The Salvation Army USA Complaints & Reviews

The Salvation Army USA / Manager named Laura was Rude and Inconsiderate

Oct 12, 2019

I occasionally shop at the Salvation Army store #27 on Devon Avenue in Chicago. During my past three visits, I have requested to use a fitting room, for which you need an employee to retrieve a key from the manager and unlock. All three times the employees and manager have stated that both...

The Salvation Army USA / Store Employees

Oct 10, 2019

While shopping the "Bins" at the Clinton Township store in Michigan. I was looking and shopping with a family member at some items in large cardboard boxes. First of all there isn't any "real" organization in the bins with the exception of some books in one corner and shoes against the...

The Salvation Army USA / service pick up.

Oct 04, 2019

I had scheduled pick up today for some living room furniture that is is good condition as I told them when I called for the donation. I have cats and there was some cat hair on one of the chairs... my vacuum hose had broken, so I could not get all the hair off of it. When this guy came...

The Salvation Army USA / holding good for customers

Oct 03, 2019

I watched them pull out audio gear for a customer giving him dibs and leaving that store useless for anyone else looking for a deal. The guy flips the stuff on Facebook and it's endless! It's unfair to the other people the drive to the store looking for value, but it's all...

The Salvation Army USA / becky stuart loveland facility

Sep 30, 2019

Becky Stuart at the Loveland Colorado facility said I could not pass out scripture at her facility. I told her that she does not do anything about people smoking in front of the store. City ordinance. I told her she sells Halloween merchandise and that does not bother her. She enforces what...

The Salvation Army USA / unethical behavior

Sep 30, 2019

9/30/2019 I'm putting in this complaint but do not want to get into trouble for doing it. I was at work today and the fire marshals showed up to check out the back room, I communicated to my boss via text message to let him know that they were there and i get back for an answer k via...

The Salvation Army USA / buying furniture

Sep 28, 2019

I appreciate all you do, and donate often. I also frequent my local store to buy merchandise to donate. I do also buy merchandise for myself occasionally. I did, today, purchase a couch. It was a great bargain and I am very thankful. It will go to a very good needing family. I am however...

The Salvation Army USA / nepotism, and "chain of command lovers" shortage in supplies & water... etc...

Sep 27, 2019

I have traveled all over the country for the past 4ys staying at the "Salvation Army" in whatever state I visited ( A nomad for a min). By FAR! LAS VEGAS SALVATION ARMY IS THE WORST I EVER SEEN...(Recap) Manger (Rumored...might be true) got a Volunteer PREGNANT. And Brittany is HIGHLY...

The Salvation Army USA / register lady name diane.

Sep 26, 2019

I was helping a customer carry a ac to get it to a cart, and this rude lady wearing a white shirt, comes hollering to only bring that to the front if I'm going to check out which if I was taking to the front of understand but I was just helping another customer out. Then I come back and...

The Salvation Army USA / discrimination against a homeless woman

Sep 24, 2019

I have been attending the Salvation Army Church for 5 years and became member for 2 1/2 years and was also employed at the Thrift Store in 2014. This is the most non-Christian organization I have ever experienced. I was fired from the Thrift Store under false allegations but attended the...

The Salvation Army USA / the main manager at this store is absolutely horrible. rude mean and very unprofessional!!

Sep 21, 2019

Manager at mentor. Store would not give me her name cause I wanted to report how nasty she was. She told her cashire to not give me her name. She is about 54 years old sge wearz alot of jewrly and has dark tan. She was horrible. So so rude and nasty to me and deserves to be fired as far a...

The Salvation Army USA / s.a. employees destroying charitable entities

Sep 20, 2019

A handful of Salvation Army employees are destroying Christian charities. The group that they're with has publicly proclaimed that that this is what they do. It is policy. We have seen them destroy 6. When they do this it leaves the target group unhelped leaving them in their psychological...

The Salvation Army USA / disrespectful behavior of a patron

Sep 19, 2019

I patroam a frequent visitor of this store and each time they have allowed this n by the name of Michael Carl to intimidate, use profanity and talk loud and be disrespectful to other patrons. I have experience this as well on four different occasions. I had asked to speak with the manager...

The Salvation Army USA / staff

Sep 18, 2019

Staff that work at the salvation army lisa stark is sleeping with Poeple there. Makeing nasty comments and flirting with my husband and the director and she acts like she is on drugs.. And threathing me and other familys if we are to stay there. That we better not say anything. Im scared...

The Salvation Army USA / meeting the needs of the community

Sep 16, 2019

I am writing because I am so disheartened over reaching out to Salvation Army in my need of emergency and received no help. I called on last Friday to the Lagrange office, and the recording informed that phone interviews will be conducted on Monday, September 16 from 11-12pm est. I...

The Salvation Army USA / ms regina head supervisor

Sep 09, 2019

I started working at the pollo tropical tuesday11/03/19after 2 days later thursday sept 5th 2019 ms regina told me that there would be a staff meeting @ 1 pm I said ok no problem ill be there but do to none fact I was working and my boss know that I had staff meeting and knows that I lived...

The Salvation Army USA / a donation problem

Aug 29, 2019

I accidentally left something important in the side pocket of a purse I donated. I went down to try and get it and the guy with the key to the bin wasn't there and wasn't known when to come back. Now I have to buy another one if he doesn't show up today. Why can't there be a spare key at...

The Salvation Army USA / drop off customer service

Aug 27, 2019

I've been a local Key Largo resident for over thirty years. I've always bargain hunted and believe in recycling good used items for others to use. I've donated items to this Salvation Army for years and take pride in my community. I don't ever make reviews or submit complaints but after my...

The Salvation Army USA / case manager

Aug 25, 2019

Hello, My name is Emilio Lopez. My case manager Beverly Smith has been harassing, assaulting and attempting to purge on my family because she is attempting to gain assests from my families estate. She has teamed up with the Temple Police department and as well as local gang affiliated members to...

The Salvation Army USA / very rude cashier name gladyss

Aug 18, 2019

On Thursday. I saw some old books. One caught my attention. I was looking at it. Gladyss got very angry ripped out of my hands & said it's not for sale. I understood that. Wanted to look at it. She ripped that book 2 more times out of my hands! Thought she was going to tear that book. When...

The Salvation Army USA / litigation payments

Aug 17, 2019

Salvation Army was sued by William of England and I as a cousin was a party in the case. Salvation Army has not fulfilled there court ordered obligation to pay on this law suit. They still owe William money and the money that they owed me Julie Ann Nolting who was a recent client at 30 SW...

The Salvation Army USA / co worker and the back stabbing and lies

Aug 15, 2019

I have worked at the salvation army for almost 4 and a half years, i have had 2 different bosses. I started with chris west then i had chris street now i have chris west back. since Lt. chris West has been back he has only been to the store twice in a yaer and a half. We do not get...

The Salvation Army USA / emergency services

Aug 13, 2019

I came up there for help with my rent. I am on disability and this month I couldn't cover my portion of the rent. I am on section 8 as and my portion is only 80 dollars and do you know you all wouldn't help me at all. I was told that I had enough money to cover my rent. You all have to...

The Salvation Army USA / bad management hostile work environment

Aug 12, 2019

Billie Lawson RENE hamrick major Mila huttenlocker are very hostile and mean people.they refused to stop treating me and my staff like dirt.they disrespected me and my position. They black listed me and cut me out of all managers meetings.refused to discuss my complaints and Nina told me...

The Salvation Army USA / treatment by intern

Aug 05, 2019

Caroline Armstrong made rude remarks while I was seeking shelter from domestic abuse. When I went to file a complaint she sat and laughed the entire time as I cried in frustration and mistreatment. I'm not a confrontational individual. They had me sleep on a mat in the hallway after being...

The Salvation Army USA / rude employee

Aug 01, 2019

This happened 8/01/19 I dropped off two bags of clothes not realizing they were open or that it was illegal to drop and leave. The man told me and pointed to the side of the trailer, I am pretty sure nobody reads the sides of your trailers, anyway he looked at me in such a way he actually...

The Salvation Army USA / sofa & loveseat donation

Jul 30, 2019

I have a nice sofa and love seat donation that the Salvation Army decided once they arrived at my house to not take the furnitire due to them having too many like it. What a disappointment that the Salvation Army can be picky on what donations that they take when what the would be taking...

The Salvation Army USA / employee complaint

Jul 30, 2019

This submission is in regards to, the unprofessional behavior and attitude of an employee Ms. Kevyana Moore. Whom is an Social Service Administrative Assistant within Savation Army. This is an attempt to enourage Ms. Moore to contiously have an professional presence in all endevours. The...

Salvation Army / unethical behavior

Jul 24, 2019

Salvation ArmyManager of this store took pictures of me and accused me for stealing. She was sitting in this vehicle taking my picture with her phone. After this accusation of theft I don't feel comfortable walking by or visiting the store or walking around in the town. I don't know who she is showing...

The Salvation Army USA / the major of your facility

Jul 23, 2019

I am an alumi of your program and I go to support the residents their to help them in there Recovery on several times I have been asked to breathalyzer and also tuck my shirt in or I can't come in. I do not live there and I come from work just to support and your Major has made it so...

The Salvation Army USA / general complaint

Jul 22, 2019

To whom it may concern, I will start off by saying I don't like to complain and I thing highly of the Salvation Army and all the good they do for our communities in the US. My discontent is with the general conditions in the stores. I used to shop more often but came to realize the dust and...

The Salvation Army USA / furniture pick - up

Jul 22, 2019

I waited three weeks for pick-up. It was complicated for me because the pickup was from a nursing home so knowing pick-up time was very important. When the men got there I was told they don't take furniture. This was a very good dresser made of solid wood, not like the stuff you buy today...

The Salvation Army USA / feeding program

Jul 21, 2019

They are banning and calling the police on folk with made up lies. I have seen where majority of the homeless starving community have this issue. Someone needs to come speak with the community about this. The workers family whom are all obesse comes and eats the hot food that in suppose to...

The Salvation Army USA / donation

Jul 20, 2019

Same complaint as with many others we spent the evening before cleaning out items only to be turned down, such a waste of time. One of the items a huge office desk, cherry wood and in excellent condition refused "because it's a desk". I would probably accept it more if the lead time for...

The Salvation Army USA / manager

Jul 15, 2019

There is this manager or supervisor named Stephanie at the Sarasota store who shops for herself or family members on company time and also changes prices. She brings boxes with shoes and purses on the floor and she rummages thru them and picks the things she likes or offers them to only...

The Salvation Army USA / shelter

Jul 10, 2019

I was dismissed from the shelter because another resident said I was allegedly recording on my lap top. First of all, I do not need anyone knowing I'm in a shelter. Second, none of them women are even interesting enough to record (no offense). Third, that is invasion of privacy; if I don't...

The Salvation Army USA / sewing machine and sterling silver set

Jul 01, 2019

The Salvation Army USADate of purchase: 4/19/19 my contact information Louisette [protected] louisette. [protected] I just moved out of a domestic violence shelter and spent over $400 in furniture and other things at the local salvation army to furnish my apartment. I bought a sterling silver set for...

The Salvation Army USA / furniture pickup donation

Jun 26, 2019

I submitted a request for furniture pick up tothe Salvation Army on June 18 of 2019, here in Savannah, Ga. The document stated to call them if no responds to my online request. well, guess what, no one resonded to my online request, after waiting 2 days! So I decided to call them directly, and...

The Salvation Army USA / service - harassment

Jun 18, 2019

The supervisor lady with the long weave closely followed me for approximately 20 minutes. I immediately decided not to buy anything due to the offense. She had the nerve to loudly call another worker to go downstairs shortly after I went down there.. like really.. it's a thrift shop...

The Salvation Army USA / price

Jun 15, 2019

I was in the Whipple Ave. store in Canton, Ohio today. There were two signs in the front window that read 75% off Zara merchandise. The cashier said that Zara merchandise was 50% off. I told her the signs in the window read 75% off, she called the manager who refused to honor signs. I feel...