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Resolved overdraft fees/posting procedures

I have been unemployed since july of 2008 and have my unemployment check direct deposited into my account. I usually receive this every wednesday, and when I use the phone access to listen to my account balance, it says the amount of the direct deposit will be deposited on that date (Which is usually always a wednesday). This past wednesday, lo and behold the money was in my available balance as usual, and yes there was a negative balance prior to that because I did have overdraft fees previous to the check going in, but it said my available balance was a positive amount. I had heard horrible things about bb&t before, but I thought since my balance was positive I could go ahead with paying bills. Wrong!!! There were 3 pending transactions that had not gone through even though they had already been taken out of my available balance that posted on the 10th (Last wednesday) that miraculously went through before my check was credited even though that direct deposit should have posted before 2pm that day! Of course I used my card to pay bills, go to the grocery store, etc. And when I checked my balance on thursday the 11th my account was negative -$81. That is because they charged me $105 in overdraft which cost me after paying bills, etc a total of $433! I talked to the bank manager and she said that with that amount of overdraft fees she would have to talk to a "second level manager" because she didn't have the authority to remove such a high amount of fees, even though I told her it was not my fault (But of course in the end they blamed it on me). She told me that if they did take off any fees she would have to block my debit card for at least a month to show me how to "properly manage" my account. That way I would only be able to use checks or cash. I told her it was the banks' fault for allowing customer's to use funds that were not readily available on debit cards, and she told me she could set up my card so it would decline it if the funds were not there immediately, but that would be a hassle because the bank's system would still look at the balance of the previous night, and if it posted anytime on the weekend it would still be the same predicament. Ok, let's fast forward to when she called me back with the "good news" from her second level manager. She told me that they looked at my account, and since I have had overdraft fees at some point during the time I have had the account (Over 2 years), they could refund me $150 in fees but I would still have to pay the remaining $286 in fees, and they would have to close my account! I could not believe it!! I have the same thing with bank of america and wachovia, and what I want to say to everyone is beware. Our banking system is hurting so bad that they are teaching their employees to lie and deceive people about how these banks' processing systems work. Not only do I have to pay back these ridiculous exorbitant fees but I have to get a new bank account. My previous overdraft fees were my fault, trying to juggle bills while making $350 a week on unemployment while taking care of a 4 year old. Doesn't anyone out there think this is cause for a lawsuit? Or does this just seem par for the course in this lousy economy and we all (The poor people) just have to eat it while the rich get richer?

  • Bb
    bbandtsucks Jun 27, 2009

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  • Re
    Reef Jul 06, 2009

    "It is not the bank's fault that you spent money you didn't have"

    How nice is that, it is not the banks fault you spend to much money how bright...

    But with the timeframe this bank proceses money transfers it is getting a blury mess, we are consumers, not pro bankers, so why can't the damn BB&T bank make money transfers instant (at least trough there own office) ? why can't they protect my account for overdrafts and block the payments ?

    There are technical solutions for it, BB&T chooses to not use them, so what can be the reason ? they make big money by making it difficult for people ?

    They have there own profit above honest service to the customers, there the pro's, not us...

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  • Va
    VACollegeStudent Jul 15, 2009

    i had the same thing happen to me recently. when i call them up to complain they said it was my fault because when i transfered funds, it was after 9pm on friday... i transfer 50 dollars on friday but it didnt post til tuesday. The women then proceeded to say bb&t does not despot anything until monday night. ok yeah right. But the funny thing is the item that i bought that caused me to over draft the second time, was bought way before the date that it posted. why was that... when you overdraft sometimes they hold you checks from going through just to see if your going to do it again. does that sound right, no, but its true. So I asked her if i deposited money on Saturday in the actually bank, going inside and physically depositing cash, then I should be fine, right. Wrong! She said you can withdrawn the cash or make a purchase but it wont go through until tuesday morning once again. Does that seem right?

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  • Go
    GodisGr8-PeopleR Crazy Jul 25, 2009

    You people do not need checking accounts! Since i have had a checking account at the age of 16, i have always been told anything after (insert your banks cut-off time here)on Friday gets processed Monday night, , because banks don't work saturday and sunday nights! duh! Hopefully one day they will, , but if you don't know this simple piece of info then you really don't need an account. Take some "personal responsibility" here. Oh yeah i forgot we live in a world where it's always someone else's fault. Never could be that you don't write anything down. That would be like me forgetting to pay my light bill, and they shut my power off and then I get mad at them for not calling me to remind me to pay my bill??? Come on its my responsibility to pay my light bill, If they shut my power off and charge $75 to have it turned back on, , you know what?? i shouldn't have been so dumb in the first place. It was MY fault the power got shut off and now my tough lesson is learned and i'm gonna make darn sure to pay my light bill next time.

    Its the same principle.

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  • Re
    Reef Jul 28, 2009

    Nock nock, you forget one litle thing, there delivering a service, and they do a damn bad job at that.

    Other bills you pay ones a month, thats easy to keep track off, but to keep track of every litle purchase you make a day with the delay that the banks bring in, is something totally different, and there for your compairing makes no sence at all.

    Nobody denies it's there own fold, but the bank could implement technicall solutions to solve this by denying overdrafts or at least use reasonable ways of dealing with overdrafts when they happen. (like a x% yearly intrest on the money you overdrawn)

    Bottom line there is no justification for charging a 35 fee on fee on fee over a few small purchaces, for me it's unacceptable.

    The bank is to store and loan money from, but they act like there the mofo sherif in town with there fees.

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  • Ka
    kathleen turner Apr 14, 2010

    omg...seems like all of us are having the same problems..i had no idea.i thought i was getting old and forgot how to add and subtract. turns out i am not the one making mistakes(except for banking with Bandit Banking and Tricks).i think its time to put a stop to them taking our money away from us.

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Resolved online banking fee

Bb&t has a $5. 95 monthly fee if you use any kind of accounting software that automatically updates from their website attached to their "free" checking. They do not tell you upfront about the fee; you will only find it if you carefully read their "online banking disclosure" they give you in the "welcome" pack after you sign up for the account. It may not be fraud legally, but i think it's just dirty. They know that most people are not going to go home and sit down to read that legalese but fail to disclose that their free service is not actually free if you really use it. The fee applies even if you do only online banking (I had no ordered checks, only online transactions except deposits, online statements) . They have a right to charge for whatever services they want; it's the way they go about doing it that's dirty. Will be leaving them as soon as possible and advising others to do the same.

  • Bb
    bbandtsucks Jun 27, 2009

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  • Sa
    sarasunnyfl Sep 21, 2009

    i too have had the surprise of the on line service fee and I only have thank heavens a health savings account with them!! Now when I am transferring my HSA to Suncoast Credit Uninion - they charged a $50. transfer fee!! And it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get there!! Oh my and they wonder why I did not stay with them when they took over Colonial which was my previous bank for years!!

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Resolved loan modification

I have been trying to work with BB&T for a loan modification since December, 2008. They had offered me a...

Resolved fees

BB&T bank refuses to cash a check drawn on their bank without a $5.00 fee if you do not have an account with them. When I complained, the teller had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to open an account with them in order to avoid the fee with a smile on her face. Doesn't this constitute blackmail? How can it be legal for a bank to refuse to cash their own checks without a fee?

  • Bb
    bbandtsucks Jun 27, 2009

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  • St
    StNickolais Apr 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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    Federal Reserve Bank Complaint Department

    US Treasury Department - Office of Comptroller of Currency

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  • 12
    123456789101112131415 Oct 10, 2012

    After you file the complaints, please let's get together and get rid of these economic terrorists from our country--let's break this mega-bank up.

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Resolved money scam

I recently cancelled a transaction that never should have taken place. The money was then refunded to my account by the company, but the bank will not refund my money for the $35 overdraft fee. I do not understand why it is that a mistake was made by another company, and therefore, I have to pay for it. My bank told me that they will not refund my money, because they gave me a loan, even though this never should have happened. I am very upset over this, as I do not have the money to throw away.

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Resolved overdraft fees

BB&T on-line banking software is not accurate and is very misleading. The software BB&T uses on line doe...

11 comments Valdese Banks

Resolved bizar overdraft fees

I just moved from the Netherlands to the US, i opend a checkings account at BB&T, very plesent personal in the office that for sure, this is a big reason to open a account there, but there policy for overdraft fees is unacceptable and i think near criminal.

I deposit some money in the checkins acount and started to use my bank card, i didn't give enough thought about the money in my account so i did 2 transactions of a total $150 over the money i had on my account.

It is my own fault i tride to charge more money then i had on my account, that i will admit instantlly, that i would have to pay intrest on this $150 (couse basiclly it's a loan) that i also understand.

But they dare to charge me $70 over this $150 overdraft, in times where the banks loan money for 0% they dare to charge me near 50% intrest on a couple of days loan (altho they call intrest a fee)

The personal at the local office was very nice again when i confronted them with this and they told me they can do nothing about this, couse this is policy, i think it's near criminal, that 70 dollars is in no way a compairing for this 150 overdraft.

Was looking on the internet to find where i can complain about this and stumbled on this site, had to write of the frustration, i have very lilte patience with big companies that should deliver honest service and not try to bend you over with policies that in no way are fair.

  • Gu
    guy10782 May 11, 2009

    it has nothing to do with percentages, it was a certain charge per overdraft item (prob around 30-35 bucks) which is very common. and might i add was prob in a disclosure you signed when you opened your account.

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  • Co
    consumer1 May 11, 2009

    I agree the problem is with the banks in our country. Those greedy snobs are the ones responsible for the economic mess. I say they should come up with a more logical and reasonable means for implementing fees on overdrafts.

    To guy10782: I think the poster understands the system as he admitted his own fault, ergo your post is irrelevant. The fact that this overdraft charge is very common is a slap on the face of every American. When do the banks decide to raise the price of the overdraft occurs when their ### are on the chopping block.

    It is time that our financial instutions ceased their extortion of the everyday little man.

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  • Re
    Reef May 11, 2009


    ThX for you're comment

    You are fully right on that, it's there polici and thats there good right and i agree i have signed on that. (I have to read the conditions better clearly)

    But come on, you can't say charging $70 over a few days credit of $150 is reasonable.

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  • Re
    Reef May 11, 2009

    Man, just checking the specs, i was even only 63 dollars over, charging me 70 for it.

    So not 50% profit on a loan of, but more then 100%, how to double your money in just a few days ? ask BB&T

    Does aybody know any banks thats more trustable ?

    -1 Votes
  • Gu
    guy10782 May 14, 2009

    i agree with what you both are saying, im just sticking up for the banking side. i manage a bank so i know how most of them run. i must add that i dont always agree with how other banks run and add that my bank charges 15 per item and has a max of 60 no matter how many items. so when you say all banks suck and that they are crooks, just remember that its mostly the big banks that treat their customers like crap.

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  • Bb
    bbandtsucks Jun 27, 2009

    Forums coming soon!!

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  • Re
    Reef Jul 02, 2009

    Ok, i've had another one on my sleeves (20 dollars over, 35 fee, mofo) i've canceld my account, i dont understand people accept this kind off mess, do they realize what kindoff yearly intrest they pay with a few mistakes like that. (and i'm not a pro banker, i'm just a consumer living from paycheck to paycheck)

    I have to start to look for another bank, I can not imagen all banks are stealing money from there customers this way, if all banks here in the USA act like this then i understand why we are in a mess now that put people all over the world in troubles. (and who can save the mofo ?)

    Coming from the Netherlands it is a big suprise to see banking here, the USA is the strongest economic nation for decades, but the banking goes like we did 25 years ago.

    Cheques i havent seen in 25 years, money transfers and payments go all electronic and for the most part instant, if you have a overdraft you pay a x% yearly intrest over that, if your overdraft get higher then the limit you set on your account your account get blocked till you put money back in.

    Starting my search for a new bank now, but might end up with a old sock or shoe box as a better alternative.

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  • Dj
    DJJohnson Aug 05, 2009

    I'm am being ripped off every week by BB&T and this is a shame.

    I think the Government doesn't intervene when they are benefiting from the fraudulent transactions.

    So, lets find out what the Government should be enforcing and sue them for ignoring the facts and allowing the banks to take advantage of us.

    If all else fails...lets remove the money from BB&T until we can find a honest institution.

    [email protected]

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Resolved rip offs!

I had a credit of 216 in my bank account and spent here and there. One day i check my balance on my bank account and it had said I over drafted four times, I went and calculated my purchases and it shouldn't have charged me four times but only once.I decided to call BB&T and they said for me to go to the bank so I'd understand it clearly. I calculated over 10 times and still got the same number, and i shouldnt have gotten charged 4 over draft fee, but only one. I purchased the amounts of $71.41, $20.43, $29.07, $27.00, $15.25, $11.92 $6.26, $3.78, $3.20, $19.69 which should not have equaled to more then 216 spent, I would have 7.99 left on my card. My last transaction was a purchase of 14.99 then it should have charged me the over draft fee. BB&T is a total rip off! they'll end up charging you when you shouldnt be charged, dont bank with them!

bank reps overstepping the boundaries of their authorities

BB&T has made many manual errors that have caused horrific situations. They have frozen my account many times in error and all they do is apologize. This is the last time for me. I will now blow this incicident up to warn other to file a legal complaint and relocate to another bank. I have witnessessed many others experience much more harsh treaments. i.e. loans not based just on your credit score more on who you know and how well you are known by the small town employees in that bank. Deposits were made and they held the funds but not only that they froze the existing funds that were there and put my account in the negative and all they said in the call center is, "I understand, you may have to go to your branch in the morning to get it cleared if it isn't correct by 6:00 a.m. in the morning. Now if you need the funds then, how is that explained. We are talking about funds that were in your account and was of no concern to the next deposit. This is not the first time this has happened to me. I will make sure this one is persued.

Resolved fraudulent activity

I have been banking with BB&T ever since they have taken over my original bank which was First Virginia. I...

Resolved illegal fees

I am trying to find out who regulates BB&T. I have tried the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation...

Resolved business thiefs

If you have lots of money that you want to have stolen,
Open an account with bb&t bank on peppers ferry rd in christiansburg, va.

I made that mistake. I am a single 57 year old white male
That lives from payday to payday, with direct deposit
And a user of on - line bill pay. God forbid, your account gets hacked, and you have to deal with the manager and tellers and / or so called fraud department. All of them in my opinion, are people that can't get a job any where else, so, they become bank employees. (Do you really want people of that caliber intrusted with your money?)

Most of them seem to have about an iq of. 5 and a 6 grade education. They are in my opinion, legal business thiefs even when proven wrong. If you discover moneys missing from your account and can prove its their mistake, they first tell you "oh, you should'nt use on - line banking its no good" or "my computer tells me. . . !!!. (Why the hell do they have a web site, and do they not bring your account up online, on their computers when you go to them in person with a problem?) oh! I forgot, their computers are different than their customers computers. I think they have a true world wide web. Our
Www internet is not to be trusted!!

I would love to sue bb&t and several of the employees personally (Like i was told by connie "well, do what you have to do, thats fine ") , but like most working class citizens, it takes several thousands of dollars to do so. They know that and thats why they become bank employees so they can get rich from their customers. I heard that at least they don't discriminate against disabled children, they take their money too!

I grew up with one of the ladies named connie at the
Peppers ferry branch, know her family, but never knew, in my opinion, she was a professional business thief. A couple of the other tellers are so - called church goers, but only go on sunday morning, to ask forgivness for stealing and lying to / from people durning the week. The manager. . . Oh well,
I think he once drove a trash truck for the town of christiansburg. Thats how he learned to treat customers like trash under his feet.

Mistakes that i make, that causes overdraft fees are
To be expected. But for a bank that clams 'client protection", "customer service", and "fraud protection", the only claim i see is fraud protection. That department protects bb&t to commit fraud to customers.

In todays struggling economy with our goverment handing out billions of our hard earned money to thieving banks like bb&t is the biggest let - down and dis - grace in my life time!Banks like bb&t have the best of both worlds,. . . Our money through thieving from deposits and our money given to them by our goverment!

Better wake up america and go back to the ways of our
Grandparents, keep your money in mason jars, and let your loaded gun be your "client protection, "customer service", "and fraud protection department. And if you really want to see the real side of people you know and grew up with, open up an account at their bank, if they are low life employees of bb&t!!!

Warning to current and prospective clients of bb&t. . .
Take your money out of bb&t immediately and close your account before you lose it. Prospective clients. . Don't even think about it!

  • Me
    melindap Feb 01, 2010

    You are right on target with this bank. They unjustly charged me $210.00 in fees for a $1.06 debit when I had the funds to cover it and the two there after.

    When I went to dispute it the cs rep typed a few things in the computer and said oh they denied the return of your fees. ( I have never had fees assesed to my acount before) I said I want to dispute it further, she said that well I can ask my branch manager but if she denies it we will have to send the request to the head manager and she always denies the return of fees the she close's the customers account.calling it account abuse...OMG, if you stand up for your rights to be treated fairly as a customer you run the risk of them randomly closing your account and risking the loss of all of your funds that you have in that bank.

    This sounds so fraudulent. I have been doing some research and I have found out that bank fees are on the rise because of the new laws that are being put in place to protect consumers will generate less revenue for the banks so the banks are uping the anti in order to get a head start on the decline in revenue ( fees) that they are about to face. They need to go jail just like any other common criminal on the street that robs you!

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  • St
    StNickolais Apr 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Filing formal complaints to get real results

    Federal Reserve Bank Complaint Department

    US Treasury Department - Office of Comptroller of Currency

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  • Kb
    kbmo3 Jul 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They actually TOLD me they were NOT regulated by anyone and when I said I would contact the FDIC, the customer rep said "They do not govern us" OMFG scammers!!! They charged me $30 bucks for an overdraft THEY caused, I don't even know if that's legal???

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Resolved overdraft fees!

BB&T and the overdraft fees that are charged are unbelievable! I made mistake, and yes overdrew my account a few dollars earlier this week...unaware of it I used my debit card several times for small purchases, eardrops for my son, a loaf of bread and a bag of chips, $10 in gas, the time I became aware of what had happened I had 7 overdraft fees charged to my account for a total of $245. Yes, I made a mistake but why wasn't my debit card declined? Why wasn't there some safeguard in place? I asked the relationship banker why after my account was in the negative on Monday, I was able to use my debit card on Tuesday, and Wednesday...she stated that the card is not declined as a "courtesy"...a certainly was not to me! I asked if there was a way to reverse a few of the 7 fees charged, and was told "there's nothing I can do." On top of everything else...if the account was not brought to a zero balance by Sunday...there would be a $30 fee added to the account! Unfreakingbelievable! My father loaned me the money to zero the account.I closed my checking account, and my children's savings accounts! They lost not 1 but 3 customers due to their "courteous" behavior. There is no reason for a bank to be so GREEDY!

  • Cr
    crc Apr 06, 2009

    I agree 100%. I used my debit card for an online transaction. BB&T charged me .50 cents and because I only had the exact amount of the transaction I made I was not aware that I had gone over .50 cents. I now have an $85.00 overdraft fee because this happened twice and they charged me the $30.00 one week fee for not paying the over draft fee before the weeks was up. They said they could credit me $17.00 as a curtisy. Why can they not just credit me a $1.00 so I would not have had any overdraft fees?!

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  • Da
    David Benson Jul 07, 2009

    Anyone interested in participating in a class action suit against BB&T please contact me.

    David Benson
    [email protected]

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Resolved unauthorized transfer and major loan problems

The bank uses "cross collateralization" for their loans. If you default on one loan or one comes due and they foreclose,
they will take all the collateral you have put up on any other loans. They used the property description for the
original real estate we bought as collateral rather than what we actually owned. They ended up with liens
against our neighbors' properties! Our attorney discovered all this when she looked at our paperwork.
When we met with them, they gave us a worksheet which was the basis from which they were advising us. Our
attorney told us even that was incorrect. She has been able to get it straightened out but it has been a nightmare dealing with them.
Literally, a nightmare. ( I had a heart attack in the middle of all this. I am sure it was from all the stress
as they threatened to take our home even though we had not defaulted on any loans.)

In a separate incident, they took money out of 1 account to put in an overdrawn account we shared with someone else.
That transaction was unauthorized.

  • Bg
    BG77 Jun 02, 2010

    "In a separate incident, they took money out of 1 account to put in an overdrawn account we shared with someone else."

    That is "right of offset." Think about it, if someone owed you money and you know they had it elsewhere wouldn't you try to get it? Especially if the other money was also in your posession?

    ALL banks have that right. Anyone whose name is on an overdrawn account has their other accounts (with that bank) subject to right of offset. Even if you "share" that account with someone else, if YOU have other money and they (the "someone else") don't, they can take what's in your other accounts to make it right.

    Had they not, you could have been reported to Chexsystems for not paying the overdraw, which is probably worse for you than them debiting your account.

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Resolved unethical charges

One morning I had noticed that the deposit I made at BBT did not appear on my online statement...but the 2nd day hold that they put on the check was there resulting in my avaialble balance being negative! I called the BBT 800 number and told them I thought something was wrong, but the teller was talking the company line about holds, etc... and wasn't even listening to me telling her that I understand the hold, but that the deposit wasn't yet showing on the account as it should be because it was made in the morning the day before. So I called back to get another operator and got the same story. Then I called the branch directly and told them about the problem, they immediately recognized something was wrong and got my contact information to call me back with a resolution. About an hour later I got a call back from a BBT rep saying they are very sorry for the trouble and that the problem was the bank teller that took the deposit did not get her "work" put in that day. They made the money avaialable, etc...

The very next day I check my account and there is a Phone24 charge on my account for $2.00!! This charge is for calling their 800 twice per month apparently. what a joke! Going in there today to get that money refunded and then close the account. Too many issues with BBT. They suck!

  • Ja
    jaejae Mar 26, 2009

    I too was with bbt. I found so many wierd charges on my acct. I am an honest human being and still didnt get the excuse from the teller i was looking for. I actually thought that someone was using my bbt debit card...i did walk away supposedly owing them money...but like i said ...they charged me so much for what? i couldn't believe it

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lying over the phone and not returning any call.

My name is Homan Hazrati. I have been calling BBT bank in Springfield, VA in Manchesterlake for the past year regarding different issues. Each time they are telling me that everybody in the bank is busy to talk to me. I have been leaving my name and phone number but nobody never called me. When I called today 03/12/09, again they told me that everybody in the bank is busy. When I asked to talk to the bank manager, they told me that she is in the meeting until 5 PM. I don't know what kind of meeting is that which started at 8AM and is going to finish at 5PM. Anyways, this is what I hear each time I call this bank. I am writing this complain so somebody would pay attention about the performance of this bank which is way below average. Nobody can tell me that this is part of the bank policy.

Resolved to many credit cards

dear board i am disable due to a bad leg, i am a christan woman and like every body . i went to the bank to consatdate a few bills and they did and gave me a vista card with a 5000 dollar limit. weeks later i received a letter telling me they had pay my bills twice. and it was up to me to get the money back. they said that i had call and said to tranattion which i didnot even know what that ment. i call my crediters and got the money and gave to the bank. i call the bank manger but he would not return my call. come to find out there was three cards in my name. i only reply for one. dont they ask for your ss number. one card came back to the bank. they said they did not where the second came from. and bless patty they send me a fourth card. i am at the end of my road. if i could move my account i would. now they hate to see me come in the bank i am not responable for they mistake . i wish i had somebody to tell my what to do . thank you

Resolved no reason for overdraft

BB&T! Add me to the list. I have received over a $1, 000.00 in fees within the span of a few days. I have a spreadsheet showing that I never should have received an overdraft fee and was never overdrawn. Their fee caused the overdraft. I was a business owner for thirty years and know how to balance a banking account. My overdraft fees are now over $1, 000.00. I am still being stonewalled by BB&T. I feel there is a deliberate an error in their computer programming they refuse to recognize.

I thought I was loosing my mind.

credit/debit posting

BB&T are extremely unworththy of care for your banking needs. If you have ever had an NSF charge check the order of how they process their debits and credits. Did you know if you call BB&T 24 and you are told you have funds and your puchases are on ACH hold. guess what there not. If you make a purchase beleiving they have sent your funds in good faith to the ones you owe and you continue to do business 2 or maybe 3 days later and the last merchant send in their request for payment. Well the funds you believe was sent to the first sent of merchants have now been re-deposited to your account sent to the last transaction (because they got there merchant request in first) is paid and anyone who you have left based on the money in your account now just costed you a large amount of NSF fee!!! There for look ant your statements closely I had 115.00 in bank made 4 (50.00, 44.00, 11.00, and 10.00) separate purchases leaveing .61 cent in the all posting on 2/17 then a purchase (69.99) that was made online 2/18 this merchant sent in their request 2/19 BB&T this company then NSF all 4 of the transactions (yes, even the 10, 11) And by the way my direct deposist from work was showing on the automated system and was available at midnight 2/19 going into 2/20 with other transaction that are reoccurring on the 19th they also NSF them as well to a total of $290.00. When informed well the funds are there and you don't post till midnight why am I being charged and if your system tell me funds are there why did you not pay the 4 first and prompted told its not our policy we pay the largest first. I say ther purposely NSF people accounts for their own selfish gain. In my opinion this is theft and fraud

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    PoorMom Apr 09, 2009

    Experiencing problems with BB&T in which they are posting the debits before the credits during their nightly processing Batch cycle. It seems that this must be a recent change to their processing strategy for I am getting dinged with OD charges... but if you read your online statement, you can't conclude that is what they are doing for the credits are listed first then the debits which infurs to you that is balancing your account that is the order of processing.

    Also had issues when a deposit was put on hold by another group when the 1st group waived the 2 day hold. It was a local check drawn on a major university... go figure... it's like a gov't check here. Apparently the 1st group didn't talk to the 2nd group to know that the 2 day hold was waived. Next day, I had ODs ... the branch CSR was a witch with little knowledge and assistance...saying I was negilent etc... The issue again with looking at your acct detail info online does not show what is really going on and is very misleading... if you follow it there is no negative balance. Another issue which was not addressed by the witch. Ended up going to another branch to get help and was sucessful. The online activity that they post is still misleading and no word if they deem that as a problem etc... BTY... 3 days later, received in the mail a bank notice that my deposit is on a 2 day hold...

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Resolved overcharged

I have been a customer with BB&T and needless to say that this bank is very unprofessional with the way they conduct business, and with the way they treat their customers (Especially the customer service call center).

I have been slammed with outrageous NSF fees. The problem is that I had placed CASH in my account to cover charges that I had did on my credit card. I asked the teller if this was going to cover anything pending. He lied right to my face and told me yes. The very next day the money was gone and I had several NSF fees. This is not the first time that BB&T has done this. I admit I have made mistakes in the past regarding my account and took the blame when need. However the past two times this has happened was not my fault. I made sure there was money in my account to cover my ###. Appearantly cash is not good enough to BB&T until they make sure they can get their damn hands in my honey pot.

When I call into the customer service center of BB&T to try to handle this situation; I was basically told 'Oh well, perhaps you should conduct your business elsewhere' What kind of customer service is this?? I am highly pissed and because I can't trust my money in BB&T hands, I have already switched bank accounts. I have been with other banks in the past and have never had issues like this. I highly recommend anyone who is a customer with BB&T seek other banking methods.

It is completely understandable that people, such as myself, make mistakes. I made a mistake by banking with BB&T. They lie, steal, and commit fraud. I have already begun making a report to the FDIC; and I will also be filing a report with BB&T Corporate headquarters. If someone would like to share with my their situation- please do. I feel that people should stand up for them selves regardless of how big a company is. This is what companies want- they think people will just blow hot air; but assume nobody will do anything about it. So these compnaies ( BB&T included) continue to get away with unprofessional behavior.

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    Dillon Feb 05, 2009

    I wrote several checks around the first of January. It was quite a shock to me when I checked my online banking around the 18th or 19th of January to find that there was $590.00 worth of overdraft fees accessed to my account. These fees were accessed as follows: Overdraft fees in the amount of $210.00 to cover Checks in the amount of $97.00 which were paid by the bank; $30.00 unexplained overdraft fee; $350.00 in overdraft fees on checks in the amount of $214.01 returned to payees as not sufficient funds. Four (4) of the checks had been charged overdraft fees twice.

    I had made a deposit of $337.50 on on the 5th of January because I knew I had to write these checks. The total amount of the checks was $311.01. I talked to the branch manager in Charlottesville about this and the impression I received from him was 'thats tough'.

    In the past several months I have had a few instances of overdraft fees. At the time I did not pay any attention to them, but after this instance I have given BB&T a second look and am very disturbed by what I am seeing.

    I have been a customer of BB&T since 1969 when my wife and I were first married and have remained a customer of BB&T through the many name and owner changes, that have occurred over the past many years. In 40 years I have never had a check returned to the payee for insufficient funds, until the last few months.

    The one thing I did notice was that, problems with BB&T began after their new posting process began, and even had BB&T tell me that they could post things however they wanted to. It didn't matter in which order they were received. Also, I have checked my account many times by BB&T's phone 24 and received information about my account, and then checked my online banking within a few minutes and the online banking told me a completely different story.

    After looking at complaintsboard I can see that I am not the only one complaining about this travesty of justice.

    BB&T doesn't seem to realize that customers are what makes them strong and not the bank itself. If it weren't for the customers, BB&T wouldn't exist. This problem doesn't seem to end with just BB&T, but seems to be the attitude of most of the big banks. The small local banks have a completely different attitude about customer service, as did BB&T a few years ago.

    The first of next week all of my business dealings with BB&T will cease to exist as I am closing all of my accounts with them.

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    chrisk Jun 06, 2009

    Letter to BB&T regarding modification attempt since December 2008:

    April 24, 2009

    BB&T Loss Mitigation
    P.O. Box 2067
    Greenville, SC 29602-2067
    [email protected]

    Christine Konar

    I am writing this letter to BB&T requesting pertinent information regarding my tentative modification. In the body of this letter there will be a summary of the contacts, content of them, subordinate’s in this forum, details discussed, and relative documents to any and all parties subject to control or information regarding Federal/Government TARP monies and conditions. It is my opinion that the summary of fee’s and charges should be disclosed much like a mortgage origination; whereby, a quasi-HUD statement be provided prior to any agreement being approved by “both” parties for their perusal, under the law. BB&T’s behavior in this regard and the pervasive, lack of concern attitude to its consumers and customers is emotionally draining and cumbersome, making positive outcomes near impossible and very time consuming.
    It is my stated opinion BB&T is making a modification extremely difficult or maybe impossible due to the financial demands they have made on me to perform this modified mortgage, given their lack of timely and relative communication, and the pervasive attitude of BB&T and its subordinates, condemning the mortgagee, and changing all of the rules of conformity. I have filed a “formal complaint” with the FTC, as the date of this letter.
    BB&T Credo: "John William’s extensive commercial knowledge and career accomplishment make him an excellent choice to succeed Dixon as president of our Blue Ridge Region, " Brown said. "As a longtime senior manager at BB&T, John has a keen understanding of what it means to deliver the BB&T brand of highly personal and competent client service."

    My first communication about the arrearage was in November 2008. At that time I received an offer of modification which raised the payment over $300.00, which they said was “just an estimate and could be higher”. (See enclosure) I wrote a written response and asked for the payment to be lowered, maybe by lowering the interest rate or extending the time frame of the loan. Currently, I have a jumbo loan for $300, 000 and an adjustable ARM, interest only for five years @ 6.75%. I also questioned the validity of the appraised value @ $498, 000, given the current value being 50% less than the original appraised value.
    I waited about 4-5 weeks before contacting BB&T to elicit their responses and I was told “you refused our modification offer”, so we are proceeding with the default and subsequent foreclosure. That was in early January 2009. This statement is completely untrue. (See enclosure) I have a letter, signed and dated with a receipt of mailing, proving this is incorrect. Since that time I have been getting forms for financial statements and letters saying we have tried to contact you and have gotten no response, “we are here to help” please fill out these forms and send them back to loss mitigation, SC and we will reply promptly. Since January 2009, I have sent the paperwork 5 times. Every time I sent one of the forms back I get the same form again and again. The last time I sent one of these forms and followed up with phone calls was in early March of 2009 and flat out refused to send them again, as they kept me chasing my tail.
    By late-march I finally contacted a fellow named Adam Mills over the phone he offered me a modification, in which the payment seemed fair, so I tentatively agreed. The date to submit the papers and monies was April 06, 2009.
    Prior to remitting the monies and final paperwork, it came to my attention that BB&T was asking for 2 months mortgage, which I thought was fair, but also wanted up front fees of $1425 for the attorney and $300 for an appraisal, plus late fees, interest etc… At that point I asked for a reasonable accounting of these monies.
    I immediately called BB&T and left a message with this request for Adam Mills on April 05, 2009, he did not return my call. It is my opinion the call was not returned due to the resistance of BB&T to be honest about these fees. As the days went by, I left several messages and finally left a final angry message stating “I guess if I do not comply with your demands, you are going to continue the foreclosure. Why don’t I just bring you the keys and let me get my belongings out! The original message included these questions:
    1. In the past, I have paid for full appraisals, which include an interior measure; upgrades, lot size, etc…cost $350.00. To my knowledge their, BB&T”s appraisal was only a drive by. Why is this fee so high?
    2. As far as the attorney fees; I questioned my personal attorney and he stated “if all you have gotten to date was the registered letter”, it should have only cost $300.00; hence $1, 425.00?
    3. Additionally, I have called HUD, the FDIC and the FTC and have been told there should be “no fees” of this kind upfront, and the amounts seem out of range as well as the payment structure set forth in the modification (1st payment 23 days after the $3, 000.)(See Enclosed).
    I never heard back, so I called BB&T again and this time I spoke to Tiffany Whitmore. She relayed to me that I left a message agreeing to give up the keys and I no longer wanted a modification. Well, somehow the other messages either got deleted or were not relayed to Tiffany, which escalated the anger regarding the message about giving back the keys, etc…this was wearing me out! These things were said in frustration and emotional distress, as this has been going on since November 2008. And further, why can’t I ask/contest the fees, interest, the appraisal cost and the attorney’s fees?
    After some dickering on the phone with Tiffany we were finally able to come to a conclusion. We agreed to a modification with a payment of $3, 000.00 on or before April 22, 2009 and 3 monthly payments of $1, 700, till July of 2009, totaling $8, 100.00. The $3, 000 was made on April 22, 2009, and then the next payment of $1, 700 is due on May 14, 2009, 23 days after the $3, 000.00 payment. I did the math on this and when I complete the modification contract BB&T has asked for (with some of the monies being put at the back of the note), with accruing interest and the additional attorney fees, I will have paid over $23, 000, to them by July 2009. Also, my flood insurance which was late due to this whole process taking so long and never knowing the outcome was not paid on time. I got a letter from BB&T placing the insurance, knowing full well I was in loss-mitigation, for the premium of $1, 235.00, a 410% inflated rate, as the original insurer’s premium was $309.00. Harley Insurance, the original insurer states “It is 99 ¾% unlikely in the location and district of this property there would ever be a flood”, and it is on 15 ft. of pilings.
    In the conversation with Tiffany, she specifically advised me that there would be no further foreclosure advances by the attorney or BB&T if I agreed to the modification; verbally I did, on April 14, 2009. I received an email with the terms on April 15, 2009. She said she would make contact with the officer in loss mitigation and have the attorney contacted and hold off further work on the file, until the time period had elapsed by which I was to perform. The agreement was made April 14, 2009 and I had until April 22, 2009 to supply the paperwork and funds. Until that time expired had I not sign the modification or remitted the fees, all bets were off, and they would proceed to acquire a court date. Well, I performed; on April 21, 2009 a fax was sent to BB&T with the signed modification and on April 22, 2009 a payment of $3, 000 was taken over the phone by, DEE conf # 475647 @ 10:26 a.m. EST.
    Can you believe, on Thursday April 22, 2009 I indeed did receive a court date, by certified mail! The attorney and BB&T went ahead after our agreement and filed the date and time of hearing, which is May 21, 2009. On April 22, 2009 I also received a letter from BB&T thanking me for my payment to “my account”. There was never any mention of the modification/new contract payment and it did not come from loss mitigation it was generated by the loan customer service office. When I realized the attorneys’ were still working on this and the monies may not have been put toward a modification, I immediately started calling BB&T for clarification. I left messages for Dee on 04/23/2009 and 04/24/ 2009; Tiffany 04/23/ 2009 and 04/24/2009; sent emails to [email protected] and spoke with Glen Milsap on 04/24/ 2009. No one has done anything to quell my distress and clarify the situation. I subsequently have spoken to my personal attorney, Jeremy Williams and contacted John Ceruzzi of Jacksonville, NC for advisement on how to proceed, alas I do not have the monies for this and the ongoing fees associated with their counsel and interest running at $54.20 per day. This lack of due diligence, timeliness, feedback and consideration is unconscionable.
    Since the inception of my job/income loss and the tragic events that have besieged on me, I have done my level best to accommodate those I am indebted too. I have reduced my life style and spending to bare minimums, sold every worldly possession, (even thought everything I had was paid for) except my credits cards and mortgages, which I used for business. I have availed myself of counseling at GreenPath Debt solutions, as requested by HUD and its affiliates. I have remitted over 450 resumes and flyers to retain gainful employment. FYI: I hold an MBA, 2002, a BS in Marketing and a Paralegal Designation, in addition to 15-18 years of HR experience/Management and for 18+ years I made six (6) figures consistently. I “do not” expect this situation to continue and I do believe it is not my fault employment opportunities are not readily available.
    At this point I need someone’s help. The reason all parties are being sent copies of this letter is because this situation is dire for many of this countries citizens. The banks are not “helping people”. They are helping themselves at the expense of consumers. Even though President Obama has flooded the banks with funds to alleviate this situation, the banks continue to make it next to impossible to get assistance in a timely, honest, and favorable manner. Foreclosure is a lose-lose situation for all and I wonder if they have and or are receiving TARP monies, saying they are suffering losses; why would they continue to exaggerate those losses by continuing practices that are unnecessary? A modification should allow the banks to recover any past due monies, and if done properly the bank should not suffer any loss on accounts receivables. Even if they did lose a small percentage of the monies, isn’t that what the taxpayer’s monies were for “to clean up the toxic assets”? I have to wonder, with all this foreclosure business…could these foreclosures be the “toxic assets” they speak of…all SELF CREATED and By DESIGN? There must be some reward for this behavior!

    In closing, I request BB&T supply me:
    • With an exact accounting of legal fees, before and after April 14, 2009, broken down to hours, minutes, and any subsequent associated court fees.
    • Interest due
    • Late fees or misc fees
    • A copy of the full appraisal done

    One Final question: Is anyone out there overseeing the way taxpayers monies are being used, and are there any rules imposed on the distribution of these TARP monies? Why should I pay all of these inflated fees when this modification has been requested since November 2008?

    Christine Konar
    CC: Hutchens, Senter, & Britton
    President BB&T Bank/Dixon Whitworth, John Williams,
    Kelly King, Fed Reserve of Richmond, Jeff Nichols, PR…BB&T
    Rep. Kay Hagen
    US State Senator Richard Burr
    Rep. Carolyn Justice
    Head of Finance Committee Washington, DC Rep. Barney Frank
    Star News
    Washington Post
    Huffington Post
    NY Times

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    bbandtsucks Jun 27, 2009

    fight back!

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  • I so agree with you!!! This is the worst bank I have ever had the misfortune to deal with!!! We moved here to VA from MI. BB&T doesn't do business there so I was unaware of their reputation. They were close so we tried them. I am very, very careful with my finances and no matter what I do I cannot have a complete billing cycle wihtout getting overdraft fees. Its the way that apply your deposits and debits that is the problem. They are crooks!!! They have this set up in a way that they can screw you every time. And you can forget about their customer service, its non-existent!!! They are very rude and not at all interested in helping you even when it is clearly THEIR fault. I really wish that a class action suit could be filed against them. I think its about people stood up and refuse to be screwed over anymore. BB&T gets a bailout everytime some poor, unsuspecting person walks in the door!!!

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    paulsbabygirl11709 Dec 01, 2009

    BB & T pissed me off the most today. i go on my online banking and see that my account is in the negetive $120, WHICH IS OUTRAGES!!! i mean i can admit that i overdrew my account only $20.00 and got 3 OVERDRAFT FEES for one overdraft.

    I calld the customer service center just like you did and this girl representive answered and i told her the problem, she contiuned with "well you should be more careful with your money and its not a bank error" I told her straight up that it was ###. how are you going to tell me to spend my money better for one. yeah i overdraft once everyone makes the mistake but they shouldnt charge me 3 times for it. and then she trys to tell me that im lieing to her that i made all these overdrafts when i have the bank recipets proving that i had the money in there and that the only thing i would have overdrafted on would be the one thing i had on hold which was only 20 dollars. SO INSTEAD OF paying $55.00 which i understand i would have to pay cuz thats what im at fault for...BUT NO i have to pay almost $65.00 more because of there greedy ###. AND OMG that girl on customer service was so rude and started to yell at me because she knew she was talking ### and i calld her ###ing bluff. BB&T IS ONE OF THE ### BANKS EVER and ive been with them since i was 9 years old and open my first bank account, AND BACK THEN THEY WERE COOL...BUT TODAY THERE ###ING LOW LIFE THIEVES...

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  • Am
    amanda R Mar 09, 2010

    yes these ### holes just charged me $395.00 in over draft fees and they waited tell me my money was gone so they could screw me out of $395.00 dollars and thier computer told me that my $500.00 check would post the next day so they made sure they posted all my debets first and all at once so they could get my whole check

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