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I don't understand why this channel is showing commercial for sex calls. On 04/19/2020 a commercial came on...

Program wheeler dealers

Mike Brewer is just a stooge, Edd China was definitely the star of the show Who gives a [censored] about selling...

poor taste in programming

This show is nothing more than a cheap reproduction of "The World's Dumbest", without sometimes funny...

Fast and Loud!

Only if you plan on canceling the program!
Fast and Loud is thee best Hot Rod show on TV.
It shows reality, the car building, balanced with human drama.
Please do not take away the only show on this channel that has everything millions of us love, take a vote! We don't know if you plan on canceling until you do it and then we all freak out. I know some thing change but over all this show deserves more seasons.
Thank you
David Gilbert
Puyallup, WA.

Loud overpowering music

Every episode of the show "Expedition Unknown" throughout the entire shows your background music is so overwhelmingly loud that it is extremely difficult to hear the show. Could you please eliminate this background music so we can hear the people talk and enable us to enjoy your shows? I thoroughly enjoy your shows but I'm going to have to change to another channel if this issue isn't resolved. Thank you!

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You should be absolutely ashamed! I was watching what I thought was an age appropriate episode of expedition unknown with my family. Including my 11 year old daughter when suddenly a commercial came across saying aloud and in written words naked threesome. How dare you! You claim to be an educational channel, but in what way?! That isn't education, it is vile! If I wanted my innocent child to have exposure to this sort of sexual education I would take her to a bar or strip club, which is frowned upon, not to mention illegal. So how is it that you people feel this is ok!?? As a parent and a morally decent human being I am literally sick to my stomach by what you feel is ok to show our children. It's not like i'm sitting around watching pornography channels in front of my kids, I thought I was exposing them to history and learning. What you are airing (unknowingly because obviously the show you are advertising is not anything I would defile my home with) is basically pornography and sex. I hope all of your children are submitted this and you have to deal with a 5, 8, or 11 year old (the ages of my children) asking you, "what is a naked threesome?"

street outlaws

Programming for Street Outlaws has become a fight and regional racist program. Participants referring to someone from the Northeast as being a "damn yankee" is out of line. Discovery Channel should realize the "Civil War" concluded a long time ago. This programming just assures that there is still a national divide, promoted by the programming provider. I won't be watching this, and the new "Memphis" programming is horrible depiction of what I just described. Guns and knives and injury are next, no doubt.


I am an avid watcher of street outlaws and I'm watching it now and there hasn't been a race for over 40 minutes just a bunch of the same damn commercials every 4 or 5 minutes. I would like to see racing NOT A BUNCH OF THE SAME COMMERCIALS! If you want to keep people especially me watching, you need to stop with all the damn commercials! I love your shows just not the multiple commercials ever 5 minutes.

gold rush white water

Hello - I am a fan of Gold Rush. The original Gold Rush. I do not like nor do I wish to watch Gold Rush: White Water. Ever. My complaint is based on your sneaky strategy to incorporate White Water in with the regular Gold Rush on your most recent episode "And Then There Was One" I had to fast forward through all the White Water parts. Very annoying. Leave Gold Rush as-is. I can't stand Fred Hurt (he's a jerk!) Thank you!


Why are you interfering with (parker) gold rush! That white water gold show is interfering with parker... Why would you do that...!!! We love parker!!! Gold rush with parker is the best... White water gold show does not compare to parker... I hope more people tell you all that you all messed up the normal show with parker when you added in the white water gold crap!!! Seriously... You should have thought about it before you messed it up!!!

  • Pe
    Petey775 Feb 04, 2020

    Hey Discovery Channel, the Civil war is over. The quotes in Street Outlaws referring to someone from the northeast as being a damn Yankee just shows how much this country is divided, and being promoted by your programming. The constant beeping out the profanity and the fist fights just promotes more dishonorable programming. this is definitely something kids should not watch (to much violence). Thought this was a racing program, not a disgusting violence program. The new "Memphis" program shut me off from watching, just a bunch regional racism. Guns and knives are next, but I won't be watching. Viewer from Nevada.

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homestead rescue

I watched the episode of Homestead Rescue today where the Raneys were in Bedford Co. PA helping a family of four from Baltimore when were trying to live off grid. I have a serious question and a complaint. First the question. Was the deer season even open when Raney's son took the homesteader's son deer hunting and he killed a deer. Did the homesteader's son even have a required PA hunting license at the time and had he ever taken and passed a PA hunter education class needed to purchase a hunting license? As a retired PA Game Warden since there was nothing mentioned regarding a license or even that deer season was open I am curious if PA's Game Laws were violated on this show. My complaint is at the beginning of the show a video of a herd of Elk was shown and the commentator stated that the area of PA they were filming in was loaded with deer and elk. There are no elk even near Bedford County PA. Additionally the commentator stated that if a person harvest one big game animal they will have enough meat to last through the winter season. That is patently untrue. Four adults are able to eat and entire deer in a couple of weeks if they are depending on meat. Lastly, No one has the legal right to live off the land by hunting deer simply because they are living off grid, they must obey the same Game law seasons and bag limits and hunting license requirements as all other PA hunters. I am a long time watcher of the Discovery channel and I sincerely hope you will honestly answer my questions and concerns regarding this show.

John A Shutter
PA Game Warden retired.

investigation discovery en español

Spanish dubbing of the Investigation Discovery series has serious grammatical errors. The main one is that they don't use conditional mode well. Example: in the commercial of Red de Mentiras the girl said "me gustaría que vengas esta noche" and the right is "me gustaría que vinieras esta noche".
This error is repeated in many doublings of the series and programs, encouraging the misuse of the Spanish. Please make a call to the dubbing company to use the Spanish language correctly.

tv programs

Dear Sir, Madam,
I hope you are well. I leave in Cyprus and i am a subscriber in Primetel.I would like to know why we watch thousands times a day the repeated adverts of your programs. Is very annoying . We pay to watch educational and other entertaining programs. I get a lot of bad feedback from friends as well. I would like to know if you are willing to do something about this. Otherwise we will terminate our subscription.

Kind regards
Elias Alexandrou

ads on the diy channel

Why do you need to advertise on the diy channel ? Why are you forcing people and children to view disgusting things that are suddenly in our face with no warning, while we are watching the diy channel. It has nothing to do with diy. I am so sick of the nasty shows you continue to flash on the screen. If I want to watch your shows I will go to your channel. Keep the crap there. It boggles my mind the stuff you put on tv. From animal abuse, to dr.'s doing gross things, to snakes! They have no business being on diy channel or other channels that have nothing to do with that. I can't even watch tv anymore because I am afraid what will be shoved in my face that I do not want to see! STOP IT! Stop forcing people and children to be exposed to inappropriate disgusting crap they do not want to see.

gold rush producers

You guys labeled season 10 episode 12 of gold rush as new and the episode make it or breake it was a dissapointing mashup of repeats labled as new. Thats false advertisement as i wa ax expexcting a new episode and my dvr is programed to recourd gold rush out of priority and now i didnt get to watch anything new this last night and thought i was loosing my mind becuse my dvr wasnt recording properly. Please fix thus or i will no longer watch discovery channel

gold rush producers

Discovery Channel

mythbusters mega merrython

I was very disappointed when you didn't play mythbusters this year. That really made my Christmas last year. Please consider playing the marathon for next year. It was the best part of Christmas last year and I would stay up all night and day to watch them all. It would be really great if you would bring it back this year and all the future years. Thank you for your time.

tv shows promoting animal abuse and cruelty.

I'm 50 years old, i live in Florida.
(My intentions are NOT to bother you or rant and vent but seriois concerns)
Discovery channel always have been one of my favorite network.
Been watching it for decades.
Now i am appalled by so many shows on discovery : using, abusing and killing animals and promoting the idea to new generations that is normal even great doing so.
For example "bear vs man", the animal is obviously forced to perform and looks miserable.
"Alaska the last frontier" why promoting families shooting animals for eating when everyone knows they have a very nice bank account, for saving money or sport?

"The deadliest catch" "the bait" " fins chaser" "fish guyz" "fish maverick" "dark waters" "operation fishing freedom" " red white and bass"..etc etc etc.going over the world and depleting seas oceans and rivers...thats a great example to encourage people to kill more fish.(no worries nature will make you money, just bring a camera and a psycho with no regards for nature.
Plain immoral, when you know what is going on in our planet in2019, good job guys, if you didnt knew you are beyond been part of the problem, you are accentuating it and profiting from it.

I remember that scene of that old man living in alaska (definetly a person that has plenty of resources and just act like he is of the grid)
So he found his dogs barking and found a endangered mountain lion perched on a 12 feet tall tree trying to avoid been bit by his dog .
He took his rifle and shot him.
The animal was the victim, wasnt a treat, its not good food so why broadcast the killing on national tv?
I guess preserving our fauna and flora doesnt sell, doesnt buy a second family car, doesnt give you a bonus, doesnt increase ratings.
Somewhere with the frustration that i have that so many people in your network and all the resources you have and choose profit over humanitarian, i have a smile that soon you wont have any targets for your tv shows.

What would you do next?
Mmmmm, good question isnt it?

Killing wild animals with power rifle and a scope or fishing with high sophisticated lurs is a bonanza...

  • Di
    dishnetworkcustomer Jan 02, 2020

    I agree 100% It is disgusting. As well as advertising on other channels with that nonsence to be shown in front of children with no warning. Makes me not even want to watch tv anymore as no channel is safe from it anymore.

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tv service

We have the Discovery Channel USA on our android box and all of sudden it starts televising Spanish and Spanish programming. We like to watch the shows on Discovery in English. Please return it to English shows. I enjoy watching the car shows and Alaskan Bush People and Nature Shows which I can not enjoy because you switched it to Spanish. Please resolve the issue for us.

excessive programme background music

I'm currently watching 'Blowing up History' which I find fascinating, however I'm rather annoyed at the loud music/drumming background music which totally distracts my attention to the speaker's dialogue. Is that relevant/necessary? I understand the value of background "ambience" music but this is at times unbearable. There is nothing wrong with my television speakers or my hearing by the way. I just find it totally unnecessary and unpleasant. Sincerely Miss S.Sutherland

ron ens on river of no return

What in the actual hell is wrong with Ron End hitting a horse with a hammer on River of No Return!! WHY would the Discovery Channel allow this! He should be punished and taken off the show!! HOW could your camera man just stand by and film that!?!? He was shoeing a horse and because the horse was not liking being on three legs he hit it with a HAMMER in the butt area! I will be contacting PETA too!! It was episode 5 Season 1 that aired on Sunday 10/27/2019.

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