Tim Hortons / iced capp and decaf coffee


I ordered 3 drinks, 2 of which consisted of a small iced Capp and medium decaf coffee at the Deerfoot meadows location in Walmart at 2:48pm. The worker gave me an iced Capp that was completely liquid with froth at the top and no ice at all and a decaf that was half decaf and half regular coffee because they had run out. The location was not busy at all and I was the only one there with 3 workers present therefore I find it unacceptable that products were not freshly brewed and ready to serve. I just wish this would not happen to anyone else because I wasted money on an iced Capp that I will not be drinking.

  • Updated by Leslie Zabat, Aug 13, 2019

    Also, I recently took the drinks out of the tray and both the hot drinks I got were both room temperature. Never going back to that location.

Aug 13, 2019

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