Tim Hortonsiced cappuccino

S Jul 05, 2018

my boyfriend speaks in English in a french community, the cashier did not understand his order. He wanted a small ice cappuchino. She made a beverage that isn't even on the menu! Instead of putting ice cappuchino java in it she but lattee java in it because she thought he wanted an latte ice cappuchino. I went back to the tim hortons, and they remade the drink for me. Stating it was my boyfriends fault because they thought he wanted a latte ice cappuchino which isn't even on the menu! all my boyfriend said was that he wanted an ice cappuchino. I responded "ya just because he speaks in English!" and the employee said ya. just because the employees only speak in french they should at least know what a ice cappuchino is and not invent a drink that doesn't exist. I never got an apology just excuses that were our fault! This happened in sept-iles Quebec, july 5 2018, store number 810, boulevard laure

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