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The American Legion Complaints & Reviews

The American Legion / unethical behaviour: verbally abusive bartender

Sep 26, 2019

My husband is retired military, and we live near Rehoboth so we stopped in to get a drink. The barmaid said that he needed to be member, asked for military id, then said we had to sign in as well. I signed in. We ordered drinks, and she served us but then when we tried to pay, she announced that...

American Legion Post 96 / abuse of power against patrons

Sep 10, 2019

Talking about the post Patron was dismissed from the post and barred from coming back in this was just a rumor and alcohol played a high situation I was told patrons have no power or opinion and that they Commander has the right to Bar anyone who feels like this is not proper etiquette...

American Legion / unprofessional conduct of the commander failing to follow protocol during election

Sep 06, 2019

June 7th 2019 two people running for Commander 23 votes were cast one member receive 13 volts one member receive 10 volts upon the counted of the votes nobody check the sign-in sheet to see how many individuals had sign in it was brought to my attention and I found it to be unethical and...

American Legion Post 241 Baldwin Park, CA Commander Rudy Avelar / commander, rudy avelar and 2nd vice med garcia - action needed immediately!!

Jul 30, 2019

COMMANDER: RUDY "COACH" AVELAR, is running the Post and the name of the American Legion straight into the ground. He believes Post 241 is his personal playground and the money brought in is for his own use to pay off his personal debts. How can anyone get elected COMMANDER when he...

American Legion / harassment

Jul 28, 2019

What is the proper way to refute a complain about a member? A friend had a sexual harassment complaint called in and the person receiving the call won't even let the person give his side of the story. This person not only did not talk to him in private but yelled at him in front of a bunch...

The American Legion / can't get help

Jun 11, 2019

My name is Stacey S Latimer (Last 4- 9349) (call back number [protected]). For almost 2 month now. I have called the American Legion almost everyday leaving messages. On 5/17/19 at 12:05pm I received a recorded message from Dave Sprinkle, switch didn't help me. The end of the message state...

The American Legion / stanley adler

Mar 01, 2019

My husband is with the American legion located in Louisville, ky. His VSO, Stanley Adler, has been rude, disrespectful, unhelpful and argumentative whenever he interacts with my husband. Mr. Adler offers no advice to my husband if he has no answers to any question (which is always the...

The American Legion / re:bullying if member

Nov 14, 2018

I use to be a highly supportive member however the American Legion allows local posts to do whatever they want which includes bullying individuals.The commander Bret Reistad ignored my FB message then blocked me .The legion can pick and choose members as they want and have meetings behind...

The American Legion / american legionnaire trust program

Sep 27, 2018

I purchased hospital insurance through the American legion. Approx a year past and I had to have surgery and was in the hospital back in May 2018. I filed a claim sent them itemized bill, doctor sent one too, all the tests and results and every couple weeks I get a paper telling me I have...

The American Legion / failure to investigate complaint of misconduct

Dec 04, 2017

The American Legion and Its Response to Member Misconduct By Paul McInerny December 2017 From the June 4, 2013 American Legion: "On June 3, President Barack Obama signed into law The American Legion-backed Stolen Valor Act of 2013, which now makes it a "federal crime for an individual to...

American Legion Post 335 / the way this non profit organization is ran,

Jul 01, 2017

This business is suppose to be for veterans, veterans family, community, suppose to be and show proof that udid military time and were honorably discharged, there are people there that have not been honorably discharged, that arnt even eligible to be members, not only are they a nonmember...

American Legion / refusing to assist new member with rental assistance

Apr 06, 2016

legion has denied me help with funds for rent, saying that I do not qualify because I am single this is discrimination and demeaning,

American Legion / madawaska legion

Jul 28, 2015

I went into the Madawaska Legion and had several beers. I talked to a woman and was attacked by a person whom I didn't know. As I fell to the floor, I had a beer bottle in my hand. The assailant started punching me in the face. I used the bottle to defend myself. The assailant ran out...

The American Legion / discrimination against disabled veterans


This is to inform one and all of a situation at the American Legion Post 470 at ADDRESS in Fishers Indiana. I am attempting to contact the officers of the American Legion Post 470 and, if you are not one of the officers, you share the last name of one of the officers. I am a Disabled Vietnam...

American Legion / discrimination


This is to inform one and all of a situation at the American Legion Post 470 at ADDRESS in Fishers Indiana. I am attempting to contact the officers of the American Legion Post 470 and, if you are not one of the officers, you share the last name of one of the officers. I am a Disabled Vietnam...