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HomeTown Buffet reviews & complaints

HomeTown Buffet complaints 79

Jan 23, 2020

HomeTown Buffet - customer service / cashier

To whom it may concern: Online advertising mentions thursday nights from 4pm to 10pm for kids to eat at 1.99. I brought my family to have dinner because the advertising online mentions those hour...

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HomeTown Buffet - food and service

I'm writing because of very poor quality food. We had stopped going to Hometown for several years because of poor quality food previously, but we tried it again a few months ago and the food had flavor again, the staff was great and everything was wonderful, we went multiple times. We took our extended family on Jan 4 expecting the same, but it was Not. We went for lunch at around 1:00. There was a tray of eggs sitting out on the meat counter that was hard and brown. All the meat was overcooked and dry or burnt, as well as all the bread. Multiple pans were empty, and the place wasn't even half full of people. The fresh spinach in the salad bar was partially black and rotting.
The usual staff was completely gone, replaced by a completely Hispanic staff who didn't seem to know what they were doing. The young man bussing only came to get used plates from our table once. A man came out to change the chocolate milk and after 10 min of trying, he gave up and left it. No one else came.
It was horrible. We will not return.

Jul 05, 2019

HomeTown Buffet - they charge me more

I went today at the buffet of downey ca at 11am i payed for me and my husband plus limited drinks so it was total of $26 but when I check my transactions right now it said they charge me $34 that is ridiculous I want my money back so unprofessional! my recipe said $26 and now thats I check my transactions it was $34 I really hope they fix this or I well never go again

Jun 29, 2019

HomeTown Buffet - all buffet

I have written a wonderful review in the past but feel the food has taken a substantial nose dive. My husband and I had lunch or what was supposed to represent food but it was hard and shriveled. Bad looks, bad taste and even the chocolate milk was sour. Wasn't expecting red lobster but did more spitting into napkins than swallowing. Told the cashier and left and went to get a burger.

HomeTown Buffet - restaurant

On June 2 I and my family were in Fresno California and wanted to enjoy a nice meal at Hometown Buffet. Their was a total of 8 of us. As we entered the restaurant it didn't appear to be very...

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HomeTown Buffet - attitude, knowledge and words of staff

I called Hometown Buffet Santa Clara, CA before November 4, 2018 for information. I had been going to this place for a year or so and it was just this date that I had a problem.New management...

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Oct 28, 2018

HomeTown Buffet - food in general

I will never ever return to that hometown buffet i almost died i dont know what was in the food that i started to choke i couldnt swallow it so i tried coughing it up it took me 2 minutes to cough it...

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Oct 07, 2018

HomeTown Buffet - closed when hours say they are open

Coming here to Hometown Buffet in Lakewood Mall Ca During hours that they are open as listed everywhere been coming here for years ! to LOCKED doors no signs or anything while lines forming outside...

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Jul 16, 2018

HomeTown Buffet - unethical behavior

On July 11, 2018 I went in for lunch (1:57PM) at 422 West Ave P, Palmdale, Ca 93551. The hostess wasn't there, I was told be one waitress she would come shortly, fine so I waited. When she...

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Mar 12, 2018

HomeTown Buffet - the food is horrible

I have been going to the one in Palmdale for over 18 years or longer the food is getting worst everytime me and my family go. Why is there no black cooks there no black workers onlyMexicans you need to hire black cooks and workers to get this place back up before everyone stop coming and I would hate for it to close it uste to be such a great place to take your family management get on your job and hire people who can cook and put other colors in there beside Mexican workers please. Hey! If you won't to talk to me give me a call I got a lot to say [protected]

HomeTown Buffet - customer service

January 13, 2018. We live in Long Beach, WA and when we travel over to Portland we like to stop for dinner or lunch. We always stop at Hometown Buffet. This is the one we always stop at. 10542-A SE...

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Jan 10, 2018

HomeTown Buffet - employee

employee at Modesto, Ca. Hometown Buffet has Hepetitis c and she works in the kitchen. this is a health problem and she should not be working in the food service area.I was is rehab with this person...

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Jan 06, 2018

HomeTown Buffet - everything

Fri king salad bar depleted.
No cups
Sign only has half of letters
Big gaping hole by 2nd door in 4' x 6" allowing freezing cold air in on people in line.
Over charging for drinks
Over charging on Sundays to rip off Christian s. Calling lunch brunch and usually charging dinner prices !
They suck...
Not coming back they don't appreciate Christian customers.
More crap too.

Dec 18, 2017

HomeTown Buffet - food has gone horrible

The baked chicken (early December, 2017, a Thursday afternoon) was dry as wood. Dried up woody stuff on charred bones ...100% INEDIBLE. Other items I usually eat there were strangely flavorless (the...

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HomeTown Buffet - I am complaining about the loud karaoke singer in the dining area.

What I thought was going to be a cozy dinner of three my son, my brother and myself become a SHOUTING MATCH. To think we choose Hometown for dinner because it's usually noise friendly. To make...

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Nov 05, 2017

HomeTown Buffet - food, deserts, and dishes.

I paid 52 dollar for my mother, my brother, and I to go inside of the restaurant to eat. For 20 minuets there weren't any plates or cups for an additional 10 there wasn't any food out for serving...

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Oct 19, 2017

HomeTown Buffet - all the food and service here

Went here for lunch today and it has got to be the worst service and bland tasting food around. Everything was dry amd rubbery The Fried Chicken was hard (skin) and dry. The rices lacked salt and...

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HomeTown Buffet - management

Started working at hometown buffet in October of 2016 as a dishwasher worked veryhard .Management at this particular location are favorable towards Hispanics Americans all manage at this location all...

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Aug 19, 2017

HomeTown Buffet - I complain about an employee

Town Buffet which is right off of Sepulveda and Manchester in Westchester California there is a waitress named Jessica she was very rude standoffish and aggressive and she did not diffuse the situation she Justified it as it was wrong she still approved of herself as being the right person to handle the situation when she wasn't when she should have got a supervisor or manager now according to the front desk server Jasmine she says that Jessica is like a manager but she's not so I want to file a complaint against HomeTown Buffet server name Jessica it is August 19th she still approved of herself as being the right person to handle the situation when she wasn't when she should have got a supervisor or manager now according to the front desk server Jasmine she says that Jessica is like a manager but she's not so I want to file a complaint against HomeTown Buffet server name Jessica it is August 19 2017

Aug 19, 2017

HomeTown Buffet - service, employees, unsanitary

Southland Mall in Hayward Ca. Himetown buffet has the worst employees that have no training on sanitation! I saw 3 hispanic men washing (supposedly) dishes if thats what you wanna call it. They simply had a wet rag and wiped off leftover food and utensils and brought them back out for customers to use they had bad attitudes and was very rude I've been going to this HomeTown Buffet for about a year for this year it's been just horrible hoping and thinking that every time I went back things were to change dry food Bakery had no desserts everything was empty when asking the so-called manager whose name was Manager Mercedes she had an attitude and said they'll bring it out when they bring it out talk about customer service she has none although the cashier was very polite every time we go there she is very nice all of us

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