Tim Hortonshow the service/ standards changed for the worse

G Jul 13, 2019

I have grown up with quality coffee my whole life. Either at home or from Timmy''s.
Now I have noticed that Tim Hortons franchise have gone down hill since the past 15yrs...
Saying this, I understand quality vs quantity. Understand that times change sof on and so forth. But as a devoted customers... I admit I have been searching for a coffee shop worth my money and time.

Stores quality of service have dramatically dropped. Seems TDL is more concerned with making profits. Taking our money. Leaving us with less and less QUALITY and seems as though they are concerned about rushing as well.
Product of food, cups and lids. Attitude from employees. Lack of personalities.
All I feel due to the STINGEY GREEDY head offices tell each store how things need to be ran in every store.

I feel the TIM HORTONS WORKERS are the back bones of each dollar entering the pockets of corporate office.

Tim Hortons USED TO BE GREAT and thanks to the USA and Canada changing something that is NOT BROKEN QUALITY has gone down hill.
No one said that they we're smart... look where greedy minds get's the business... CRAPPY EVERYTHING.

The employees need your ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

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