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We ordered a new washer and dryer from the Brick in the fall, plus 4 new kitchen appliances for our new home (ordered early Sept 2023, delivered late Oct 2023). The problem with our order is the washer and dryer – it is not the model that we wanted and thought that we were getting.

We offered to visit the salesperson’s store directly to make our purchase, but the salesperson said that was not necessary - that we could do everything online and by email. However, that's when the problem occurred. We thought that we were getting the same washer / dryer set that we had seen earlier in a Brick store - but did not realize that there was more than one style. The online picture of the washer and dryer provided looked the same as the appliances we had seen in the store.

We believe that if the salesperson had taken more time with us and had us come to their store directly, this mistake would not have been made. The salesperson only seemed interested in selling us the additional warranty for all the appliances – not so concerned that we were getting the appliances we really wanted. We called to ask questions, but the salesperson was more interested in having us provide our Visa asap to purchase the warranty plan - we really had no time to review the final purchases that we were making. The whole experience felt rushed, unprofessional, overwhelming, and confusing.

This is what we received:

Electrolux Washer ELFW753T

Electrolux Dryer ELFE753T

But this is what we thought we had ordered:

Electrolux Washer ELFW7637CAT

Electrolux Dryer ELFE763CAT

In addition to the appliances not being the model we wanted, there were missing brackets for the washer and dryer pedestals. We called the Brick right away and the brackets were delivered a week later. But that delayed setting up the washer and dryer. The Brick delivery staff had put the dryer in the laundry room placed in such a way that we could not open the door to examine the inside. We could not install the washer and dryer onto the pedestals until one week later when the missing pedestal parts arrived from the Brick. Once we had the pedestals and moved and mounted the washer and dryer on them, we were able to see that we did not have the washer and dryer that we planned to purchase.

Once we discovered this issue, we contacted the salesperson right away, then the salesperson's supervisor, and eventually the store manager in early November 2023. We were not asking for a refund - and were willing to pay for the product difference, delivery, and setup. We got three different return / exchange policy stories from the three different individuals at that store. I tried again recently (early January) to reach out to that Brick store for resolution and I got still another different return / exchange policy story. We were not asking for a refund - and were willing to pay for the product difference, delivery, and setup. All four store representatives rejected our request. This issue remains unresolved.

We spent a lot of money at the Brick in the Fall of 2023, and we could have gone anywhere to make these purchases - but have made purchases from the Brick in the past without any issues.

The washer and dryer have not been used and the packaging is still inside both units. We would be pleased if the Brick would make arrangements for an exchange. Furthermore, upon request, we would be happy to provide the Brick with additional details regarding this issue.

The Brick’s says it is committed to providing an enjoyable shopping experience and a customer satisfaction guarantee. In this case, we neither enjoyed or were 100% satisfied with our washer and dryer purchases. We have been repeat Brick customer over the last 30+ years – but were very, very disappointed with our last purchase experience.

Desired outcome: Exchange washer and dryer for other models

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