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The Salvation Army USA Complaints & Reviews

The Salvation Army USA / Staff Members At Salvation Army Michigan

kate110 on Jul 22, 2017
Salvation Army Store. 7640 Michigan Avenue, Detroit MI 48210 Thanks for the good deed you for the community, especially for the poor. But it is overwhelmingly difficult to do business or buy things from this location. The fact is that the staff over there look after their interest and those of...

The Salvation Army USA / Costumer service

Yojeilys on Jul 21, 2017
I call to the pennisula salvation army office number to seek help and the 2 times I call the lady that answer the phone was very rude unprofecional, not a people person at all I think that if this is a organication that helps the community and that the community helps back with donation...

The Salvation Army USA / Damaged my floor

Brent Tell on Jul 20, 2017
I scheduled a donation pick up with The Salvation Army to get our old, working refrigerator from our old apartment. We were moving to a new place and had purchased a new fridge. The people that came to pick it up were clueless. I had to show them how to get it out the door. Then, while...

The Salvation Army USA / pick up service/ complaint process

Heardk on Jul 19, 2017
I never received a phone call notifying me of the timeframe for pickup on the 19 July 2017. So, like I've done many times in the past, I sat the boxes and bags outside on my porch labeledfor SA. The dispatcher finally contacted me later that same afternoon refusing to pick up the item...

The Salvation Army USA / I want to file a complaint against the salvation army single women's lodge

SherryGal37 on Jul 14, 2017
On July 7th, I called Mrs Iris Wade the program director of single women's Lodge to see if I can come back. She told me I didn't qualify. Which I never have heard of that? I know people that came in and out of that program, and she will constantly let them come back. I believe she show...

The Salvation Army USA / assaulted by a manager cashier, southgate michigan

Candace Pitt on Jul 14, 2017
Megan a cashier manager at the southgate michigan location on wednesday around 845 pm assaulted my family and I while we were attempting to check out. She was angry it was late just before closing, she said "this is [censor]" when I handed her my 35% off discount card, we didn't have but a...

The Salvation Army USA / rudeness

Andria Harless on Jul 13, 2017
The Salvation Army in Covington Va. 24426. I went to get help on a electric bill . I had to pay so much and they said they would pay 300 toward my cut off. Well i got anotjer electric bill in w/ another cut off notice. Tje only thing paid toward my cut off the first time was what i applied to...

The Salvation Army USA / old employee complaint

Angelface96 on Jul 13, 2017
The store in warwick across from lowes They treat the younger employees like [censor] and new employees I for a example quit my job there today it's not worth the 9. 60 a hour and being nit picked at everything I do when I do nothing wrong and when I ask questions I get attitude I...

The Salvation Army USA / donation pick up

LisR on Jul 10, 2017
I scheduled a donation pickup online. Date was scheduled for 6 Jul 2017 in 20166 zip code area. The items were one armoire and one dresser. Items were placed below awning on garage side of the house. On pick-up day, it rained heavily all day and I was advised I was the last pickup for...

The Salvation Army USA / community center

Puppylion on Jul 8, 2017
There is a sign on the door saying no children under 6 can not enter the gym. African American kids get turned away but in many occasions a Latin Ameriacan do not get turned away. There is a video of the situation of not getting turned away and there two signs one when u check in and one...

The Salvation Army USA / help! mchenry store has no air conditioning.

Debbi007 on Jul 4, 2017
For years now the Mchenry salvation army store on Elm street has been in bad shape. It is now July with the weather being in the upper 80's. Inside the store it is so hot that you immediately start to sweat. The air conditioning is not working again. Why must a customer be subjected to...

The Salvation Army USA / the major and his wife

MomHertz on Jul 2, 2017
My daughter in law, attends the Salvation Army Church in New Port Richey on Ridge Road...the Major there at first was very nice and helpful, but in the past few weeks His wife and Him have become rude and showing not God like feelings to her and her three children...this Sunday morning my...

The Salvation Army USA / pick-up services

dcurzon on Jun 30, 2017
6-30-17 really! Your idiot driver arrives and simply says I am not picking up your things cuz there a flies flying around and then leaves. And then lies. He was simply rude and a complete creep. Spoke to glen and he tried to talk over me. That is unacceptable. I am giving away $1000 of...

The Salvation Army USA / donation pickup

JoJo33 on Jun 28, 2017
I am extremely displeased with the behavior of your staff. Today I attempted to donate a china cabinet, end tables, and a sectional sofa to the salvation army. My interaction with your pickup team was diplorable. They were very rude, nasty and plain lazy. They lied to me and told me your...

The Salvation Army USA / discrimination

Victoria Salazar Ramirez on Jun 26, 2017
Just left the store located at 74-76 Salem NH, I came to pick up 2 file cabinets that had been purchased on Thursday June 22, 2017. As we were loading the cabinets in the car we needed to buy rope to close the back door, there was nobe at the store so I proceeded to buy 3 ties. As I...

The Salvation Army USA / customer service

ZJJohnson on Jun 24, 2017
Everytime I enter Salvation Army on 5700 State Street here in Saginaw employees never greet you. Thee only time you encounter any managers or employees if their following you around like you're stealing. I feel so insulted! Retail therapy is my escape I'm a hard-working individual and it'...

The Salvation Army USA / electronics

raxonline on Jun 24, 2017
I walked into your thrift store at 320 N. State Road 7 (441), Margate, FL 33063, they kept ignoring me until I stepped up to the register to assertively ask about donation pick-ups. I also asked if it mattered that I was on the 2nd floor and was told that it does not matter. The clerk...

The Salvation Army USA / high point nc salvation army center of hope family shelter

01234 on Jun 24, 2017
I and my family were staying at the High Point NC Salvation Army Center Of Hope which its name contradicts it's self Because This place is not a center of hope for Families It caters to Single Women witch children out of wed lock and Lesbian women It is very discriminating against Family...

The Salvation Army USA / unethical behavior by staff accepting merchandise

Rabies on Jun 21, 2017
On 6/21/2017 I brought 7 boxes of housewares, books, glass wear and collectible hammered aluminum pieces, some nice antiques. The clerk was rude and dug through the boxes, rejecting all but one, the one with antique glass in it. She told me to get the rest of it out of the store. Donation...

The Salvation Army USA / store policy

256a652m on Jun 21, 2017
shopping in you 23 and Vandyke store Shelby Michigan.Purchased 3 little boys clothing an end table and a farm kitchen table.I brought the end table to the front because it was light.I payed for my purchases, as i was walking out to load the end table in my truck and pull to the front so I...

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