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I went into the store (huntclub, Ottawa) to buy a bed for my 94 year old father. I looked at beauty rest mattress and box spring. I mentioned I had concerns about the height as my father is elderly. The sales person told me that they had a 5 inch box spring which she would show me. The height was acceptable. I was going to buy the box spring, mattress and metal frame. She showed me another frame which included a head board. I purchased that along with the rest. When it was delivered, we put it together and it was higher than the one in the store and was not safe. We opted to put the mattress directly on the slats of the frame. it is stilll very high but better than with the box spring. I phoned and asked about returning the box spring and was told that i couldn't. I said it seems that the height of the bed was misrepresented when purchasing as it was not the height that was shown to me in the store. The customer service representative said that a Manager would phone me back within an hour. 24 hours later I phoned back and (i believe) got the same customer service person and she asked me to hold again. Then she came back and said the Manager (who couldn't take the time to speak with me) said that they don't take these products back and if they did there would be a re-stocking fee. This is unacceptable to me.

Desired outcome: Take the thing back. reimburse the money.

Dec 14, 2023 3:40 pm EST
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