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To whom it may concern. I have been working with Tim Horton's location #6914 for 1 1/2 years. I was employed by a manager who had resigned due to verbal and physical abuse from our head manager( Michail) . For two weeks after her leave, employees with set hours lost more than half of their hours along with being scheduled without breaks. My head manager promoted one of our teammates to assistant manager without raise, then two months later promoted the baker ( whom at the time had yet to complete any tap training) to co assistant manager which made a big confusion as to whom to contact for the schedule, missing products and or emergencies. To this date there are no accident report sheets at our location, our first aid has been empty of any necessary items ( band aids, gauze). Once the baker was promoted ( proud older Serbian lady) she began to argue with absolutely everyone. As a result two of our best employees ever resigned two weeks ago. One of which had been the other promoted co manager.
Currently I am working a 3-10 shift, alone, without my unpaid designated 30 min break. I know this isn't legal. My manager never answers the phone. So many times there have been injuries and the staff had no way to contact him. Please help me. I like working for Tim Horton's but this management is taking a large toll on my chronic anxiety and depression

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      Sep 16, 2019

    Hi Justine, I am so sorry all that is happening to you on the job, it is very frustrating indeed!
    I would suggest calling the Ontario Labor relations board. All workers on Ontario have basic rights.
    Perhaps some someone at that gov agency can assist you. Google employee rights in Ontario also.
    Good Luck.
    Keep us posted of any developments here if you can.

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