Texas Roadhousehard, very sharp piece of plastic in my meal

J Dec 08, 2019

Got my chicken dinner (mushroom portobella) and took a bite and bit down on a hard, very sharp object. I showed it to the waitress, who informed us that it was a piece of the stick used to tell them the order was done and she further stated that this is the second time that this has happened to her order. If I had swallowed this, I could have serious issues, possibly even death had it perforated an organ or intestine. The waitress sent the manager over. I told her what happened and she offered to give me another meal. I told her just to wrap it up. I was shocked when the bill arrived and the manager didn't even comp the meal, let alone the entire bill. I told the waitress this, and she went back and got the meal comp. (waitress names was cassie). As I road home I realized that since this was the second time this has happened to this waitress, I can only imagine how many other times this has happened and feel that people could become very seriously injured by such extreme carelessness. What kind of show are you guys running there anyhow? I took home the hard plastic piece that was in my dinner and I am seriously thinking of contacting the local paper about this so that no one is injured. You need to take immediate precautions to made sure this can never happen to another customer again!!! I have attached the picture of the object!!

Texas Roadhouse

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