Tim Hortonskit kat latte

I usually stop 2-3 Xs per week and get a ten pack of Tim bits and a large iced coffee. Yesterday I saw the sign for the new kit kat latte. So I thought why not let's try it. Usually drinks are pretty warm and I wait a bit to take a sip. So now I am on the highway and take a drink, having no clue that the actual kit kat was put in the drink. Now it has soggy/soaked wafers that do no dissolve floating in it. I almost spill the drink because at first I was not sure what wa# actually in my cup. Not until I get to work and remove the lid do I see the soggy gross mess. I try to strain it out., but it was still undrinkable.
I myself am not a fan of soggy thing floating in my hot drink. I don't think the sign explains and I would like a refund.

Thank you
Vicki Stacy
10500 Torrey are
Willis, Mi 48191

Tim hortons on Rawsonville Rd Ypsilanti 48198

Oct 05, 2019

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