Tim Hortonsthey took my food but never refunded me

H Nov 14, 2017

even the workers made a note on their copies of the receipt because I didn't get any of my order right and some stuff was even missing,

I ordered an extreme italien and got two cold cut sandwiches, ordered bacon and received none, ordered 2 chilli (they managed to give me one. I just wasn't given the spoon to eat it) Told me to come up for refund and when I get there couldn't even put it on a gift card told me I had to wait over a week for the owner to get in town . I guess Tim Hortons is the new McDonalds, except McDonald's Canada knows some customer service even if they are slow🙃

And don't tell me to contact the owners because I did. And I don't know what the manager told them but I was offered $7.00 for my refund it just has to be on a gift card. And even brought back the food. I was very polite and used my manners however the owner, who wasn't even in town just told me off on the phone for "creating a scene" when I waited quietly in the corner for the manager ... i still have no money back and they have my fiid

Tim Hortons

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