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H Dec 18, 2019

I realize the foam from the French vanilla doesn't fill the cup . But when you order your favourite beverage & your cup is LESS then full it is very DISAPPOINTING!!! I have come to realize if you ask politely for the attendant to TOP UP with coffee it's usually done without issues ... i went to the drive through in Atherley Ontario this morning & the young lady on the window was very nice but as for the other lady whom I asked politely to top up my XL French vanilla replied " I already did " I am completely upset with her reaction because as you will see the cup is more than an inch below the rim !!! My French vanilla is a an occasional treat ... With this EXTREMELY POOR customer service I'm wondering if our families daily coffee & treat visits should be taken elsewhere???? I myself work with the public & deal with HUNDREDS of guests daily ( face to face )so I understand sometimes things are complicated!!! This was not complicated & the store was not lined up busy ... I asked politely & even the other young lady taking the order "looked" embarrassed as she put her head down ... I was not going to argue with the other attendant, maybe she thought she filled my coffee ( French vanilla) but she CERTAINLY DID NOT !!!
Maybe there is something that could be improved with the dispensing machine that would make everyone's experiences more enjoyable!!!
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Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons

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