Tim Hortonsdrive thru service / employees in training / location cleanliness

Pa Sep 22, 2019 Review updated:

date: september 22nd, 2019.
time: 6:57am

was heading to work as I do every sunday. i go to this location because i know that it has a drive thru service. in the past months, ive notice that the location places wet floor signs or cones to block and close their drive thru service. i decided to head inside since i had not had breakfast. when it came time to take my order, there was only one girl in the front of the store who was in training (as it said it on her name tag). she took my order and a line of people formed behind me. she had to go see her manager who was in the back office talking with other employees who were not doing anything from my viewpoint. one girl came to help her but the manager remained in the back. as i was waiting for my order, i couldn't help and notice how filthy the location was, the floors behind the cash were full of crumbs, dirt, and papers. there was a garbage near the front door of the location that had a puddle of coffee leaking out from it. the tables were full of crumbs and crap. how are we as customers supposed to want to return to this location if its treated as a dumpster by its employees?

would like to see a change in tim hortans cleanliness policies, as clearly, this location is proof that they are not working...

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