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This morning at approximately 11 AM I drove to my favourite Tim Hortons which is located in Deerfoot city .
I ordered my usual coffee with some plain croissants some treats for my dog and a muffin for my child .
When I got to the window to pay I had an old $20 bill .
Now keep in mind I did not want to get rid of my old Canadian money but this is the only cash that I had at home so I brought it with me .
When I handed them the money a lady came back and said they could not except it because it could be fake .
I said to the girl how was an old $20 bill fake have you not ever seen a $20 bill and she replied no I have never seen one of these .
I tried to educate her to let her know that this is a $20 bill before the new 20s came out which may not have been in your time but this is a $20 bill .
She argued with me and I told her to go and get a manager as she turned around to leave she said so everybody could hear oh my god this is not a big deal .
When she came back she said the manager will not except the money I replied is your manager young and has never seen a $20 bill before and she replied yes I said well I would like to speak with him and she replied that he's not in today so I Astor then how did the manager say you can't take a $20 bill which she would not give me an answer to and just kept refusing my money .
All she kept arguing was that it could be fake it could be fake it could be fake which in turn I had to keep replying this is an old $20 bill and just because you may be 16 years old and I've never seen a $20 bill this is called money .
First of all to lie to me and say that the manager won't except it when the manager wasn't even there is disgusting second of all to say loud enough all my God this is an a big deal as she's walking away to get the fake manager that was not there that day is disgusting absolutely a palling that an employee who is probably not over the age of 18 could say something like that right in front of a customer.
How Tim Hortons is employing these young kids with no knowledge and bad attitudes is the most disgusting form of customer service I think I have ever experienced in a very long time .
Back in my day you would never speak like this in front of a customer you would never treat a customer that way nor would you lie to a customer about having a manager around .
I am truly a palled by the customer service I received today and to receive it from somebody who is 30 years younger than my age is absolutely the most embarrassing and shameful act that an employee can show .
After she refused my money lied to me and was rude to me I went to the Tim Hortons up the street ordered my meal got to the front to pay and the young boy took my money looked at it and said oh my god this is so cool you don't see a lot of old 20s come in here anymore are you sure you want to use it because I would be saving these,
Now this boy must've been around 17 years old and knew exactly what a $20 bill looked like.
Now again you had an employee refuse money why are you to the customer and then mock the customer right in front of them Tim Hortons should be truly ashamed for hiring people like this absolutely so unprofessional and disgusting that an employee would show this type of behavior in front of a customer and peers I am truly disgusted and saddened at the lack of professionalism and courtesy and complete lack of knowledge .
I will never use this location again as well as I will post this on all social media outlets I am truly horrified at this experience and I will make sure that everybody I know and everybody they know hears about this story .

Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons

Oct 06, 2019

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