Tim Hortonsdouble double visa free weekend coupon

F Jul 09, 2019

spoke to cibc visa regarding the free weekend coupon and they stated that it was tim hortons resposibility. called tim horton and they gave me a phone number which turned out to be cibc visa again. was on this phone for 45 minutes as they had no idea what a free weekend coupon looks like and they finally referred me back to tim hortons. first thing they said to go to the bank, then it was not their department even though the monthly emails come from asked for a supervisor, waited 10 min, came back supervisor was busy, said ok will hold on as i have been waiting nearly an hour now, this went on 3 times with the last time staing the supervisor was in a meeting. respectfully told her she was lying to me and hung up. no results, just pass the buck. went through this several years ago with the same results but finally got someone to help me and got it solved. if somebody has a link or phone number for somebody that is in charge, it would be appreciated

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