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The Salvation Army USA Complaints & Reviews

The Salvation Army USA / manger

👎🏼 on Jan 16, 2018
Hello I want to want to your stores located on grand and Pulaski in Chicago Illinois I was shopping one of your black female managers confeonted me "do you have a problem I heard you had a problem yesterday you have something to say say it now" I stated to the manager . I have nothing to...

The Salvation Army USA / sarah, manger salvation army 6528 little river turnpike, lincolnia, va

Tony Whitehead on Jan 13, 2018
I'm requesting a meeting with her supervisor on January 12, 2018. Problem Number One: Changed the store credit rule We purchased a couch set for about $600.00 on or about November 15, 2017. Once we got the two of three items home, we noticed that under the bottom of the couch it wa...

The Salvation Army USA / discrimination and harassment

Pisces! on Dec 30, 2017
Me and my children have been living in the family dorm at the Austin location for barely 4 months now. Every sense we've been there it has been staff harassing us. And only African American families. There's been a Hispanic family that had a weapon in their room. They cause confusion and...

The Salvation Army USA / hazardous and unsafe situation at the salvation army ny

Rkharper on Dec 27, 2017
I went to the Salvation Army at 73-24 Metropolitan Ave. Middle Village NY 11379 today. December 27, 2017 about 10am to make a huge clothes donation. The door was unlocked so I walked in expecting to find someone to drop off my donation. Imagine my surprise and panick when I discovered no...

The Salvation Army USA / pricing

Lindamelvin on Dec 26, 2017
The Spencer Ma store does not price majority of their furniture placed on floor. What if I went into Walmart and nothing was priced. Every day I go in their and no prices on furniture, then I ask for a price and they have to go find the manager she then gives me a price which is totally...

The Salvation Army USA / emergency services for shelter

pqnforjustice on Dec 24, 2017
I went to this awful Womens shelter in waterloo, Iowa for help to get decent housing for myself as a single woman.but it was a nightmare everyday I was there! Abbey the manager in charge doesn't do enough to straighten out the problems there caused by the single clients there without kids!...

The Salvation Army USA / disrespectful staff

Sky Melody on Dec 22, 2017
The staff yells at us one lady was cursing at a young lady, Christmas is around the corner and they won't let no one leave until 6pm they force is going to church and if we don't go we can't eat. Now they're forcing us to leave the building on every Sundays until 1 including the family...

Salvation Army Store 2151 W Devon Ave, Chicago IL 60659 / about manager family store 2151 w devon ave, chicago, il 60659

shahid haque on Dec 20, 2017
Dear Sir, We have been going to this store (Family Store 2151 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659) on regular basis, for more than 7 years. We own/live in a condo nearby only a few doors down from the store. We also donate items to the mission. My credit card purchases alone from Salvation...

The Salvation Army USA / inappropriate behavior

Kdunn on Dec 19, 2017
I am a social worker in Nashville. One of my clinically fragile clients works for a Kroger located at Kroger 210 Franklin Rd Brentwood, TN 37207 (615) 377 3690 She feels uncomfortable and unsafe at her work because a Salvation Army charitable collections personnel has made inappropriate...

The Salvation Army USA / manhattan donation pick up

Santi1980 on Dec 19, 2017
On Tuesday, December 19, 2017 I had been waiting since 8:00 AM for a donation pick up booked more than one month ago. Having taken a day off from work to ensure I was present. Online my ETA was listed as 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM. I should also note that my original appointment scheduled on 9/20...

The Salvation Army USA / bell ringer

Jensenxo on Dec 19, 2017
Thank you so much salvation army for firing me out of nowhere right before christmas. I just met the lieutenant of the camden kroc (New jersey) that I bell ring for and everything seemed fine. I've been telling them multiple times that the location has been very slow with donations at the...

The Salvation Army USA / instead of giving the food to hungry people she talks aggressive to men and throw food away

Shelton Walker on Dec 18, 2017
Angela Wright refused to feed me.at 6:10 am I walk into the serving area to eat, and she acknowledge me that she has shut it down early, and I'm too late to eat anything and that they have nothing and I see the guy dumping grits and eggs in the trash as I replied that I'm very hungry.She...

The Salvation Army USA / handling of donated items

@sad on Dec 15, 2017
I went to Salvation Army to donate some notebooks that had been used as photo albums. They were in excellent shape and even had a photo album pages and clear sleeves so they would be ready to use. I had carefully boxed them all so that they would store well. I asked the gentleman at the drop...

The Salvation Army USA / a manager at 3900 salvation army

Pamk87 on Dec 11, 2017
Hi i have been shopping at the salvation army by me in comstock park for 4 years now and i went there friday last week 12-8-17 and when i got to the counter a younger maneger tryed to accuse me of messing and switching tags on store items um no i have not the items i picked up had all blue...

The Salvation Army USA / brenda store manager, 5152 wade hampton blvd taylors sc

Shagdancing on Dec 11, 2017
Today is December 11th. I could describe the incident today or any other when I go in there when I have contact with the manager there Brenda, I go in regularly to the store and today like no other I dread seeing her in there. I have found Brenda to be unhelpful, passive aggressive, obstinate, slow...

The Salvation Army Womens Shelter / homeless services - for women and children!- the worst shelter ever! in waterloo, iowa.

pqnforjustice on Dec 9, 2017
Don't ever come here if u are homeless woman here in waterloo, iowa! Or a single homeless woman with children!!! And if u are a good christian and clean!!! And drug free!!! This would be the wrong shelter to go to for help! If have nowhere else to go! The homeless women here who are single...

The Salvation Army USA / bell ringer

JennaStein on Dec 8, 2017
The man ringing the donation bell outside of the Giant on Cloister Pkwy in Ashburn VA Wednesday morning 12/6 was asking anyone who would listen if they would approve of the death penalty for Robert Mueller. This was completely inappropriate and tasteless. When someone is supposed to be...

The Salvation Army USA / management/ hours

Aniu Ninetails on Dec 8, 2017
I'm a newer employee and I get a new schedule every week like everyone else at my store. My manager at the store I work at asked on day if I could change my hours on 12/7/17, I told her yes as long as it was not Saturday because I had made plans with family. I went to check my hours the...

The Salvation Army USA / customer service

Trish Hrycyk on Dec 4, 2017
Salvation Army Thrift Store 4640 Whipple Ave NW Canton, OH 44718 Saturday night, cashier didn't take 50% off of a $6 item. Store was closed by time I got home to call. Closed Sunday. Went back Monday, 610 pm. The blonde lady working didn't know what to do because it was the other cash...

The Salvation Army USA / fausley & unprofessionally accused of tampering with tags

Miss April on Dec 2, 2017
To Whom It May Concern: On December 1, 2017, at approximately 5:35 PM, after an hour and a half of shopping, I was both UNPROFESSIONALLY and FALSELY accused of "tampering with tags" by Guthrude, whom identified herself as a supervisor, at your Redford location. I call this location...

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