The Brickdishwasher and oven

M Jul 25, 2019

I bought 3 appliances from the brick 6 years ago. The dishwasher was nothing but trouble - a true lemon in every sense of the word. It was a Bosch - a lesser priced - piece of junk maybe? I was blinded by the name. I now see clearly. (Yes I talked to brick - yes I had a repairman twice- yes I talked to Bosch) The latest repairman said it needs over $350 - water valve or something. He says it had been leaking so on top of this it could have caused a flood for the 11 floors below me.
The oven I was just told this morning needs a new information system? panel? - brain I guess. Over $500.00 for a fix. I live alone - with my cat - I probably used the oven 2 years worth of times. My cat doesn't cook, too lazy.
I'm goofing around because I know this is for basically getting things off your back.
Back in the day I bought a second hand Fischer Price high chair. I wrote (yes) to them told them it was second hand and could I order a new plastic arm as it was cracked.
Meanwhile I went to the Dr (yes this is connected) and found out I was expecting my 2nd baby.
I had a notice from post office that day from fisher price - it was a brand new high chair! Just because !
Moral of story back in day - companies listened / read your concerns and went out of there way to try to fix or help.
Anyway hope someone had a laugh. It would be great if The Brick actually read these.

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