our money back? I've talked with the local branch, I've called the Bank24 line, and I'm about to call the Corp. H.Q.(which I know will be a waste of time too). Has anyone had any luck getting all of their money returned? Does anyone know how to get this done? If so, could you, please email me with this knowledge? Is there a classaction suit in the process?
My email: [protected]

  • Bb
    bbtoverdrafted2death Sep 10, 2013

    I will join any class action against bbt, if you get any info, please post it. After they've hit me with $500 in overdraft fees for one $30 check, I would love to find out how to get my money back. Thank you

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  • I would love to join a class action lawsuit against bbt also! They have robbed and scammed me out of thousands of dollars in various unwarranted fees.

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  • Di
    Diana001 Nov 11, 2014

    Everyone should file a complaint with the CFPB. It's online and very easy.

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  • Di
    Diana001 Nov 11, 2014

    Also, appeal to your congress person or the Banking and Finance committee.

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illegal overdraft fees

They pulled money from the wrong account on on-line bill pay. The 2nd account only had $2.50 in it the other account had $1500. They billed us (TOOK OUR MONEY), $310 in overage fees and will not return it. They finally gave us $70 dollars and told us to take a hike. They were rude and the cause of this was because of this was related to the buy out of Colonial Banks.
DO NOT USE BB&T AS YOUR BANK UNLESS YOU READ all the info about the overdraft fees etc... You will find it appaling and remember that with us it was their error during the colonial switch over. We cannot afford a lawyer.

  • Pr
    provenunbreakable Jun 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have banked with BB&T for many many year. Thy have went down hill tremendously. BB&T allowed my ex wife to access my checking account even with a password on the account. They did not pay attention her name was removed. This allowed her to access my credit line. No I'm not going to press charges on my ex she thought her name was on the account an paid me back. How ever the bank took no action against the slack and wreckless employee I noticed they got a promotion a few months later. OK people make mistakes.
    So my solution since the bank didn't offer one was put a hold on my checking and credit line. No problem says the bank. I tell them I will open a new checking account and tie my credit line to that new account. OK since my ex drained me at that time they said I needed to deposit money to open a new account. OK fine I get paid in 5 days we will do that when my check comes. Well the dumb relationship banker didn't freeze or put a hold he closed my account and didn't tell me.
    When I went to open my new account I found this out. So at this time I'm refinancing my home with BB&T where my home loan had been with me and my ex. I'm approved great 130, 000 home loan my name only. At the time of this I had my 2500 credit line. When I went to reapply for my credit line of 800. No they ne'er offer to reinstate the account closed in their error. I get declined. Upon being declined I complained I'm told we reviewed this we WILL approve it just reapply again. (Promising this is illegal by the way) I get declined again because of underwriting.oh great take another beacon point from me and lie again and mislead me. Now I'm stuck with no credit line. I tell BB&T to opt me out of overdrafts they said it can not be done. I'm told there is an agreement with visa to allow over drafts because of agreements with merchants to allow smaller charges to clear. When I was 18 years old my check card was declined when money was not in the account. Why did banks change that to be allowed for their pockets that's why. I have asked BB&t to opt me out of overdrafts for the last 3 years and told it can't be done. Today I was told by BB&t I could have filled a form out and been opted out for the last three years. I have been lied to again. Yes I'm sitting on 300+ in overdraft fees now why? Because now the bank manipulate charges bigger before smaller wtf is this. When I fill out my check register I don't know if next charge Weill be bigger or smaller. Why am I insulted by my bank and asked to provide a check register if you manipulate numbers. If I have 50 dollars make 4 10 dollar transactions then something come up and I need to overdraft the next charge and choose to pay 35 odf fee for what I need like gas. How is it my bennifit to alter the order of charges when your going to let it all go through anyway? So I get hit with 4 35 dollar fees on 40 dollars instead of one on 50.. why have I been told I could not opt out for 3 years when I could? Why did the manager of the bank not care which relationship banker mislead me. Why would multiple relationship bankers tell me I could not opt out until now since fed regulations become enforced while the bank had a form this entire time. This is unfair, when do banks not have to follow udap guidelines and notify me of changes to agreements. BB&t has me doing e statements I don't get paper statements. Making changes with out a formal notification is slack and unprofessional. Don't tell me to read fine print on a statement I don't get. I thought online banking made it simple I thought using thresholds and alerts texts to my phone was enought. Why are there no pop ups on your page with I accept when you make changes that involve UDAP policies. Why do I not even get a message or account alert from BB&t when I log in. There is an obvious message feature on your site that this bank does not even use.
    Class action I'm all in it where do I sign up I havew paid this bank over 800 in fees in the past 6 months that almost half a months pay after taxes. These are unfair practices that not only BB&T does but a lot of banks do. You can't make it with out a bank these days. You can barley cash your paycheck with out one. BB&T has in turn damaged my credit with these errors violated federal laws, and made no attempt to care or fix their mistakes. I see on tv however today they are going to bonus millions to some more top dogs for their performance. Where a real attorney at that wants my case. [email protected] find me cause I'm sick of being the little guy and sick of people being done dirty like this. BB&T yea there's plenty of opportunity.. plenty for YOU to improve...

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  • Pr
    provenunbreakable Jun 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry for spelling on last rant I'm on a phone and couldn't see everything I was writing.

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  • RAELYNN35 Jun 15, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @provenunbreakable Your cool man let it out :) it's the dude that works for the bank below our comments you gotta watch for . He likes to treat everyone like an idiot even though that's him personified...

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  • Ye
    Yes I work for the bank Jul 30, 2010

    Allow me to quote. I love when people catch on!

    "DO NOT USE BB&T AS YOUR BANK UNLESS YOU READ all the info about the overdraft fees etc... "

    YEEEEEEES! YES YES YES YES YES! SOMEONE GETS IT! Read the documents that govern how your account is handled! The genius is in the simplicity and I'm absolutely giddy with your revelation!

    Also, have to agree with the first poster. In the OLB there is a field where YOU THE CLIENT CHOOSE WHAT ACCOUNT THE MONEY DRAWS FROM.

    -1 Votes
  • RAELYNN35 Jun 15, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think your absolutely giddy because once again you think your better and smarter than the people on here, so you talk down to what's wrong did you get beat up too much in school...or just lose that really important spelling bee lol! Wow your so pathetic it's just sad SAD SAD SAD SAAAAD! AND FINALLY I THINK HE GETS IT! Why can't you actually help people out instead of being a virus on here..just like herpes ... anyway usually that revelation you are going on about that's giving most of us a headache is already's read but that still doesn't mean BB&T your employer isn't screwing ppl out of money. Unless it works that way now cause you say a pamphlet and don't get bent over ??? Whatever ...

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erroneous charges and terrible business practices

There are erroneous charges on my account & have problems with how payments are applied. Causes negative credit reporting & extra charges every month.

1.The original loan was taken out in September 2006. Even though my understanding and the paperwork reflects my payment due date was the 20th of every month, BB&T attempted to Automatically deduct my payment every month on the 22nd. Charging me NSF and late fees every month, so my payments when I made my payments they were not ever applied to my principle correctly, also causing my credit report to negatively reflect late payments for the 25 months (nearly the life of the loan). BB&T has admitted that this was there mistaken but will not fix my credit report or apply the money correctly to the account.
2. In October 2009, I received a right to cure with a due date in November 2009. My daughter stepped in to assist me with paying these fees even though I did not believe that I owed this money. To confirm the amount the Hampton BB&T representative called the main office in North Carolina to confirm the amount that would bring the account current and up to date. We were given a total amount of $2853.16. My daughter wrote a check for the amount with the memo line stating that this would pay for all payments and bring the account up to date. The representative then proceeded to give us a notarized statement attesting to that fact. So, when I made my November payment (on the third Wednesday) that payment counted towards the December payment. When my January statement came, it said I owed $788 for the regular payment and $788 in fees (the exact amount of the house payment), totaling $1576 that was due for the month of January. Why was I told that my account was current and up to date; and in fact ahead of schedule if there was left over fees? If there were any leftover fees that were associated with the supposed late payments, why weren't they taken out of the advance payment in November 2009? When my daughter asked these questions, she was informed that we were supposed to tell the teller to apply the payment to fees, but we were insured by the representative in November that the account was current, and we were even given a letter stating that there were no more outstanding fees so how would we know that there were any fees? Also, the large lump sum was applied to fees without being instructed to do so, and it just happened.I do not believe that there should be any late fees associated with this account. And furthermore, I don't have much confidence that these mysterious fees will not just keep appearing.

3.My recent January 2010 and February 2010 statements have arrived, and I see that my payments are still not being applied to the principle. After all of these problems have been highlighted, after being told to monitor my statements, after changing to make my payments via check as instructed so that we can track them, my payments are still not being applied to principle as can be seen in the February statement. This is not what is documented in my original mortgage statement. My ENTIRE January payment looks to have been applied to interest, no fees and no principle even when my check states clearly to be applied to the mortgage payment. How is this possible and when are my payments to be applied to principle or fees? If this could be explained it would be most appreciated. This is another example of BB&T applying payments as they see fit without following the letter of the written mortgage statement or to the direction of the customer - ME.

  • Ro
    RoyLee Jul 14, 2012

    Lots of people like to include so many facts that they must be telling the truth, right? Why don't you just make your payments on time? If they are automatically deducted from your account then keep your account up to date. It's so easy.

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bank takeover

BB&T has been in the process of taking over Colonial Bank for months. Until recently it was no big deal. Today I was informed that my Visa Debit card will not be any good, auto payments I had set up might not work and I cannot access funds for transfer to cover costs. It probably would have not been so bad if they sent me another card first and informed me of what needed to be done? I was sitting in a local branch last week talking to a representative about stopping a payment and possible investments. I asked them about the latest of the long winded letters I got about the change that really said nothing. He agreed and indicated that they basically they were just letting me know my service would be uninterrupted. The above is definitely INTERRUPTED to me! and being without a debit card when a vacation is planned is not good. Oh they are sending me a new card. It might be here in 10 days?

  • Bb
    bbt burned Jun 07, 2010

    I was also a Colonial customer for the past 12 years...from the changeover I have $300 from my balance that has "disappeared" and $665 in over draft fees. I have spoke with customer service and been into the branch...told someone would call me within 24 hours for a total of 5 times... there is only one person, Felicia Clark, who is authorized to return MY MONEY...meanwhile I have been overdrawn since last Thursday!! Felicia has been to busy to worry with me... When I ask what I am supposed to do (at the branch), I get a shrug of the shoulders, “I don’t know, maybe we can reach her tomorrow morning”. I have contacted the local paper and news station and hope to inform others considering this bank...I also hope to find others victimized like me for a class action suit...Sorry about your card, I did atleast receive that, I guess they know how much they have to gain from letting me use my card!!

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  • Le
    leanyamr6 Jul 02, 2010

    My mother is dealing with similar issues right now. The letter mentioning that service would not be interrupted led us to believe all automatic withdraws from her checking account would be honored for the next year. It did not mention that automatic withdraws using the debit card for the account would not be honored. The first couple that were declined made her feel BB&T was not living up to its commitment. As a result, she closed the account. My first point is the letter was not clear. To me this is where the problem started so this IS the bank's error!

    She is familiar with using the phone service or a monthly paper statement to balance her account. BB&T's phone service would only provide her with the last 3 transactions (no option to press another menu selection to obtain more, as Colonial Bank provided). She had to rely on a computer printout from the branch which did not even have check numbers on it. She failed to recognize several items had not cleared. The automatic withdraws using the old debit card were refused (since the old card was cancelled), but the automatic withdraws using electronic check were paid by BB&T and NSF fees charged. Why not refuse payment and leave it at that, just as they did with the closed debit card? Now BB&T will not remove the $105 in NSF fees. I spoke with several people and apparently they do not believe in giving authority to their employees because there are only two people who could make a decision to waive the fees. I did not get to speak with the person to which this case was assigned, yet she made the decision to NOT waive the fees.

    What happened to listening to the customer's side of the situation and making a business decision? The seniors in this world are not as technically savy as the younger generation. My mother had no malicious intent to "stick " the bank with her debt. NONE of this would have happened if the bank's letter would have been clear! I have news for BB&T, as you grow in the state of Florida you WILL need to accommodate our seniors! You must look at things from their perspective. My mother's CD will be cashed out in July. They WILL NOT get anything more from my family.

    Looks like BB&T is paying customers $100 right now to open a new account. Two conditions exist to the full $100, which will take a new customer 90 days to achieve. Yet, a customer that was with Colonial even before Colonial bought Dt Brooke, is not worth $105?

    I will be filing a formal complaint!

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stole money from me

Bb&t charged me four separate forty dollar over draft fees and then would not take a single one off.. When I...

Resolved making up fees!!!

On [protected] at 8:10am I was reviewing my checking account information online, I notice there was a maintenance fee for $11.00. I immediately called their 800# and was told when I opened the account I signed to agreeing that if my checking account went under $750.00 there would be a $11.00 fee. Ha! I opened this account when it was 1st va bank sw when I was 17 years old! I am 28 now. I said, show where I agreed to this and the customer service woman said someone will call be back with in 48 hours, since there was nothing she nor her direct supervisor could do, surprise... Oh! And get this you guys, the customer service woman said they haven't even offered that service in years??? Hmmmm, so all the sudden we are going to tell customers they agreed to something even though they didn't so we can scam their money??? Confused? I was too, but it's just another way they are trying to steal money. It is now [protected] at 12:38pm and I still have not received any call. I think it is just unbelievable the way they are making up fees and steal money from their clients — if you bank with bb&t go close your account out before they take anymore of your money!!! I spent my saturday morning opening a new account at another bank, and I am not surprised to see all of the complaints against bb&t!!! Just thought i'll tell you guys the newest scam they are trying to pull!!! I'm even embarassed to admit I worked for bb&t for about 7 months. Since I have left bb&t i'm glad to say I am proud to know that I work for a company that is legit and my money is safe! If you bank with bb&t run!!!

  • Bg
    BG77 Jun 02, 2010

    If you worked there and it was in the branch, you'd be smart enough to know that there are many types of accounts, and they CAN switch them to other types that would work for you.

    When mergers happen a lot of little things can get messed up.

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Resolved kelly king covering up deborah conrad bank fraud

Dear Mr. King,
As the President of BB&T, I felt a responsibility to inform you of certain facts regarding the actions of one of your bank officers (specifically Deborah Conrad). Please know I have been banking personally and professionally with BB&T for over a decade. During that time I have enjoyed the honesty, integrity and professionalism your team has always displayed. It was these characteristics that kept us with the bank for so long. Our banker, John Murkey has always been a gentlemen and wonderful business colleague. The relationship was mutual and always based on trust. In fact, our company was highlighted as your “customer of the year” in one of your advertising campaigns.
The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the unacceptable, fraudulent and potentially criminal behavior of one of your bank officers. Deborah Conrad lied on several occasions to me personally, other shareholders and the Management team. I thought you might like a few of the facts.
1. is required by each state to establish bonds for tuition refunds. Your bank officer, Deborah Conrad, deliberately took approximately $400, 000 of these funds by intentionally misleading’s President and CFO that these would be used to teach out our classes. As soon as the State of Maryland released the funds, she confiscated them. We have already notified the Maryland Higher Education Commission of her behavior and are also informing the Maryland Attorney General’s office. To deliberately mislead a bank customer/LICENSED SCHOOL and defraud the State of Maryland of $400, 000 that was set aside for students is a problem.
2. When we were notified on Christmas Eve that our line of credit was revoked, Deborah Conrad insisted we secure all of our assets (BB&T has first lien position). We have several emails that show her level of interest in the equipment we had at each campus. She instructed us to lock all of our locations and secure over 1, 500 computers. This included locking out our employees. She said management would need to go around and supervise anyone coming back to get their personal belongings. If there was any vandalism… I was going to be held responsible. I thought it was odd she asked me five separate times to write an email explaining how I was going to do all of this. Thank god I never wrote the email.
3. By revoking our line of credit, the company had no funds to operate. To make matters worse, Deborah Conrad informed me that the $2.8 million we had in accounts receivable would be confiscated by the bank to pay down our debt. We could not use the funds to teach out students or continue operations. Deborah Conrad claims the bank didn’t close the company… but think about it. Why else would we close? We spent 17 years of their lives building the school.
4. In addition to the accounts receivable, the company had $2.8 million set aside in restricted cash. Restricted cash was part of our bonding requirements and would have been refunded to the company had we taught out the students we still had in class. By revoking our line, we lost any opportunity to teach out the classes and use these funds to pay down business debt.
5. Another event that goes to show the lack of character Deborah Conrad displays is when she scheduled a meeting with our entire management team after the company was closed. When the management team showed up she had the bank’s counsel with her. At no time did Deborah Conrad inform us that the counsel was going to be present. To make matters worse, she introduced counsel as “Oh, this David… he works with the bank.” She deliberately misrepresented who he was and why he was there. Deborah was shocked to see that I flew in from Florida to attend the meeting. I walked in last. She scheduled the meeting with our Company’s CEO and CFO and assumed I wasn’t going to attend. When I walked in and asked specifically who this person was and why he was there she stumbled around trying to explain that we should have known counsel was coming because she had cc’d him on the email she sent to Chuck Lang (our president). We ended up walking out of the meeting. Her behavior was despicable. We are filing a complaint with the Maryland bar regarding David Fontana’s actions (he is your attorney). Mr. King, if you don’t believe me ask your VP Ed Barker. I’ve known Ed for 10 years. He was there for the event and I trust he will tell you the truth.
6. During this time, Deborah Conrad also spoke with Sallie Mae and told them she was working with us. The plan was to sell the company over the next 6 months and we needed BB&T to cooperate through the process. Sallie Mae was shocked by BB&T’s complete reversal. After speaking with Deborah, they were under the impression we were all moving forward (like the rest of us).
7. Only 30 days earlier, we engaged the BB&T Capital Markets Group to sell the company. They put a valuation on the company of somewhere between $10-15 million. Since we had 25 campuses that were all fully accredited, our company was of value to online and accredited schools looking to expand their offering. Again, this makes no sense considering that BB&T would have profited from this transaction.
8. The $2.8 million in receivables and $2.8 million in restricted cash would have given us $5.6 million to teach out all of the classes. The actual cost to do so was only $2 million. That’s $3.6 that BB&T would have gotten back AFTER all of the students were taught out. Let me ask you… why would the company close the doors? The company would have been $3.6 million less in debt to BB&T by teaching out the classes. Deborah Conrad deliberately caused this problem. She didn’t take the time to listen to the facts. She made poor decisions that has caused a huge mess. At the end of the day… I think she is simply evil.
Deborah Conrad’s story does not add up. I am offering to have an independent agency conduct a polygraph test. I think we should ask Deborah Conrad if she is willing to do the same.
As the President of BB&T, I thought you might want to know what some of your people are really doing. I find it hard to believe you would want your employees behaving this way. I stand nothing to gain by any of this. Deborah Conrad’s actions has already ruined my reputation. Deborah Conrad said she was working with us for “months.” The first time we met was Thanksgiving week. 30 days later on Christmas eve she closed our doors.
The defamation suit the bank filed is welcomed by our team. You will quickly find out that we have plenty of documentation and witnesses as to what I am saying in this letter. What she is saying doesn’t even make sense. It’s stupid. We were all willing to go our own ways and move on. Once again, BB&T is making a terrible decision. This is going to be a public relations nightmare for the bank. As far as not writing any news agencies, or publishing the truth by using lawyers to compound BB&T’s lies… it won’t work. I will continue writing news agencies, spend time on television reports… whatever until the truth is brought out.
Let me state for the record – Deborah Conrad is a liar, fraud and potential criminal. Sue me. It’s true. She is the one who made the decision to steal from our students. She is the one who made the decision to take funds from the State of Maryland. had been in business for 17 years. We were the largest and most successful Microsoft IT Academy in the country. Our thousands of graduates enjoyed an 83% placement rate within 90 days of graduation. All of our campuses were nationally accredited. Our past history will prove we ALWAYS TAUGHT OUT OUR STUDENTS when closing a campus. Ironically, we lost $3.6 million…. Or should I say BB&T lost $3.6 by not teaching out the classes.
When this is all over and the dust settles… Deborah Conrad won’t be able to get a job at any bank. Once the facts come out in this case not only will she be embarrassed but so will the bank. Needless to say everyone is extremely disappointed. Unfortunately, your employee has put us in a situation where we have to respond. People are posting pictures of my children on websites due to her negligence. Everyone thinks we took the students money. Why don’t you tell the truth?

• There were $5.6 million in funds to teach out the classes available – Deborah Conrad lied.
• There were funds to make payroll – Deborah Conrad lied.

kelly king covering up deborah conrad bank fraud

  • Ju
    justin ha Jul 22, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear. mr; Kelly king
    my name is Justin ha, I been go around all your branch discuss about my issues loss moneys on my business account over $20, 000 but none of them solve the problem because they can do the account, I been wait over almost a years including loss trust of my partnership. the last branch I went on Kirby st Houston tx, still unslove and give back my moneys . I loss my investor, pls help me take a look over all my Justin ac, in.

    Justin ac, in.
    (1) 1440000639587 --
    If you can't handler this issue I have to report and claim on FDIC. and media very sorry mr. Kelly king please help take a look . if I don't loss my investor. im happy with refund all amount I loss. but now i got ask bb&t cover me all the time I loss and loss my investor because your branch . pls respond back in a weeks . and settlement in a good way, I don't want hire a lawyer because I read all your history you are very nice person, so I make is eassy for you and me . I loss over million dollars all my investor withdraw out .

    my email :[email protected]

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fraudulent accounting

Their accounting practices are fraudulent and designed to create maximum fees. Had pending direct deposit, showed as available, yet they charged a series of automatic bill payments a day later and still charged overdraft fees! So they held the deposit (regular payroll deposit) 48 hours in order to send through the bill payments a day later. The Local manger was almost completely useless. 800 # customer service reps worse than useless. This happened 3 times! This is an evil bank! Avoid!

  • Je
    jessiesa May 11, 2010

    I have had that problem with US Bank. I checked my account before I went shopping and had more than enough money available (I hadn't gotten gas either). Well when I checked it a week later, my account had been charged almost 400$ in overdraft fees. It happened to me once and I got it straightened out, but the second time I called, the tellers were useless. I asked them to have someone higher up call me to straighten it out, and they never called. Every time I tried to get a hold of them, the manager wasn't in. I still don't have a clue where the balance came from that over-drafted my account.

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real time banking???

Somewhere from the purchase order date to invoice date BBT alleged I had a negative balance. In the middle of the night BB&T hit me with 35 dollar overdraft item fees per transaction then told me I had a negative balance several days ago?. MY records show I did NOT have a negative balance and I made 2 deposits within the week which in turn should of prevented the overdraft fees and so called negative balance???<br />
<br />

  • Ch
    Chi Paul May 10, 2011
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    Verified customer


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Resolved wrongful overdraft fees (who knew?)

Hello all,

I recently became fed up with these embezzlers. I have been banking with BB&T for over 4 years now. I have the student free checking, and in lieu of charging a monthly account fee, they transfer money from checking to savings. $25 dollars on the fifth of each month.

My account was running a little low, the lowest it had been in months. I hadn't overdrafted in about 3 months or so. I had also been keeping a dilligent register so BB&T could not screw me.

Well...on the 5th, I bought $20 in gas. The transfer also happens on the 5th. Neither one of these transactions posted until the 8th, which was a monday if I'm not mistaken. Because of this, BB&T deliberately chose to credit the $25 dollar transfer BEFORE my $20 dollar gas purchase, causing me to overdraft 3 times total, for $105.

If this transfer had not occurred at all (if there aren't sufficient funds, the transfer won't happen), then I would have still been in the green.

Simply put, I never went over my funds, so it is technically and literally impossible for me to have overdrafted. My register proves this. Any way this is cut, they come out looking like crooks.

I can personally attest to this companys dishonesty. Withholding information is far too commonplace.

90% of all overdraft fees hit the poorest 10% of all bank account holders. What does that tell you?


Hunter M Barker

  • Co
    complainer04878 Mar 23, 2010

    either the money is there or it isn't. if it isn't, then don't spend any money until your withdrawals and transfers have occurred. BB&T doesn't screw you, you get charged for overdrawing your account. It's not BB&Ts fault.

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  • Co
    complainer04878 Mar 23, 2010


    90% of all overdraft fees hit the poorest 10% of all bank account holders. What does that tell you?

    tells me that that 90% should not have checking accounts. You can't be charged overdraft fees if you use cash.

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  • Co
    complainer04878 Mar 23, 2010

    one more thing on my first comment...just because it is written in your register doesn't mean the transactions have cleared the bank. I can write that I deposited a million dollars, doesn't mean I have a million dollars to spend.

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Resolved overdraft fees

I recently incurred two overdraft charges on my checking account at bbt. I deposited a check and was told that $100 would immediately be credit to my account, when it actually didn't go through until the next day. As a result, instead of the $144 I should have had, I only had about $70. Then, over the weekend, I made purchases, assuming I had my full check, not half of it. My account again overdrafted, resulting in a balance of -$276. I went into my local branch and attempted to resolve this, informing them of what the teller had told me when I deposited my check. I even asked them to simply adjust that overdraft, then if the second would have still occurred, that I would resolve it. They refused, saying that it wasn't their fault. Then, I receive a notice saying that after 7 days a $30 charge would be placed on my account, a notice I received 4 days after the charge was applied. I am currently unemployed and have no steady income of any kind. I like this resolve in some way that I can close my account, even if it means a $0 balance in my account. I will no longer do business with bbt and will strongly discourage anyone I know to use them.

Resolved fees

I have not used my account in more than two years. I keep it open in case I got a job that required direct deposit. As of December 1, 2009 I had $0.56 in my account. Yesterday, I received a letter saying that my account was negative $35.44 which shocked me. I call my local branch and asked why I was overdrawn when I hadn't even used this account. She informed me that during the months of Dec and Jan when I called the customer service number on the back of my card and ACTUALLY talked a representative they charged be $2.00 PER phone call. They charged me $6.00 total in fees for the phone calls and THEN charges me $30 for an overdraft fee. I told her that this was complete ###. What kind of company charges their customers to speak to a live person through customer service!!!???!!!???!!! They told me that the overdraft fee might be waived but the phone fees I will have to pay. Yeah, Right. Sorry, this girl don't play nice when things like this happens. I am NOT paying ANYTHING to them because I feel what they did and do everyday is wrong. I will going to my local branch tomorrow and closing my account. PERIOD.

  • Zo
    zooeylouey Dec 22, 2008

    These people are ridiculous. I got a mysterious $8 maintenance fee on my statement, with no explanation after having an account for 4 years without this happening. SO I called and they told me it's because I didn't meet the $2500 that month. Nice, so they were going to keep charing me $8 until my savings account was empty? SO fine. I transferred funds into the account and the lady said everything was fine I shouldn't be fined next month. OF COURSE, I get next month's statement and another $8 fee, then I look at my balance which remained over 2500 since I put the money in. SO I call them again. I get put on hold 3 times and get told a supervisor will call me back because of course she can't figure out why I got charged. Of course, 5 hours later no supervisor has called me back. SO I get on the phone and call again. I explain everything to a very sweet woman. SHe tries to figure it out and is again perplexed. She finally claims it's because the average since last month is not over 2500 I got charged again. This sounds ridiculous to me. I said well I don't think I should pay this since your employees are lying to me. I asked the lady last month if I would be charged for this month and she said NO. She starts sputtering about talking to a supervisor puts me on hold where I get to listen about BB&T's values (YEAH RIGHT). Then they tell me they can't take maintenance fees off my account, I have to talk to my local branch. THEN WHY THE HELL HAVE I SPENT 30 MINUTES AND 2 PHONE CALLS DISCUSSING THIS WITH YOU PEOPLE! So she gives me the local number. I call them and get an earful of attitude. They start asking me if I've been writing checks from this account, I SAY NO (shouldn't they be able to tell if I've been writing checks from this account???) and that I called the 1800 number and they all said it was about the amount of money in the account. She says I'm going to have to call you back. YEAH I'll be holding my breath. Incompetence doesn't even begin to describe it.

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  • Da
    David Benson Jul 07, 2009

    Anyone interested in participating in a class action suit against BB&T please contact me.

    David Benson
    [email protected]

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  • Ha
    hawker Oct 26, 2009

    Thanks to this website I am more prepared for the confrontation I will be having at BB&T tomorrow. I opened my accounts in Louisville, KY several years ago and never had a single incident. I have never overdrawn my account (until now in SC). BB&T holds every check I deposit including government checks. They have pulled out checks and left them sitting on the counter. They have charged overdraft fees when their holding of the deposit was the cause. Most recently, I made a deposit written by a local business. As usual, the deposit was held. Then today I pulled up my account and saw that they credited the deposit and PULLED it out again.

    I am not a rich person, but I do manage my finances responsibly. These practices are RIDICULOUS and hopefully illegal. I will join any group that is putting together a class action suit. You have my input and support. I do not plan to make another deposit with BB&T just to watch them sit on MY money interest free. I have another deposit to make this week. I intend to take this post to BB&T personally as well as to my NEW bank.

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  • Bg
    BG77 Jun 02, 2010

    Charging a fee for service might seem unfair, but it's not "wrong."

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  • Ja
    Jane1744 May 15, 2011

    The fee is for talking to their 24 hr 800 number customer service (never call that # to talk to someone unless you have an emergency... such as you lost your card/ checks) call the branches during working hours... its free ... yea... you have to look up their numbers on the website or google it... but in any case... its peferable because then if you need to follow up you can always go in and see that person face to face

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taking money without notifying me

Last week I noticed a large withdrawal from my BB&Taccount. When I inquired about this with the bank they...

Resolved overdraft fee, phone call fee, use your atm card fe

If you do not what control, of your own money bank at bb& t, they charge 2. 00, to talk to them, 2. 00 to use your atm card, they are theief, and yes yes yes, they will srcew any and ever way possiable, they pure out ole suck$

  • Lm
    LMWAL931 Feb 18, 2010


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  • St
    StNickolais Apr 29, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Filing formal complaints to get real results

    Federal Reserve Bank Complaint Department

    US Treasury Department - Office of Comptroller of Currency

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  • Lm
    LMWAL931 Jan 30, 2011

    i have a credit card with sears. it is handled by citibank. i pay for all purchases, but i don't pay late charges when my acc't is only a few days late. my balance is $115.26 and this is late charges and interest on late charges. i treasure my sears card and i hope you can help me. many banks are anti-humanity and some carry it to extreme. at any rate i never pay charges of this sort. enclosed is one essay i send to banks when
    they do this type of anti-humanity. sears has never shown me any anti-humanity. thank you.

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