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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

Chickenland (Pty) Ltd

10a Victoria Rd, Lorentzville
England, Greater London
South Africa - 2094

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 860 113 332(South AfricaNamibia) 14 12
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Nando's Chickenland Complaints & Reviews

Nando's Chickenland / food /service

Oct 14, 2019

ear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Eating in The issue that I have experienced was: Dear Nandos Wednesday 9th October 2019 Ordered half chicken with 2 sides the chicken wasn't probably cooked basically It was half raw and told the waiter about it he said we...

Nando's Chickenland / incorrect order

Oct 11, 2019

Not happy with the service we received because it's now twice that we have been given an incorrect order. Just today we ordered a full chicken and we specifically said they shouldn't cut it and they actually cut it. To our surprise the chicken pieces don't even make up a full chicken, so...

Nando's Chickenland / service

Sep 26, 2019

Nando's ChickenlandI'm normally a huge fan and prefer sit down meals at Nandos. However, today was the absolute worst I've experienced. We were told the wait time was 25-30 min I've waited for over an hour for food while Uber eats and walk-in customers got food before me. There were at least 4 tables with...

Nando's Chickenland / online delivery time (3 hours) & wrong drinks delivered

Sep 26, 2019

The order was place around 12:15 for 3x Quarter Chicken and sides. Two Cokes and a Sprite Zero. The order arrived 3 hours later, Very Cold with 3 Sprite Zeros that were not even ordered. Each time we tried calling, we were told the order is either 15 minutes away or a minute away but...

Nando's Chickenland / take away other basing source and the the chicken was tasteless

Sep 22, 2019

Nando's ChickenlandThe issue that I have experienced was: *Can you kindly advise if the basing source has been changed? * Hence the meal I purchased on Saturday the biasing source was weak and it had no taste. * Because of this I had to prepare something else as the food was totally disgusting * If the receipt...

Nando's Chickenland / delivery service and food

Sep 21, 2019

I placed an order on the 21st Sep at 18:54pm, my order was set to arrive at 19:40. After several calls to the branch my order still had not arrived at 20:15. After several calls back and forth the food still did not arrive. It was over 2hrs when the order finally arrived. The branch...

Nandos / order received and managers response

Sep 16, 2019

Nandos I called for collection order for pine pita. When i got to the store i checked that the order stickers was correct. Little did i know. The pita had little but no garnish. Few strips lettuce and no tomato or cucumber. Called the manager. He gives me a whatsapp nr to send the pic of the...

Nandos Midlands Mall / product and service

Sep 07, 2019

On the 07 September 2019, Saturday around 20.15pm my husband and I went to nandos, we ordered our meals and sat down, not even 5mins our meals was ready and delivered at our table, on arrival there wasn't no indication of which was hot and which was extra hot, when I asked the waiter...

Nando's / two full chickens meals

Sep 02, 2019

Nando's I'm very unhappy about the service i received on Saturday 31-08-2019. before ordering i saw there wasn't any seat but there was two gentleman sitting in other food quart with their nando's plates so i then also ordered my food and told cashier i'll be sitting at food quart next door cause...

Nando's Chickenland / lettuce

Aug 29, 2019

Nando's ChickenlandI've orders classic wraps multiple times these last few months and every time the lettuce is brown and tastes disgusting. It ruins the whole wrap and puts me off. I'm unsure whether it's because of the season, but even then they should not be serving off food. I really love nandos for it...

Nando's Chickenland / bad service

Aug 25, 2019

Nando's ChickenlandI mentioned all the details please get back to me bhatt.[protected] i made 16 calls to restaurant for pickup order but they did not pick any call when i reach to the restaurant is very quiet and i ask for the manager why you not picking call his behaviour so rude date 25/08/2019...

Nando's Chickenland / full portion chicken livers

Aug 21, 2019

Nando's ChickenlandI bought a few things from nandos Firstly they did not have any medium products?? Had to take mild. Then ordered a full portion chicken livers the box is nice and big — Inside what a dissapointment — the box was not even half full with chicken livers - that could have been a starter...

Nando's Chickenland / pita, wrap, quarter chicken, chicken bowl

Aug 09, 2019

Good day, Nando's Head Office Customer service The pita had two small chicken strips buried in a lot of salad. Upon complaining about the amount of chicken, the waitress took it back and the manager returned, saying 'there was 5 pieces of strips in there'. It was clear that pieces were added...

Nando's Chickenland / 1/2 chicken

Aug 06, 2019

Nando's ChickenlandOne hour ago, I wanted to order 2 1/2 chicken but there was only one at 8:30 pm, the only things I could order were chicken butterfly or one of the burgers (even the chicken wings were over). I had to order a sunset burger, much smaller than the 1/2 chicken I wanted ti orderd. this ha...

Nando's Chickenland / hot tangy tomato and dry portuguese rolls

Jul 21, 2019

I am disappointed with the chicken and the Portuguese rolls I got from Nandos Eagles Landing. The tangy tomato had some chili on it as if they had prepared mild for someone. The rolls were not the usual wrapped Nandos rolls, but they were dry and old, we couldn't even eat them. My meal wa...

Nando's Chickenland / meal, service

Jun 21, 2019

Nando's ChickenlandSo we get to nandos and order our food at 17.17pm waiting for about 15 minutes flat my husband and i go to counter to check what has happend as it has been a very long time since the food has not arrived we go there waited for the chef which was not there he had only two chickens on the...

Nando's Chickenland / service

May 31, 2019

Poorest customer care. Ridiculously standing behind a customer having a payment problem for 10 to 15 minutes without any other assistant helping me or communication from assistant. Only one out of 3 till points working. A next customer walking in gets served immediately after I decide to...

Nando's Chickenland / meal

May 26, 2019

Nando's ChickenlandGood day, I ordered the item Boujee bowl for delivery telephonically. Upon being delivered I see that the baby spinach had been replaced with normal lettuce without notifying/asking me. That now even appears wilted. I contacted the call center and was told that when the order goes through the...

Nando's Chickenland / salad

May 15, 2019

Nando's ChickenlandHi, I went to Nandos Grassy Park and bought chicken, peri wedges and salad for my husband then I bought the kiddies meal with the chicken strips, mielie, water and salad. I can't believe that you could bring something so gross out of the kitchen. I didn't want my child to touch that salad...

Nando's Malaysia / missing item they given

May 10, 2019

Nando's MalaysiaI have made the order and added note that I want some sauces. Nando's chicken very famous in Malaysia, but without the peri peri sauce, it just like normal chicken thay I can buy it everywhere. When the grab driver sent the food to me, I asked him why he not giving me any sauce, he said...

Nando's Chickenland / nandos full chicken meal

May 07, 2019

Hi. I have been to the reservoir hills nandos branch on the 07 May 2019. Order number 902, invoice 4902. Total amount R400. 00 I had purchased a full family pack and an additional chicken. Upon collection, checking to see if my order was indeed correct, I had noticed that the tangy tomotoe...

Nandos / mushroom and halloumi pitta

Feb 19, 2019

It was my first time in one ofthe Nandos restaurant and probably the last. I paid almost £10 for a Vegetarian pitta + side of sweet potatoe wedges. I had 1 tiny portabello mushroom in there that was clearly few days old considering the taste of it, and the 5 wedges was soggy and mushy...

Nando's Chickenland / spinach

Feb 14, 2019

Nando's ChickenlandYesterday I was delivered the most awful spinach from the Norwood branch in Johannesburg, SA. It was literally swimming in oil. It was just horrendous. Is this how spinach is prepared by this restaurant? It's a health harzard honestly. My money down the drain. I won't use this Norwood...

Nando's Chickenland / bad customer service

Dec 12, 2018

What a bad customer service I got I normally go to this restaurant to grab a take out after my gym at southgate value mart nandos and yesterday I decided to sit in after my morning workout.I was served by a lady who was very dirty and have a bad attitude she spilled my drink on the table...

Nando's Chickenland / milkshakes

Dec 11, 2018

recently visited nandos and what a disappointment. the cashier was upselling and convinced me to buy a milkshake. what a disappointment again I BOUGHT A PEPPERMINT CRISP MILKSHAKE AND IT WAS SHOCKING. SURPRISED HOW YOU CAN DROP YOUR STANDARDS SO BADLY. TOTALLY WATERISH. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! I cannot believe the disgusting product on your menu.

Nando's Chickenland / product.

Nov 03, 2018

I would really like to know what the story is with Nandos and their promotions. There is always a catch, to 100 meals & which is sold out within the hour. Besides that I really have a problem with the fact that you can not choose to eat the breast piece which I normally eat and purchase. I...

Nando's Chickenland / poor service

Oct 28, 2018

Nandos Maponya mall.. their service is so slow and poor the manager has attitude when you ask how long will your order take. They say orders take 15-20 minutes, I waited for 20minuts went to ask for my order they said another 20mintes I waited and went back to ask again they said another...

Nando's Chickenland / nandos florida - I ordered food online, paid but didn't receive my food.

Oct 28, 2018

Ordered food online at 13:00 on Sunday, 28/10/2018 from the Florida branch of Nando's, they took the payment and I didn't receive the food. After waiting for an hour, I called the number but after many frustrating calls later, they said if I wanted to get the food I would have to pay for...

Nandos Restaurant in La Croisette Mauritius / shot of whisky

Oct 22, 2018

Dear Sir, I wish to bring to your attention our unpleasant customer experience in one of your Restaurant in Mauritius Last week we went with the whole family to experience a nice time at Nandos at La Croissette in Grand Baie Mauritius. It is good that I mention to you that even if Nando...

Nando's Chickenland / take away order that was delivered

Oct 20, 2018

Nando's ChickenlandWe ordered a kids meal lemon and herb burger with cheese and no sauce. It arrived with peri peri sauce on it and no cheese. We ordered a pita with cheese the amount of chicke on the pita was a joke and there was no cheese. Our food took over an hour to get here and when it did it wa...

Nando's Chickenland / full chicken

Oct 06, 2018

I ordered full chicken now at nandos tramshed pta and I got boiled chicken instead of grilled chicken, the guy just put it on the griller for 2 seconds and just brushed one side with da sauce what's worse is that it's not even busy so why the rush. We so much money for the food and you...

Nando's Chickenland / full chicken

Sep 07, 2018

I ordered a full chicken on 07/09/2018 around 17H00 in Nandos at Pretoria central corner Paul Kruger and Jacob Mare. I ordered a mild full chicken which i asked them to cut it for me. First thing is the chicken was not grilled instead it was boiled and then they put on their sauce...

Nando's Chickenland / service at restaurant in manchester arndale mall

Aug 30, 2018

The personnel at the entrance to this Nando's are surly and have no people skills. No signage up to indicate that you have to wait to be seated - where is this standard practice in Nando's? They were rude to my son and I when we walked up to the counter to place an order. Apparently one...

Nandos / chicken

Jul 06, 2018

Nandos I ordered a leg piece of chicken HOT with Extra sauce Got a dry mild piece of chicken with No sauce Even after asking the lady if it had extra sauce and she answered yes. The chicken didn't even have any taste to it. And was marked on the packet HOT Very disappointed in the service at thi...

Nando's Chickenland / nandos

Jul 01, 2018

Sunday evening the 1st July 2018, I went to Nandos columbine square Suiderood and bought 3 spicy rice and chicken strips. I asked to please add extra sauce as the rice is dry most of the time. It's like I asked for extra dry rice, all 3 of the spicy rice and chicken strips were dry. I...

Nando's Chickenland / buns

Jun 24, 2018

Hi I am Mrs Queen Ngomane from Mabopane Pretoria. I ordered a garlic bun & cheese garlic bun via drive throw on Sunday the 24th of June 2018 at Soshanguve Nando's but I was extremely disappointed to find my buns so stiff & unfresh they tasted like they have been there for weeks & weeks, I...

Nando's Chickenland / I have a complaint with regards to a screw found in my pita.

Jun 21, 2018

Nando's ChickenlandI bought a pita at nando's n1 city whilst chewing I bit on something hard my tooth is still acheing inside the mild pita there was a screw. I went to the shop the manager told me his sorry... I in response requested the owners details they told me it's vernon upon calling him. He also just...

Nando's Ormonde / late order and food opened

Jun 04, 2018

I placed an order around 10:30 on line which I paid for got a msg that my order will be delivered by 12:05 which never happened I called more than 5 times eventually got hold of the manager of Ormonde promised to send the guy to bring the delivery and refund..The driver dropped my food at...

Nando's Chickenland / fraud service

Jun 03, 2018

Nando's ChickenlandI was flaburgusted by the service I got from nandos in town please refer to the attachment .firstly the cashier was so rude no greetings to start with if which I guess is normal there . when I wanted to veryfiy the order she was raw again (2 not told about the collection and the person...

Nando's Chickenland / service and attitude from the from.

Jun 01, 2018

Hi. To whom it may concern. I placed my order thru delivery via the queensburgh branch, which went thru the main call centre at 17:54 and end my call with placing my complete at 17:58. They did inform me (I will receive my order with 45mins to an hour). After numerous times tying to call...