4035 S Telegraph Rd, Dearborn, MI, 48124, US

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Tim Hortons verified

7:45 am store tim horton store closed

Went In the store to get a gifts card and look at the gifts (mugs) for a retirment present and lastley also to make an order. When I went to pull the door open it was locked. There were 2 employees that we laughing at me on the other side of the glass, acknowledging I was there but would not unlock the door. When I finally got thr managers attention she was standing on the other side of the store and would not walk over to the door. She just kept pointing to the drive thru and telling me to go there. The time on the door clearly states open at 6am and we are almost 2 hours past that and the doors are still locked. Feel free to review the video footage of this unprofessional mess in the event you atr questioning your sales. As I was walking to my car another guest pulled up and I told then not to bother to go the door because it was closed and they mentioned this location does it all the time. They did not bother to get in line and just decided to leave as did I. On my way home I was thinking about what had just happened and realised that location did not have their front display ready to go and one employee was dipping doughnuts where I would normally place an order. Someone need to check this place out and out thr hammer down to the rude employees and manager. Unbelievably the worst service I have had in a while. Location is 4035 telegraph road dearborn mi. I did not have my phone and was not able to film it or take pictures when I initially went there but went home to take a short video. My question is if the lobby is closed then why are they stocking up lobby displays then? Still floored absolutely no reason for this I guess I'll take my business down the road to dunkin doughnuts