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J Nov 29, 2018
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last month or so, i went into tim hortons at about 11 pm, the sign above the cash said breakfast all day, so i ordered a biscuit and other breakfast items, they told me, "we don't have any", so i came back the next morning, they once again told me, we dont have anything ready, why do you falsely advertise breakfast all day then? and it's not just that, several times i have ordered dark roast, the bring me an extremely watered down coffee or a regular, which i did not order, they are understaffed, and ill prepared too often, i ordered a ham and cheddar a couple of different times and they told me we dont have anything to make that right now...so then get it!!?? but then i look at the stack of bread for the sandwiches on the counter, so they lied because they were too lazy to do their job, i waited half an hour one time for 1 sausage biscuit because evidently the cook didn't have anything ready, piss poor service, false advertising and pure laziness, your lack of authority does not deligate my responsibility, nor does your lack of responsibility delagate my authority, if your staff cannot do their job to the standards set before them, then they ought not be working there for the public, what if i was a trucker that hadnt eaten all day and they told me, i dont have any or i am not prepared, i would be livid, i assure you no one on the road just wants donuts to eat after a long work day on the road, this location has had many upset customers, not to mention staff that are obviously not into their jobs, they roll their eyes, or sigh loudly for all to hear, like its my fault they hate their job, then don't work there, but when i go in to order something, and pay my money to them, i expect service and standards just like any other place of business, i have been going to tim hortons since i was little, so as a loyal customer, i expect something to be done about this lack of initiative.

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