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We are writing to express our frustrations that we have experienced since we made our purchase of a bed and mattress on January 2nd of this year.

The bed that we had ordered was out of stock, therefore we had to wait until March 3rd to have the items delivered.

In order to even arrange delivery is very frustrating as when we call during business hours, the phone continues to ring. There is no answer, nor an option to leave a voice message. We have literally had to call and hang up continuously and even then there has been no answer.

Once the items had finally been delivered to our home, we started to open the packaging and discovered some of the slats were damaged and not flat, therefore making it difficult to attach the slats to the frame.

Furthermore, the upholstered headboard had a tear and a button was not pushed in as it should be. Also, the headboard did not look to be the same as what we saw in the store. To say the least, we were very disappointed in the quality of the product.

We called The Brick on the same day to advise them of the damage. They asked us to open all the boxes and assemble the bed.

We called back on March 4th again and they stated they will look into it and get back to us.

After numerous calls, we had arranged for an exchange of the slats. Also, a technician was arranged to be sent to our home to review the damage to the headboard.

On March 5th, we were asked to disassemble the bed along with the foot board.

On March 8th, The Brick sent the wrong box to our home. We did not receive the slats.

On March 13th, we contacted The Brick. The phone continued to ring. We called back again three times, entered 2 for customer service, also tried 3 for delivery line. There was no answer with either option and no response when contacting the operator. We then received an option to leave a voice message through CISCO. We left a lengthy message advising of our frustration including details of the situation and to receive a call back.

On March 15th, we spoke with Megha again to arrange delivery of the slats.

On March 17th, the slats were delivered however the delivery driver told us to also exchange the foot board and box. We advised that it did not make sense to do that as only the slats needed to be exchanged. We had already been inconvenienced and did not want to disassemble the bed. The Brick then agreed to make an exception to only exchange the slats.

On March 18th, we received a voice message advising the headboard was not repairable and would need to be exchanged, however it was out of stock and would not be available until after April 20th.

Once the item arrived we had been contacted to arrange delivery. In July, we had asked for the product to be thoroughly checked before delivering it to our home. We were advised that it would take a few days and once they had confirmed the headboard was good they would contact us to arrange delivery. Weeks went by and we did not hear back.

We went to the store in August and the lady who reviewed our file mentioned there was no note of our previous discussion and that they still did not have the headboard. Keep in mind the item was purchased in January and we are now in September.

Finally, we received a call to arrange delivery last week. We agreed for the item to be delivered on Friday, September 13th. On Thursday, we received confirmation that the delivery would be made between 8:15 am and 11:15 am. We had to re-arrange our work schedule and drop off and pick up for our daughter's school in order to be home for the delivery.

We checked the delivery status which notified us that the delivery was delayed. We understand that due to unforeseen circumstances there can be delays.

After waiting well past the delivery time the status of the delivery for this date had been cancelled. We did not receive a phone call nor an email. On September 29th we received a voice message to arrange delivery again. We have been more than patient and cooperative throughout this process but have now reached our limits.

The lack of customer service received has been very disappointing and frustrating along with the quality of the product. Our experience with The Brick has been very upsetting.

Oct 08, 2019

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