Tim Hortonspoor service, inflated prices, reduced servings and quality, discrimination. (downhill)

X Jul 10, 2019

I used to be a patron of Tim Hortons, I spent over 170 dollars there a month in coffee and breakfasts Until they went downhill. Now i refuse to go there. Let me explain why...
1) The coffee cup seams break open and the lids leak coffee all over your expensive cloths and vehicle console while your driving. It makes a mess, Ive actually had cups blow out walking back to my vehicle and had to throw the cup and coffee away. LOTS.
2) The breakfast sandwiches keep going up in price, yet, recently ive found that when i order the breakfast sandwich the burger patti is half the thickness it used to be, being as thin as a slice of ham. half the thickness. They don't even taste good now. They should reduce their price if there's a shortage of meat and they cant provide you what you ordered.
3) They don't honor their all day breakfast specials and have literally turned my order down an hr before breakfast was even over saying they are done with breakfast. So following their adds i've driven down and wasted trips only to be turned away.
4) Incomplete orders after charging you for the meal. They will often not stock the amount of food they need and after billing you, make you have to settle for other things you dont even want. "ohhh, sorry were out of hash-browns" (thanks for already charging me for it. I didn't want a donut.
5) Discrimination and lack of training or service - Out of every 7 Tim Hortons employees in any one location there is only one CANADIAN employee and only 1 of 7 people can speak understandable English and 2 of every 5 orders they get wrong or its a big uncomfortable experience trying to explain what you ordered because they don't understand our own language. Its hard to order a meal when the people your ordering from cant even speak your language. Very awkward. I have Canadian friends that work in other coffee shops that are more qualified and speak better english that have applied at Tim Horton's and have been continually turned down. That's discrimination. There outsourcing their labor to get the cheapest labour possible.

I refuse to support this business any longer. Ill start going to the competitors who treat me like a real customer.

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