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The Weather Channel review: the weather channel programming has become worthless

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The Weather Channel is now worthless for weather. I live in Chicago & Tonight with a tornado outbreak in the Midwest, the Weather Channel ran their usual Ice Pilots etc. Finally at 7 PM EST they did live programming. They spent 7 minutes discussing the wide spread severe weather and tornado warning; then 20 minutes of coverage er their Tweets, videos, Facebook posts, the effect of weather on baseball speed, global warming, live eagle nest cam, a video of some stupid cat, and too much worthless trash to mention.

At the same time there are 12 tornado warning in the Midwest. There are large metro areas at risk & yet during their only "live" coverage of the evening they don't cover the weather that's deadly important to us.

Give me the old Weather Channel that covered "boring" weather; live 12 tornado, 1 death, location, travel etc; done by fat boring men and women; rather than all their new brothel of young info babes with short skirts, and teleprompters and the full length views of the girls standing in front of the weather maps. If I wanted to look at cute girls in short skirts go to a bar, strip club or porn site. Just give me the weather. At least the internet now gives good weather reporting, so no need for The Weather Channel any longer since NBC bought them


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Could it be possible for TWC to offer Cantore some kind of "early retirement incentive" or let him go and pay his unemployment?

Oct 17, 2013 8:33 pm EDT
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It's true--the Weather Channel is DEAD.

So much so that I originally CREATED this account just now to SAY so.

I remember back before NBC, AND before Storm Stories (yes, NBC is responsible for the majority of the ruin, so it seems, but Storm Stories, which came out before then, didn't HELP matters any), back in the 80's-90's, when I was growing up.

ALL THEY DID was show the WEATHER. 24 hours a day. And believe it or not, that's what people STILL WANT. Seriously, all they are now is the Discovery Channel REJECT-SHOW Channel--they can't even come up with shows that seem like they would even MAKE the Discovery Channel, and only make about TWO episodes of each one, anyway, which they show OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

All they do most of the time is show these pointless, over-hyped pieces about unrelated stuff like truck drivers, prospectors, fishermen, iron workers, and yes, even WIND TURBINE REPAIRMEN, of all random things, and they once even showed MOVIES for a brief stint. And what's worse is, like the reviewer said, they continue to show this senseless garbage programming EVEN DURING TORNADO OUTBREAKS.

It happened to me, once, even, during the 'movies' fiasco 2-3 years back--we had a tornado warning RIGHT across the river from us, at NIGHT, and were all scared crapless, and what do we turn on to...? A RANDOM MOVIE ABOUT YACHT RACES.

And even when they DO show the weather, it's almost ALL mindless hype about harmless stuff in 'famous' or 'popular' locations, while IGNORING ACTUAL DANGEROUS WEATHER in 'unpopular' or 'uncool' places.

Like they freak out about a sprinkle or a breeze in NYC or LA, or a similar place, but don't give an eff if there's a major severe weather outbreak in our area (the mid-south), and others similar.

And NOW, on top of ALL of it, they've gotten into the whole 'trying to be cool online' nonsense, and spend most of their live 'weather' reporting time ACTUALLY posting random cat videos, and/or people's generic, whiny tweets about it being cold/rainy where they live.

Seriously, give us BACK the old, 'boring' but KNOWLEDGEABLE meteorologists that only SHOWED US THE WEATHER, and the local on the 8's actually being in a timely fashion, ON THE 8'S OF EVERY HOUR.

WHY, OH WHY, is that so effing hard...? Seriously.

May 25, 2013 2:07 pm EDT
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wow..these complaints prove what I said. I put up rabbit ears and get 22 channels - same stuff you see on cable TV for what? $50 a month. No I get it for free! And this is not is a large city. Are they nuts?

May 22, 2013 2:05 pm EDT

Agree! Husband of Yomamabird agrees 100% as do all my surfing buddies. if we want to watch surfing stories...we have better options than TWC. We want to see the weather reports like it was back in the early days.

May 22, 2013 2:02 pm EDT

Everyone we know feels the same way about the Weather Channel. useless noise now and we can't count on them to show us the weather conditions when we need them to. what is it? Hollywood contamination? every insecure person wants to be a star? networks catering to a dumb-downed America? what ever it is...I'm convinced that the majority of former Weather Channel fans have given up. many check occasionally just to find out who buys advertising there and we protest by no longer buying from sponsors of the current Weather Channel programming. what makes the Weather Channel different from all the other crappy programming on cable? nothing anymore.

May 22, 2013 1:54 pm EDT

Same complaints here in the SouthEast about the Weather Channel and their useless drama and weather stories. we want to know the weather please. we tune in occasionally now but only to see if the weather is being told for our area. normally not. we then go to the computer to access local weather...from a non-Weather Channel source. so frustrating. we use to keep the Weather Channel on all day in the background. not for years now. who wants more anxiety? smart people sure don't.

Sep 08, 2012 8:32 pm EDT
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You said it. And it went downhill long before NBC bought it. Completely infantile - for years now. So full of liberal propaganda and those nauseating storyfilms with narrators (including the Italian "wonderboy" from Boston [I think who manages somehow to be an even bigger drama queen every time he's on) that do that annoying downward lilt at the end of every sentence like they're telling a bedtime story to a 3 yr old. Yecch!

Give us back people like Don Buser and Will Annen and Bill Schubert. And let 'em just do the weather for cryssakes. I might even consider going back to having cable if they did...well, maybe.

Mar 30, 2012 3:30 pm EDT

I didn't know there was an old and new weather channel, but I do know that the present weather channel is worthless. They need to be run off the air.


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